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 1This is FLVmeta, a metadata injection and manipulation tool for Adobe(r) FLV video files.
 3The package contains an utility, flvmeta, to be used to inject the onMetaData event
 4in FLV files as well as the onLastSecond event, to print all informations about
 5an input FLV file, as well as to check a file for validity.
 7The flvmeta utility is able to compute almost all known metadata tags,
 8including the keyframes list.
 9Since version 1.0.7, it has also been able to fix very large FLV files with
10invalid 24-bit only timestamps to make proper use of 32-bit extended
12Since version 1.0.8, it has been able to handle arbitrarily large files.
14This project was started as an alternative to tools like flvtool2.
15It is written in portable C, and should compile on most platforms (it has
16been successfully compiled and tested on Ubuntu Feisty and later, Debian Lenny,
17MacOSX 10.4, Windows XP, and Windows 7).
18It also cleanly compiles as a 64-bit binary without alteration.
19FLVmeta is fast (only bound by I/O speed) and has a very small memory footprint.
21The FLVmeta source package includes and uses the following software:
22- the libyaml YAML parser and emitter (
25FLVmeta is provided "as is" with no warranty.  The exact terms
26under which you may use and (re)distribute this program are detailed
27in the GNU General Public License, in the file COPYING.
29See the files AUTHORS and THANKS for a list of authors and other contributors.
31See the file INSTALL for compilation and installation instructions.
33See the file NEWS for a description of major changes in this release.
35See the file TODO for ideas on how you could help us improve FLVmeta.
37Send bug reports to