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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
3    <item id="25e4d8da-3278-4e58-b0bf-932496dabc96" title="Mads Kristensen" description="Full featured simplicity in ASP.NET and C#" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" xfn="contact" sortIndex="0" />
4    <item id="ccc817ef-e760-482b-b82f-a6854663110f" title="Al Nyveldt" description="Adventures in Code and Other Stories " htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" xfn="contact" sortIndex="1" />
5    <item id="dcdaa78b-0b77-4691-99f0-1bb6418945a1" title="Ruslan Tur" description=".NET and Open Source: better together" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" xfn="contact" sortIndex="2" />
6    <item id="8a846489-b69e-4fde-b2b2-53bc6104a6fa" title="John Dyer" description="Technology and web development in ASP.NET, Flash, and JavaScript" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" xfn="contact" sortIndex="3" />
7    <item id="7f906880-4316-47f1-a934-1a912fc02f8b" title="Russell van der Walt" description="an adventure in web technologies" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" xfn="contact" sortIndex="4" />
8    <item id="890f00e5-3a86-4cba-b85b-104063964a87" title="Ben Amada" description="adventures in application development" htmlUrl="" xmlUrl="" xfn="contact" sortIndex="5" />