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 2  Boost.Geometry (aka GGL, Generic Geometry Library)
 4  Copyright (c) 2007-2011 Barend Gehrels, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
 5  Copyright (c) 2008-2011 Bruno Lalande, Paris, France.
 6  Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Mateusz Loskot, London, UK.
 8  Use, modification and distribution is subject to the Boost Software License,
 9  Version 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
13[section Acknowledgments]
15We like to thank all the people who helped to develop this library.
17First of all we are grateful to Hartmut Kaiser for managing the formal review 
18of this library. Hartmut is an excellent review manager, who intervented when 
19necessary and produced the review report quickly.
21We thank the 14 reviewers of our library, reviewed from November 5, 2009 to 
22November 22, 2009. Reviews have been written by: Brandon Kohn, Christophe 
23Henry, Fabio Fracassi, Gordon Woodhull, Joachim Faulhaber, Jonathan Franklin, 
24Jose, Lucanus Simonson, Michael Caisse, Michael Fawcett, Paul Bristow, Phil 
25Endecott, Thomas Klimpel, Tom Brinkman.
27We also thank all people who discussed on the mailing lists (either at boost, 
28or at osgeo) about __boost_geometry__, in preview stage, or in review stage, 
29or after that.
31Finally I (Barend) would like to thank my former employer, Geodan. They 
32allowed me to start a geographic library in 1995, which after a number of 
33incarnations, redesigns, refactorings, previews, a review and even more 
34refactorings have led to the now released __boost_geometry__. And with them I 
35want to thank the team initially involved in developing the library, Valik 
36Solorzano Barboza, Maarten Hilferink, Anne Blankert, and later Sjoerd 
37Schreuder, Steven Fruijtier, Paul den Dulk, and Joris Sierman.