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Possible License(s): BSD-3-Clause
 1Homeworlds Online (SDG# 6980)
 2Variants: "Hard time"
 3Started: 2007.3.13, Ended: 2007.3.28
 4Participants: Cochise (S), TwoShort (N)
 5Winner: TwoShort
 71) TwoShort: Homeworld R1 B2 G3
 92) Cochise: Homeworld B1 G2 Y3
10Cochise: This is my first time trying to play this, so please bear with me as I fuddle moves. :)
123) TwoShort: Build G1 Twoshort
13TwoShort: Howdy
154) Cochise: Build Y1 Cochise
175) TwoShort: Build G1 Twoshort
18Cochise: Hey there. This looks like a fun game. I only have one TreeHouse set so far, but wanted to try the game out to get a better grasp on the rules. Nothing like a few games of actually playing to help solidify some learning.
19TwoShort: Well, I certainly think it's a fun game, but it does have a bit of a learning curve. I don't know if it was intentional, but one thing to note is that by choosing both the same size stars as me, you've put us in a "small universe", with our Homeworlds only 2 moves from each other. Not necessarily a bad idea, but it does make the game more quick and brutal.
216) Cochise: Build Y1 Cochise
237) TwoShort: Trade G1 Y1 Twoshort
24Cochise: Hmm, now I'm confused. I thought that travel between stars had to be of different sizes, so by choosing the same size as you have I was making the trip longer. Did I read or understand that rule wrong?
25TwoShort: We can each move from our homeworlds only to 3 point stars, and from there to the other homeworld. If you had chosen a 1 and a 3, we would still not be ajacent thanks to the 1s, and I for example, would have to go to a 3 then a 2 then to your world.
278) Cochise: Trade Y1 G1 Cochise
299) TwoShort: Discover G1 Twoshort Y3 Yolonda
30TwoShort: You should undo that. With 4 of the same color in one system, I can call a catastrophe and remove them all.
31Cochise: Oops! Many thanks on that
3310) Cochise: Move G1 Cochise Yolonda
3511) TwoShort: Build G1 Twoshort
3712) Cochise: Build G2 Yolonda
3913) TwoShort: Sacrifice G3 Twoshort
40Build G2 Yolonda
41Build G3 Twoshort
42Build G3 Twoshort
43Catastrophe Yolonda Green
4514) Cochise: Build Y1 Cochise
46TwoShort: well, this is too fun to resist...
4815) TwoShort: Discover G3 Twoshort B3 Bluonia
5016) Cochise: Trade Y1 G1 Cochise
5217) TwoShort: Trade G3 R3 Bluonia
5418) Cochise: Move G1 Cochise Bluonia
5619) TwoShort: Sacrifice Y1 Twoshort
57Move R3 Bluonia Cochise
5920) Cochise: Trade Y3 R3 Cochise
6121) TwoShort: Attack R3S Cochise
6322) Cochise: Build G1 Bluonia
6523) TwoShort: Attack Y1S Cochise