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 1Running BlogEngine.NET using MySQL:
 3If you wish to use MySQL to store all your blog data, this folder has all the 
 4information you'll likely need.  The scripts included here are for MySQL 5.6.
 5They could be modified to be used with earlier versions if needed.
 7Included is the Initial Setup script for use with new installation of 3.0.  Also,
 8included is an upgrade script from previous versions. In addition, you 
 9will find a sample web.config file with the needed changes to use MySQL.
11Instructions for new setup:
131. Using the tool of your choice, execute the Setup script against the database you 
14want to add the BlogEngine data to.  This can be a new or existing database.
152. Rename MySQLWeb.Config to Web.config and copy it to your blog folder.  (This will
16overwrite your existing web.config file.  If this is not a new installation, make sure 
17you have a backup).
183. Update the BlogEngine connection string in the web.config.
194. Add the MySQL .NET Connector (6.8.3) to the bin folder. You can copy MySql.Data.dll from setup to bin for this.
205. Surf out to your Blog and see the welcome post.
216. Login with the username admin and password admin.  Change the password.
23Upgrading from 2.6:
25 - There are no changes between 2.6 and 2.7.  If you are upgrading from 2.5, see upgrade notes below.
27Upgrading from 2.5:
291. Using the tool of your choice, execute the upgrade script against the database where 
30you have your BlogEngine data.
312. The web.config file has changed from 2.5 to 2.7.  It will likely be easiest to start
32with the sample web.config file as described above, but if you have other changes in it, 
33you'll need to merge them.  Don't forget to move your connectionString over and update the
34MySQL .NET Connector version if different than 6.5.4.
36Additional information can be found at