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 1<!ENTITY openFireFTP "Open Link in FireFTP">
 2<!ENTITY viewFireFTP "View This Page in FireFTP">
 3<!ENTITY accountlist.label "(Choose an account)">
 4<!ENTITY edit.label "Edit...">
 5<!ENTITY abort.label "Abort">
 6<!ENTITY logtab.label "Log">
 7<!ENTITY ltab.label "Log">
 8<!ENTITY qtab.label "Queue">
 9<!ENTITY search.access "S">
10<!ENTITY logbutton.access "g">
11<!ENTITY advanced.label "Advanced">
12<!ENTITY search.label "Search/Filter">
13<!ENTITY diff.label "Directory Diff">
14<!ENTITY recdiff.label "Sync Directories &amp; Subdirectories...">
15<!ENTITY custom.label "Custom">
16<!ENTITY import.label "Import...">
17<!ENTITY export.label "Export...">
18<!ENTITY preferencestab.label "Preferences">
19<!ENTITY diff.access "D">
20<!ENTITY recdiff.access "D">
21<!ENTITY custom.access "C">
22<!ENTITY import.access "I">
23<!ENTITY export.access "x">
24<!ENTITY prefbutton.access "r">
25<!ENTITY help.label "Help">
26<!ENTITY help.url "">
27<!ENTITY parentdir.tip "Change to parent directory">
28<!ENTITY refresh.tip "Refresh Directory">
29<!ENTITY localpath.tip "Local Path">
30<!ENTITY remotepath.tip "Remote Path">
31<!ENTITY browse.label "Browse">
32<!ENTITY change.label "Change">
33<!ENTITY name.label "Name">
34<!ENTITY size.label "Size">
35<!ENTITY date.label "Date">
36<!ENTITY type.label "Type">
37<!ENTITY attr.label "Attributes">
38<!ENTITY source.label "Source">
39<!ENTITY dest.label "Destination">
40<!ENTITY bytes.label "Bytes">
41<!ENTITY status.label "Status">
42<!ENTITY retry.label "Retry">
43<!ENTITY cancel.label "Cancel">
44<!ENTITY cancelAll.label "Cancel All">
45<!ENTITY type.tip "Change method of transfers (auto recommended)">
46<!ENTITY bytes.tip "Bytes Downloaded / Total Bytes">
47<!ENTITY timeela.tip "Time Elapsed">
48<!ENTITY timerem.tip "Time Remaining">
49<!ENTITY download.tip "Download Rate">
50<!ENTITY percent.tip "Percent Complete">
51<!ENTITY auto.label "Auto">
52<!ENTITY binary.label "Binary">
53<!ENTITY ascii.label "ASCII">
54<!ENTITY openContaining.label "Open Containing Folder">
55<!ENTITY upload.label "Upload">
56<!ENTITY download.label "Download">
57<!ENTITY open.label "Open">
58<!ENTITY openwith.label "Open With">
59<!ENTITY extractHere.label "Extract Here">
60<!ENTITY extractTo.label "Extract To Folder">
61<!ENTITY viewweb.label "View on the Web">
62<!ENTITY copyUrl.label "Copy URL">
63<!ENTITY copyUrlLogin.label "FTP with login">
64<!ENTITY cut.label "Cut">
65<!ENTITY copy.label "Copy">
66<!ENTITY paste.label "Paste">
67<!ENTITY makedir.label "Create Directory">
68<!ENTITY makefile.label "Create File">
69<!ENTITY symlink.label "Create Symlink">
70<!ENTITY delete.label "Delete">
71<!ENTITY rename.label "Rename">
72<!ENTITY properties.label "Properties">
73<!ENTITY rproperties.label "Recursive Properties">
74<!ENTITY searchButton.label "Search">
75<!ENTITY searchLocal.label "Local">
76<!ENTITY searchRemote.label "Remote">
77<!ENTITY searchOptions.label "Options">
78<!ENTITY searchFrom.label "From:">
79<!ENTITY searchTo.label "To:">
80<!ENTITY searchSubdir.label "Look in subdirectories">
81<!ENTITY searchMatch.label "Match case">
82<!ENTITY searchRegexp.label "Regular expression">
83<!ENTITY searchDates.label "Specify dates">
84<!ENTITY searchSubdir.access "s">
85<!ENTITY searchMatch.access "c">
86<!ENTITY searchRegexp.access "x">
87<!ENTITY searchDates.access "d">
88<!ENTITY edit.access "E">
89<!ENTITY abort.access "A">
90<!ENTITY advanced.access "v">
91<!ENTITY helpbutton.access "H">
92<!ENTITY browsebutton.access "B">
93<!ENTITY changebutton.access "e">
94<!ENTITY searchButton.access "S">
95<!ENTITY searchLocal.access "L">
96<!ENTITY searchRemote.access "R">
97<!ENTITY searchOptions.access "O">
98<!ENTITY mozilla.quote "And, <html:em style=';;font-size:1.3em;line-height:0;';;>lo</html:em>, from the <html:em style=';;font-size:1.3em;line-height:0;';;>darkness</html:em> they emerged: a host of the faithful to <html:em style=';;font-size:1.3em;line-height:0;';;>aide</html:em> the reborn beast in its quest to <html:em style=';;font-size:1.3em;line-height:0;';;>reclaim</html:em> the land.  Together they <html:em style=';;font-size:1.3em;line-height:0;';;>extended</html:em> the power of the beast and <html:em style=';;font-size:1.3em;line-height:0;';;>spread</html:em> the good news of its return.  One by one the followers of <html:em style=';;font-size:1.3em;line-height:0;';;>Mammon</html:em> were converted and their hearts were set <html:em style=';;font-size:1.3em;line-height:0;';;>aflame</html:em>.">
99<!ENTITY mozilla.from "from <html:strong>The Book of Mozilla</html:strong>, 8:2">