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 1# Request Profiling
 3## Procedure
 41. Grab the profiling token from `Monitoring > Requests Profiles` admin page
 5(highlighted in a blue in the image below).
 6![Profile token](img/request_profiling_token.png)
 71. Pass the header `X-Profile-Token: <token>` to the request you want to profile. You can use any of these tools
 8    * [ModHeader]( Chrome extension
 9    * [Modify Headers]( Firefox extension
10    * `curl --header 'X-Profile-Token: <token>'`
111. Once request is finished (which will take a little longer than usual), you can
12view the profiling output from `Monitoring > Requests Profiles` admin page.
13![Profiling output](img/request_profile_result.png)
15## Cleaning up
16Profiling output will be cleared out every day via a Sidekiq worker.