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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.1, Apache-2.0, BSD-3-Clause
  1. About the Files in This Directory
  2. ---------------------------------
  3. The script will make a few changes to an installation of
  4. BlogEngine.NET that will prepare it for use. It will:
  5. 1. Create a symlink of "bin" to the "Bin" folder (work-around for
  6. automatically-generated capitalized folder that throws Mono off)
  7. 2. Change the group of App_Data and below to the group specified
  8. 3. Give the group write permissions on App_Data and below
  9. How to Run
  10. ------------------------
  11. The script should be run as root, as it changes permissions. Before executing
  12. it, either become root or use sudo in step 2.
  13. 1. Change to the setup directory (example is from BlogEngine root)
  14. cd setup/Mono
  15. 2. Make the script executable
  16. chmod +x
  17. 3. Run the script, giving it the group to which permissions should be
  18. assigned.
  19. ./ www-data
  20. NOTE: You may omit the group if you are not wanting to set permissions
  21. on the App_Data folder; if you are using a database for everything,
  22. including roles and users, you can use this option.
  23. A Note about Security
  24. ---------------------
  25. www-data is the standard group for Debian-based systems. If using Apache with
  26. mod_mono, this group should be the group under which Apache is running. If
  27. using FastCGI, this group should be the group under which the FastCGI process is
  28. started.
  29. A Note to Developers
  30. --------------------
  31. Do not edit with Visual Studio; if it has Windows line endings, it
  32. will not execute properly.