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 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 3    <string name="app_name">The Elements</string>
 4    <string name="element_prompt">Which Custom Element?</string>
 5    <string name="custom_element_title">Custom Element Maker</string>
 6    <string name="sand_prompt">How to react with sand:</string>
 7    <string name="water_prompt">How to react with water:</string>
 8    <string name="wall_prompt">How to react with wall:</string>
 9    <string name="plant_prompt">How to react with plant:</string>
10    <string name="fire_prompt">How to react with fire:</string>
11    <string name="ice_prompt">How to react with ice:</string>
12    <string name="oil_prompt">How to react with oil:</string>
13    <string name="magma_prompt">How to react with magma:</string>
14    <string name="stone_prompt">How to react with stone:</string>
15    <string name="C4_prompt">How to react with C4:</string>
16    <string name="C4plus_prompt">How to react with C4++:</string>
17    <string name="Fuse_prompt">How to react with fuse:</string>
18    <string name="DestructableWall_prompt">How to react with destructable wall:</string>
19    <string name="Acid_prompt">How to react with acid:</string>
20    <string name="Steam_prompt">How to react with steam:</string>
21    <string name="Salt_prompt">How to react with salt:</string>
22    <string name="SaltWater_prompt">How to react with salt water:</string>
23    <string name="Glass_prompt">How to react with glass:</string>
24    <string name="CustomEle_prompt">How to react with custom element:</string>
25    <string name="Mud_prompt">How to react with mud:</string>
26    <string name="explonesstext">Explosiveness:</string>
27    <string name="redtext">Redness:</string>
28    <string name="bluetext">Blueness:</string>
29    <string name="greentext">Greeness:</string>
30    <string name="densitytext">Density:</string>
31    <string name="reaction_prompt">Select Reaction Type?</string>
32<string name="App_Intro">Welcome to The Elements! It is very processor intensive, so we recommend downloading a task manager and ending all other programs before starting. You can load a demo save from the menu to see how it works.  If drawing is not working, please try flipping the screen in the preferences menu, or clearing the quicksave file.</string>