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Possible License(s): BSD-3-Clause
  1Homeworlds Online (SDG# 3181)
  2Variants: "Unrated"
  3Started: 2006.4.20, Ended: 2006.4.29
  4Participants: cdiffell (S), Aaron (N)
  5Winner: Aaron
  71) Aaron: Homeworld B1 Y2 G3
  8cdiffell: I feel bad forcing you to teach me 3 different games...but I guess I have to learn for the tournament. Hope it's OK. Caleb
  9Aaron: It doesn't bother me at all!! This is another toughie. Make sure you've read the rules and the wiki thoroughly. Trust the systems warnings regarding the best Homeworld setup when it's your turn, and don't hesitate to ask any questions!!
 112) cdiffell: Homeworld B3 Y1 G3
 12Aaron: Remember that it is not wise to create a homeworld with the same star sizes as your opponent. I can't remember if the system warns you of that or not =)
 13cdiffell: I read through the rules today, but I will re-read tonight or tomorrow and probably not make my first move till lunch time
 14Aaron: Take your time. I'm in no hurry.
 15cdiffell: How do I build a homeworld with a different size than yours? There are only 3 sizes, and you've used 2 of them, so by definition I have to double up one of them when I build my homeworld.
 16cdiffell: OK, I looked at another game of this and will just sort of mimic those starting moves at first.
 183) Aaron: Build G1 Aaron
 19Aaron: I mean the exact same sizes. If we both had starts sized 1 and 2 then I'm only 2 moves away from your Homeworld. By using 1 and 3, I'm now at least 3 moves away. Safety first! =)
 20Aaron: This game is all about resource management. You want to manage the global stash to minimize the number of ships I can own.
 224) cdiffell: Build G1 Cdiffell
 245) Aaron: Trade G1 Y1 Aaron
 266) cdiffell: Trade G1 Y1 Cdiffell
 27Aaron: Here's an example. If you choose to take that last small Yellow, then I have access to size-2 yellows. This is sometimes unavoidable, but something you want to be aware of at least.
 28cdiffell: Why would you take a green and then trade to a yellow? Doesn't that waste a turn? Your green 3 ship supported a build action for a yellow ship, right?
 29Aaron: no, you can only build a ship of certain colour that you currently control in the system. *Now* I can freely build yellows.
 30cdiffell: OK, I see.
 327) Aaron: Build Y2 Aaron
 348) cdiffell: Discover Y1 Cdiffell G2 Cdiffell2
 35cdiffell: Question: if I create a new system that's a "3", are you prohibited from moving directly there due to your system being a "3" in total?
 36Aaron: no, only if one of the individual stars is a 3
 37cdiffell: I should build a 1 or 2 size system; I guess probably a 2 so I can move back/forth from my home system but you cannot, right?
 38Aaron: You will only be able to build a 2 right now as your system contains a 1 and a 3. I can only discover a 3.
 409) Aaron: Discover Y2 Aaron G3 Emeralds
 4210) cdiffell: Build G1 Cdiffell
 4411) Aaron: Build Y2 Emeralds
 4612) cdiffell: Build Y3 Cdiffell2
 4813) Aaron: Move Y2 Emeralds Cdiffell2
 5014) cdiffell: Trade G1 B1 Cdiffell
 5215) Aaron: Build Y3 Cdiffell2
 53Catastrophe Cdiffell2 Yellow
 54cdiffell: About having time - I did the grad school thing while working full-time; it definitely doesn't leave much time for other stuff. I'm just glad I got it finished before my daughter came along...
 5616) cdiffell: Build G1 Cdiffell
 5817) Aaron: Build G1 Aaron
 6018) cdiffell: Discover G1 Cdiffell B2 Cdiffell3
 6219) Aaron: Trade G1 R1 Aaron
 6420) cdiffell: Move B1 Cdiffell Cdiffell3
 6621) Aaron: Build R1 Aaron
 6822) cdiffell: Build G1 Cdiffell
 7023) Aaron: Trade R1 B1 Aaron
 7224) cdiffell: Build B2 Cdiffell3
 7425) Aaron: Sacrifice Y2 Emeralds
 75Discover B1 Aaron G3 Emeralds
 76Move B1 Emeralds Cdiffell3
 77Catastrophe Cdiffell3 Blue
 7926) cdiffell: Trade G1 R1 Cdiffell
 80cdiffell: I don't remember what the system looked like - did mine disappear due to having 4 blue items in it?
 81Aaron: I moved a blue in there creating 4 and I called a catastrophe, yes.
 8327) Aaron: Build G1 Aaron
 8528) cdiffell: Discover R1 Cdiffell Y2 Cdiffell4
 8729) Aaron: Discover G1 Aaron B3 Sky
 88cdiffell: <sigh> My systems seem to last a depressingly short time in Known Space.
 89Aaron: =D That's not uncommon. You just have to always watch for that magic number 4.
 9130) cdiffell: Build G1 Cdiffell
 9331) Aaron: Build G1 Sky
 9532) cdiffell: Move G1 Cdiffell Cdiffell4
 9733) Aaron: Trade G1 Y1 Sky
 9934) cdiffell: Move R1 Cdiffell4 Sky
10135) Aaron: Sacrifice R1 Aaron
102Attack R1 Sky
10436) cdiffell: Build G1 Cdiffell
105cdiffell: ah, so you can use a ship in one system to capture another? Hmm. didn't realize that.
10737) Aaron: Move R1 Sky Cdiffell4
108Aaron: Once you sacrifice a ship, you can use its power in *any* system in which you have influence. Very powerful tactic.
11038) cdiffell: Build G2 Cdiffell
111cdiffell: "Influence" defined as the presence of your ship(s) there. I see.
112Aaron: exactly. Technically you could, for example, sacrifice your g1 in CDIFFELL and build a green in CDIFFELL4.
11439) Aaron: Attack G1 Cdiffell4
11640) cdiffell: Trade G2 R2 Cdiffell
11841) Aaron: Build Y2 Sky
12042) cdiffell: Move R2 Cdiffell Cdiffell4
12243) Aaron: Move G1 Cdiffell4 Cdiffell
12444) cdiffell: Move R2 Cdiffell4 Sky
12645) Aaron: Build G2 Cdiffell
127Catastrophe Cdiffell Green
128Aaron: Thanks for the game! Wanna try again? Feel free to challenge me anytime.