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 3I couldn't get the scripts to work at all, so I added and uses this
 4to generate the scripts. is also responsible for making the constant
 5exporting backwards-compatible to SDL_perl 1.x.
 7Tels 2003/03/21
 9This directory contains a set of scripts for generating the
10SDL::Constants and SDL::OpenGL::Constants modules.  They
11work by using the C preprocessor and gcc to extract defined
12values and enumerated field's numerical values and create
13constant subroutines that are exported into the main namespace.
15To add a new constant, simply add the name of the constant
16to the *_words.txt file and run the applicable script.  
17This will overwrite the lib/SDL/* file in question.
19Dave				Tue Mar 11 21:58:03 EST 2003