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  1. Google Toolbox for Mac Release Notes
  2. Project site:
  3. Discussion group:
  4. Release 2.0.??
  5. Changes since 1.6.0
  6. ??-??-??
  7. - Removed iPhone/GTMABAddressBook in favor of AddressBook/GTMABAddressBook.
  8. - Removed Foundation/GTMHTTPServer and UnitTesting/GTMTestHTTPServer, they
  9. are going to go live with the fetcher used by GData (since they were done
  10. for that testing).
  11. - Removed Foundation/GTMBase64 and Foundation/GTMNSData+Hex in favor of
  12. Foundation/GTMStringEncoding.
  13. - Added Foundation/GTMURITemplate to support the pending standard.
  14. - Changed the xcconfig files so that the SDK and the minimum supported OS
  15. version must be set in the project file. This is the model Apple is pushing
  16. for and since they are removing older SDKs with each tool chain release it
  17. has forced GTM into this model. By default the SDK will be set to the most
  18. recent SDK installed.
  19. - Initial support for using the Xcode provided OCUnit for unittesting on iOS.
  20. Define GTM_IPHONE_USE_SENTEST to 1 to use this.
  21. - Removed support for Garbage Collection, leaving just the shell for other code
  22. that might have depended on some of the constants/method GTM provided.
  23. - Removed GTMNSNumber+64Bit methods as obsolete.
  24. Release 1.6.0
  25. Changes since 1.5.1
  26. 18-August-2010
  27. - Added GTMNSImage+SearchCache for fetching images based on a variety of
  28. specification methods (path, OSType, etc)
  29. - Added GTMFadeTruncatingTextFieldCell, for eliding with a gradient
  30. - Added GTMWindowSheetController for creating and controlling tab-modal sheets.
  31. - Added GTMNSArray+Merge for merging one array into another with or without
  32. a custom merging function, returning a new array with the merged contents.
  33. - Added GTMSignalHandler for simple signal handling (via kqueue/runloop). This
  34. has gotten an api tweak, so some code that started using it will need
  35. updating. Initial landing had a bug where it could leak memory due to
  36. how CFRunLoops work, now fixed.
  37. - Fixed up GTMIPhoneUnitTestDelegate to be pickier about which tests it runs
  38. - Added GTMNSString+URLArguments to GTMiPhone
  39. - Added GTMHTTPFetcher and GTMHTTPServer to GTMiPhone
  40. - Made sure that build would work with iPhone device attached, and that all
  41. tests run directly on the phone.
  42. - Added GTMValidatingContainers which are a set of mutable container classes
  43. that allow you to have a selector on a target that is called to verify that
  44. the objects being put into the container are valid. This can be controlled
  45. at compile time so that you don't take the performance hit in a release build.
  46. - Added GTMPath, which represents an existing absolute path on the file system.
  47. It also makes it very easy to construct new paths in the file system as well
  48. as whole directory hierarchies.
  49. - Added GTMNSString+Replace for a common replacement need.
  50. - Added NSString+FindFolder for two comment helpers for building paths to common
  51. locations.
  52. - Added GTMLargeTypeWindow for doing display windows similar to Address Book
  53. Large Type display for phone numbers.
  54. - Removed GTMNSWorkspace+ScreenSaver as it has always been a little dodgy due
  55. to it's dependencies on undocumented frameworks, and the ScreenSaver
  56. framework doesn't play nicely in GC mode.
  57. - Added property methods to GTMHTTPFetcher. These are convenient alternatives
  58. to storing an NSDictionary in the userData.
  59. - Renamed GTMDevLog.m to GTMDevLogUnitTestingBridge.m and added some more
  60. comments where it comes into play to hopefully make it more clear that it
  61. isn't needed in most cases.
  62. - Fixed a potential GTMHTTPFetcher crash on failed authentication.
  63. - Added a obj-c logging package, GTMLogger, for applications that want an
  64. application level logging system. See GTMLogger.h, GTMLogger+ASL.h, and
  65. GTMLoggerRingBufferWriter.h for what the basic system and two optional
  66. additions can do.
  67. - Added GTMNSMakeUncollectable for forcing objects to survive in a GC world.
  68. - Added GTMCFAutorelease to make the [GTMNSMakeCollectable(cfFoo) autorelease]
  69. simpler and clearer, it's now just GTMCFAutorelease(cfFoo), and works in
  70. both GC and non-GC world.
  71. - Added GTMIsGarbageCollectionEnabled to GTMGarbageCollection.h. See the note
  72. there for it's usage.
  73. - Disabled the unittests for things on top of NSAppleScript in a GC world since
  74. Apple has bugs and it can crash. See the unittest for a note about it.
  75. - GTMStackTrace now can figure out ObjC symbols. Downside it is now ObjC only.
  76. - GTMFourCharCode can now be used with NSAppleEventDescriptors easily.
  77. typeType, typeKeyword, typeApplSignature, and typeEnumerated all get
  78. turned into GTMFourCharCodes.
  79. - Fixed up crash in GTMLoggerRingBufferWriter when used with GC on.
  80. - Significant updates to GTMNSAppleScript+Handler allowing you to
  81. list all handlers and properties (including inherited) and cleans up
  82. several errors in how scripting was being handled.
  83. - Added GTMGetURLHandler class that gives you a very easy way of supporting
  84. Get URL events just by adding a key to your plists, and adding a single
  85. method to your class. See GTMGetURLHandler.m for more details.
  86. - Added XcodeProject, AppleScript, and InterfaceBuilder Spotlight Plugins.
  87. Allows you to index .xcodeproj, .scpt, .scptd, .xib, .nib, and
  88. .aib files. See ReadMes beside individual projects in SpotlightPlugins.
  89. - Added GTMExceptionalInlines for dealing with cases where you get
  90. warning: variable 'r' might be clobbered by 'longjmp' or 'vfork'
  91. when using certain Apple inlined functions in @synchronized/@try blocks.
  92. - Updated to Xcode 3.1 so the GTM and iPhone project have the same baseline.
  93. The code should work in other version of xcode, but the projects and
  94. xcconfig files now use 3.1 features.
  95. - Added GTMABAddressBook which is a cocoa wrapper for the 'C' AddressBook
  96. APIs on the iPhone.
  97. - Added several set environment variable statements to
  98. to encourage bugs to come out of the woodwork.
  99. - Added GTMTestTimer.h for doing high fidelity timings.
  100. - Added ability to control using zombies to iPhone unittest script. It can be
  101. controlled by the GTM_DISABLE_ZOMBIES environment variable
  102. - Added ability to control termination to iPhone unittest script. It can be
  103. controlled by the GTM_DISABLE_TERMINATION environment variable
  104. - Fixed several leaks found with leak checking enabled.
  105. - Updated the iPhone xcconfigs to support the different OS versions.
  106. - GTM_INLINE will make sure a function gets inlined, and provides a consistent
  107. way for all GTM code to do it.
  108. - Added GTMDebugThreadValidation to allow you to enforce the fact that your
  109. code must run in the main thread in DEBUG builds.
  110. - Updated some internals of the iPhone unittesting so it doesn't double print
  111. the test descriptions, file names, or lines numbers of a test failure line.
  112. Also includes the test names in the error output.
  113. - Changed the xcconfigs so that know it's easier to set different settings at
  114. the different levels and not accidentally overwrite settings set at lower
  115. levels in the "settings collapse". Also tightened up warnings significantly.
  116. - Changed how gtm_unitTestExposedBindingsTestValues works. If you have an
  117. implementation of gtm_unitTestExposedBindingsTestValues in your own code
  118. you will need to update to the new way of calling. See implementations in
  119. GTMNSObject+BindingUnitTesting.m for details.
  120. - Added support for grabbing the build number for a particular OS in
  121. GTMSystemVersion and easily comparing it to known build numbers, and switched
  122. some types from in GTMSystemVersion from "int" to SInt32 to make 64 bit work
  123. better.
  124. - Added support for SnowLeopard (10A96). We build cleanly with the 10.6 SDKs and
  125. all radar checks were updated accordingly. Build All script was also updated
  126. to build on SnowLeopard if you have the SDK available.
  127. - Turned off building ppc64 GTM because the SnowLeopard SDK currently
  128. doesn't have ppc64 support, so SenTestCase isn't defined. This makes it
  129. impossible to build the ppc64 10.5 config on SnowLeopard. We have left the
  130. setting in the xcconfig for those of you who need it, but have disabled
  131. it in the GTM project settings.
  132. - Turned on stack smashing protection on the debug builds for all Leopard
  133. and above.
  134. - Added ability to easily do leak checking by defining the GTM_ENABLE_LEAKS
  135. environment variable. It isn't on by default because several of Apple's
  136. frameworks leak. You can work around these false positives by using the
  137. GTM_LEAKS_SYMBOLS_TO_IGNORE environment variable. Also if you turn on leaks
  138. make sure to turn off zombies by defining the GTM_DISABLE_ZOMBIES variable,
  139. otherwise every memory allocation you do will look like a leak.
  140. - Added has ability to check if a script has an open handler to
  141. GTMNSAppleScript+Handler.
  142. - GTMStackTrace support for building a trace from the call stack in an
  143. NSException (for 10.5+ and iPhone).
  144. - GTMStackTrace works on 10.5+ (and iPhone) using NSThread to build the call
  145. stack.
  146. - GTMLightweightProxy for breaking retain cycles.
  147. - Added GTM_EXTERN that makes it easier to mix and match objc and objc++ code.
  148. - Added GTMHotKeysTextField for display and editing of hot key settings.
  149. - Added GTMCarbonEvent for dealing with Carbon Events and HotKeys in a ObjC
  150. like way.
  151. - Backported the Atomic Barrier Swap functions for Objective C back to Tiger.
  152. - Added a variety of new functions to GTMUnitTestingUtilities for checking
  153. if the screensaver is in the way, waiting on user events, and generating
  154. keystrokes.
  155. - If you are using any Carbon routines that log (DebugStr, AssertMacros.h) and
  156. use GTMUnitTestDevLog, the log routines now go through _GTMDevLog so that
  157. they can be caught in GTMUnitTestDevLog and verified like any _GTMDevLog calls
  158. you may make. For an example of this in action see GTMCarbonEventTest.m.
  159. Since we have turned this on, we have turned off using _debug frameworks
  160. from the because it was reporting a pile of uninteresting
  161. issues that were interfering with unittests.
  162. - Added GTMFileSystemKQueue. It provides a simple wrapper for kqueuing
  163. something in the file system and tracking changes to it. Initial landing
  164. had a bug where it could leak memory due to how CFRunLoops work, now fixed.
  165. - now cleans up the user home directory and creates
  166. a documents directory within it, used when requesting a NSDocumentDirectory.
  167. - Added GTMNSFileManager+Carbon which contains routines for path <-> Alias
  168. conversion and path <-> FSRef conversion.
  169. - Added GTM_EXPORT as a standard way of exporting symbols.
  170. - Added GTMUnitTestDevLogDebug which extends GTMUnitTestDevLog to only look
  171. for the messages in debug builds, to make it easier to validate messages
  172. that are only present in debug builds.
  173. - Added GTM_SUPPORT_GC for controlling the inclusion of GC related code.
  174. - If you are using GTMUnitTestDevLog, it also tries to capture logs from
  175. NSAssert.
  177. NSEnumerator and objectEnumerator/keyEnumerator on 10.4, but on 10.5+/iPhone
  178. uses FastEnumeration.
  179. - GTMNSWorkspace+Running gives a variety of ways of determining the attributes
  180. of running processes.
  181. - If the iPhone unittesting support is exiting when done, it now properly sets
  182. the exit code based on test success/failure.
  183. - Added GTMNSObject+KeyValueObserving to make it easier on folks to do KVO
  184. "correctly". Based on some excellent code by Michael Ash.
  186. This has been added for iPhone and OS X.
  187. - Fixed up GTMSenTestCase on iPhone so that it has a description that matches
  188. that of OCUnit.
  189. - Added GTMAbstractDOListener, GTMTransientRootProxy, and
  190. GTMTransientRootPortProxy. These classes can be used to simplify the
  191. use of distributed objects. GTMAbstractDOListener can be used to handle
  192. connections from any type of port. GTMTransientRootProxy is designed for
  193. using named connections while GTMTransientRootPortProxy is for connections
  194. with supplied NSPorts.
  195. - Finally dropped GTMHTTPFetcher and GTMProgressMonitorInputStream, GData
  196. versions now pretty much line up with these, so rather then both projects
  197. maintaining them, we've dropped them and point folks at the gdata versions
  198. which can be used independent of the rest of GData.
  199. - Changed gtm_createCGPath to gtm_cgPath in GTMNSBezier+CGPath. The path
  200. returned is now autoreleased so you don't need to worry about releasing it.
  201. - Made some changes to the GTMNSObject+UnitTesting APIs. Specifically renamed
  202. gtm_createUnitTestImage to gtm_unitTestImage. The value it returns is now
  203. autoreleased, so no need to release it. Also change
  204. gtm_createUnitTestBitmapOfSize:withData: to a C function.
  205. - Cleaned up GTM so that it passes the Clang checker without any warnings.
  206. - Added GTMLuminance for working with colors in HSL space easily.
  207. - Added GTMTheme for doing product wide theme modifications.
  208. - The Run* script now delete the current projects *.gcda files to
  209. avoid coverage data warning when you edit source. If you do not want this to
  210. occur, you can set GTM_DO_NOT_REMOVE_GCOV_DATA to a non-zero value.
  211. - Added OBJC_DEBUG_UNLOAD=YES, and OBJC_DEBUG_NIL_SYNC=YES to our unittest shell
  212. scripts to try and flush out some more bugs. We have intentionally NOT turned
  213. on OBJC_DEBUG_FINALIZERS because it spits out a lot of unnecessary false
  214. positives.
  215. - Added GTMUILocalizer.m for automatically localizing nib files with strings.
  216. - Added better support for NSTabViews to GTMAppKit+UnitTesting. Previously we
  217. didn't check the tabs, or recurse into the views.
  218. - Adds support for toolTips, accessibilityHelp and accessibilityDescription to
  219. GTMAppKit+UnitTesting. This will break your UI tests based on the older
  220. state information.
  221. - Added support for duration to GTMLargeTypeWindow mainly to make the unittests
  222. run at a decent speed.
  223. - All calls to GTMNSAppleScript+Handler execute: calls will now actually
  224. execute the script on the main thread.
  225. - Added gtm_launchedApplications to GTMNSWorkspace+Running. It is significantly
  226. faster than calling [NSWorkspace launchedApplications]
  227. - Moved GTMABAddressBook out of iPhone and into the AddressBook directory,
  228. because it now works on both the Desktop and the iPhone giving you a single
  229. interface to do AddressBook work on both platforms.
  230. - Added GTMNSScanner+JSON for scanning out JSON objects and arrays. We don't
  231. parse JSON as there are several other frameworks out there for doing that.
  232. - Fixed up GTMABAddressBook so that it will compile and run on Tiger as well.
  233. This did mean some slight functional differences in terms of the
  234. *WithCompositeNameWithPrefix methods as they can't do diacritic or width
  235. insensitive search on Tiger, but this shouldn't affect most users.
  236. - Added GTMGoogleSearch to foundation to make doing google searches easier.
  237. - Added GTMUIImage+Resize for iPhone to conveniently handle generating resized
  238. UIImages while preserving aspect ratios.
  239. - Added support for passing in a context object to some of the
  240. GTMNSEnumerator+Filter routines.
  241. - Fixed up bug in GTMFileSystemKQueue where we were passing the kqueue argument
  242. in incorrectly. Added appropriate tests.
  243. - Added NSMatrix to the UIState support.
  244. - Added NSMatrix and NSCell to GTMLocalizer support.
  245. - Added gtm_dictionaryWithHttpArgumentsString to NSDictionary+URLArguments.
  246. - Added GTMDebugKeyValueObserving category to NSObject. This makes debugging
  247. KVO a little easier in some cases. To turn it on, set the "GTMDebugKVO"
  248. environment variable to "1". It will output a lot of data about adding and
  249. removing KVO observers, and when the values are actually changed.
  250. - Added better support for NSBox to GTMAppKit+UnitTesting. Previously we
  251. didn't check any box specific attributes.
  252. - Updated how GTMNSObject+UnitTesting searches for files to include the Target
  253. SDK from compile time. Also removed some of the formatting options so
  254. try and make it simpler to follow.
  255. - Added GTMNSDictionary+CaseInsensitive, e.g. for use with HTTP headers.
  256. - Added GTMNSData+Hex for conversion to and from hex strings.
  257. - Added GTMNSNumber+64Bit for working with CGFloats, NSIntegers and
  258. NSUIntegers using NSNumber on all supported SDKs.
  259. - Added GTMIBArray for building arrays in nib files.
  260. - Added for making it easier to error check SDEFs at
  261. compile time. See BuildScripts/ for details on how to set it
  262. up. If you work with SDEFs at all, this one is worth checking out.
  263. - GTMNSAnimation+Duration.m adds support for checking for control and shift
  264. keys when trying to decide how to calculate durations for animations.
  265. - Added Xcode configs for iPhone 2.2, 2.2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 3.1.2.
  266. - Added configurations GTMiPhone for all the new configs, updated the build
  267. scripts to build all iPhone SDKs also.
  268. - RunMacOSUnitTests supports GTM_REMOVE_TARGET_GCOV_ONLY to have only gcda
  269. removed from the target and not the whole project.
  270. - RunMacOSUnitTests supports GTM_ONE_TEST_AT_A_TIME to have only one test
  271. run at a time to support global state (color sync profile, etc.).
  272. - Added the GTM XcodePlugin. This plugin enhances Xcode with the following
  273. features:
  274. - Cleanup line ending white space on saves.
  275. See Xcode Preferences > Google panel to turn this on.
  276. - Create Unit Test Executable.
  277. Select a unittest target, and then select "Create Unit Test Executable"
  278. from the project menu, and it will create an executable you can debug.
  279. - Turn Code Coverage On
  280. Turns on code coverage for the current target. Nice when working with
  281. CoverStory.
  282. - Show Code Coverage/Clean Code Coverage/Clean Project Coverage and Build
  283. Utilities for working with CoverStory.
  284. - Under the help menu, quick links to the Google Style guides, Radar,
  285. and our favorite tech note.
  286. Note that you can see all the menu items that GTM Xcode Plugin has added by
  287. turning on the "Show Icon on Menu Items" option in the Xcode Preferences >
  288. Google panel.
  289. - iPhone unittests now print "Test Case '-[TEST SELECTOR]' started." before
  290. each test.
  291. - Added GTMTypeCasting.h which gives you safer objective-c casts based on
  292. C++ static_cast and dynamic_cast.
  293. - Added GTMStringEncoding which is a generic base 2-128 encoder/decoder with
  294. support for custom character maps.
  295. - Added support for localizing binding options in GTMUILocalizer.
  296. - Cleaned up several leaks in tests and elsewhere.
  297. - Added for compiling plists.
  298. - Added GTM_NSSTRINGIFY_MACRO for turning other macros into NSStrings.
  299. - Removed GTMTheme because it wasn't generic enough for inclusion in GTM, and
  300. was never fully implemented
  302. support clang analysis.
  303. - Changed GTMStackTrace to put out a cleaner trace, and to work on 64 bit.
  304. NOTE that if you are parsing this format, that it has changed.
  305. eg 32 bit
  306. #0 UnitTest - Foundation 0x0001c392 -[SenTest run]
  307. and 64 bit
  308. #0 UnitTest - Foundation 0x10010000001c3921 -[SenTest run]
  309. - Added GTMNSAnimatablePropertyContainer methods that allow you to stop
  310. animations properly in 10.5.
  311. - Added gtm_imageByRotating for rotating a UIImage. Based on code by Trevor
  312. Harmon:
  315. - Added support for creating uniquely named files and directories easily with
  316. GTMNSFileHandle+UniqueName.
  317. Release 1.5.1
  318. Changes since 1.5.0
  319. 16-June-2008
  320. - Fixed building tiger gcov with a directory path that contains a space.
  321. Release 1.5.0
  322. Changes since 1.0.0
  323. 13-June-2008
  324. - Updated the project to Xcode 3. This is the only supported Xcode version
  325. for the project. The code can build against the Tiger or Leopard SDKs, and
  326. developers can pull individual files into a Xcode 2.x project and things
  327. should work just fine.
  328. - Fixed up the prefix header of the project and prefix handing in the Unittest
  329. Xcode Config. (thanks schafdog)
  330. - Fixed error in handling default compression for NSData+zlib
  331. - Changed name on API in NSString+XML and added another api to make this a
  332. litte more clear. (thanks Kent)
  333. - GTMRegex
  334. - Found and fixed a bug in the enumerators that was causing them to
  335. incorrectly walk a string when using '^' in an expression.
  336. - Added helpers for substring tests and unittests for the new apis.
  337. - Added initializer that takes an outError to allow the collection of any
  338. pattern parsing error message (in case the pattern came from a user and
  339. complete error information is needed to message the user).
  340. - Added GTMScriptRunner for spawning scripts.
  341. - Added GTMNSFileManager+Path for two small helpers.
  342. - Added GTMNSWorkspace+ScreenSaver
  343. - Added GTMNSString+Data
  344. - added a common header (GTMDefines) for any common defines so the conditionals
  345. are all in one place
  346. - Support for things compiling against the iPhone SDK
  347. - Everything in the GTMiPhone project works in the iPhone
  348. - Added iPhone xcconfig files
  349. - Added iPhone unittests (See below)
  350. - More work on the UI unittests
  351. - support pretty much any part of a UI
  352. - support for CALayers
  353. - full support for the iPhone
  354. - the iPhone uses the same macro set at OCUnit, but has its own runtime
  355. for running tests.
  356. - extended capabilities of UIUnitTesting to be more flexible and give better
  357. error reporting for states.
  358. - Renamed the actual framework to "GoogleToolboxForMac.framework" (it should
  359. have matched the project on from the start)
  360. - added a Debug-gcov target that will product debug bits with code coverage
  361. support to check unittests, etc.
  362. - GTMDebugSelectorValidation to provide something to include in class impls
  363. to get validation of object/selector pair(s) being implemented so you don't
  364. have to wait for a runtime invocation failures. (especially useful for
  365. things that take a success and failure selector so one doesn't always get
  366. called)
  367. - added _GTMDevLog (really in GTMDefines) that are a set of macros that can be
  368. used for logging. This allows any project to redefine them to direct logging
  369. into its runtime needs.
  370. - Moved GTMGeometryUtils into Foundation from AppKit
  371. - Removed several HI* calls from GTMGeometryUtils as Carbon UI in general is
  372. deprecated.
  373. - Xcode configs
  374. - changed the layout to make it a little easier to tell how to use them.
  375. - added Leopard or later configs
  376. - Unittest coverage greatly increased
  377. - Added RunMacOSUnitTests shell script. We run this script for starting up our
  378. unittests because it turns on a variety of "enhancements" (such as zombies,
  379. scribbling etc) to encourage our unittests to fail for us.
  381. - Remove NSColor+Theme and NSWorkspace+Theme as they are no longer needed for
  382. testing things for unittests, instead GTMUnitTestingUtilities.m(Lines 64-79)
  383. force the user settable things to ensure tests are consistent.
  384. - Added GTMBase64.
  385. - Added GTMHTTPFetcher and GTMProgressMonitorInputStream.
  386. - Moved the data files for unittests into subdirectories call TestData to
  387. help make it a little easier to find files within the main directories.
  388. - GTMDelegatingTableColumn get an overhaul to match the 10.5 sdk so it's closer
  389. to a dropin for previous sdks.
  390. - Added a lot of functionality to NSAppleEventDescriptor and NSAppleScript
  391. allowing you to easily call labeled and positional handlers in an AppleScript,
  392. get/set properties and get NSAppleEventDescriptors for most basic datatypes.
  393. - Added GTMFourCharCode for wrapping FourCharCodes in an ObjC object. Mainly for
  394. use by the NSAppleEventDescriptor code, and also useful for storing them
  395. in ObjC collection classes.
  396. - Added GTMStackTrace.
  397. - Added NSString+URLArguments and NSDictionary+URLArguments
  398. - Added GTMHTTPServer as a simple server but mainly for use in unittesting.
  399. - Added _GTMCompileAssert for doing compile time assertions to GTMDefines.h
  400. - Added GTMUnitTestDevLog and GTMTestCase for logging and tracking logs while
  401. running unittests to verify what is being logged is what you expect. All
  402. unittests should now inherit from GTMTestCase instead of SenTestCase to take
  403. advantage of the new log tracking. See GTMUnitTestDevLog.h for details.
  404. - Extracted GTMIPhoneUnitTestDelegate from GTMIPhoneUnitTestMain.m to its own
  405. file. Tests can now be run from another application.
  406. Release 1.0.0
  407. 14-January-2008
  408. - Initial public release. Includes some simple utils, xcode configs, and
  409. some support for doing unittests of graphical things.