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 1<!ENTITY title "Options">
 2<!ENTITY asciiTitle "ASCII File Types">
 3<!ENTITY general.label "General">
 4<!ENTITY messages.label "Messages">
 5<!ENTITY welcome.label "Show Welcome Message">
 6<!ENTITY error.label "Show Error Messages">
 7<!ENTITY sessions.label "Sessions">
 8<!ENTITY rememberp.label "Remember Passwords">
 9<!ENTITY rememberd.label "Remember Directory Listings">
10<!ENTITY fileview.label "File View">
11<!ENTITY autorefresh.label "Auto-Refresh">
12<!ENTITY refresh.tip "After the remote view is changed (by uploading, renaming, etc.), refresh the directory listing">
13<!ENTITY hidden.label "Show Hidden Files">
14<!ENTITY bytesmode.label "Display number of bytes for file sizes">
15<!ENTITY interface.label "Interface">
16<!ENTITY startup.label "Start FireFTP:">
17<!ENTITY windowopen.label "in a new window">
18<!ENTITY tabopen.label "in a new tab">
19<!ENTITY groupopen.label "in a window grouping">
20<!ENTITY integrateftplnk.label "Configure FTP links in Firefox to automatically use FireFTP">
21<!ENTITY temppasvmode.label "Use Passive Mode for these connections">
22<!ENTITY open.label "Double-clicking/pressing enter:">
23<!ENTITY download.label "transfers a file">
24<!ENTITY exec.label "opens a file">
25<!ENTITY both.tip "Shows both local and remote files">
26<!ENTITY local.tip "Shows only local files">
27<!ENTITY remote.tip "Shows only remote files">
28<!ENTITY logwindow.label "Log">
29<!ENTITY logmode.label "Show log in main window">
30<!ENTITY logerrormode.label "Show only errors in log">
31<!ENTITY debug.label "Show debug information">
32<!ENTITY connect.label "Connections">
33<!ENTITY proxy.label "Proxy">
34<!ENTITY none.label "None">
35<!ENTITY direct.label "Direct">
36<!ENTITY host.label "Host:">
37<!ENTITY port.label "Port:">
38<!ENTITY active.label "Active Mode">
39<!ENTITY limitPorts.label "Limit ports">
40<!ENTITY from.label "From:">
41<!ENTITY to.label "To:">
42<!ENTITY concurrent.label "Concurrent Transfers">
43<!ENTITY simtransfers.label "Max. simultaneous transfers (1-10)">
44<!ENTITY recovery.label "Connection Recovery">
45<!ENTITY network.label "Network Timeout (in seconds, between 1 and 600)">
46<!ENTITY network.tip "Controls how long to wait for a response from the server">
47<!ENTITY keepalivemode.label "Keep connection alive even if you&apos;re idle">
48<!ENTITY timeout.label "If disconnected, try to reconnect">
49<!ENTITY retryd.label "Retry Delay (in seconds, between 1 and 600)">
50<!ENTITY retryd.tip "Seconds between reconnection attempts">
51<!ENTITY retrya.label "Retry Attempts">
52<!ENTITY retrya.tip "Number of attempts to be made">
53<!ENTITY downup.label "Downloads/Uploads">
54<!ENTITY transfercaption.label "When transferring files use:">
55<!ENTITY automatic.label "Automatic Mode">
56<!ENTITY automatic.tip "Automatically choose between &apos;Binary&apos; and &apos;ASCII&apos; mode">
57<!ENTITY binary.label "Binary Mode">
58<!ENTITY ascii.label "ASCII Mode">
59<!ENTITY asciifiles.label "ASCII files: ">
60<!ENTITY asciifiles.tip "List of file extensions that should be recognized as ASCII files">
61<!ENTITY add.label "Add">
62<!ENTITY remove.label "Remove">
63<!ENTITY extras.label "Extras (if enabled on server)">
64<!ENTITY usecompression.label "Use compression">
65<!ENTITY synctimestamps.label "Keep timestamps in sync">
66<!ENTITY integritymode.label "Check integrity of file transfers (XMD5, XSHA1) ">
67<!ENTITY duplicates.label "File Duplicates">
68<!ENTITY timer.label "Disable timer in overwrite dialog">
69<!ENTITY nopromptmode.label "Don&apos;t display overwrite dialog, simply overwrite">
70<!ENTITY credits.label "Credits">
71<!ENTITY thanks.label "Thank You:">
72<!ENTITY allothers.label "All others who submitted bugs and helped">
73<!ENTITY special.label "Special Thanks to all who donate!">