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  3* Added Lithuanian (LT) localization
  4* Added Greek (EL) localization (
  5* Added Latvian (LV) localization (
  6* Added Hebrew (HE) localization (
  7* Fixed Spanish (ES) localization (
  8* Added jQuery UI themerolled demo
  9* Removed cmxform.js 
 10* Fixed four missing semicolons (
 11* Renamed phone-method in additional-methods.js to phoneUS
 12* Added phoneUK and mobileUK methods to additional-methods.js (
 13* Deep extend options to avoid modifying multiple forms when using the rules-method on a single element (
 14* Bugfixes for compability with jQuery 1.4.2, while maintaining backwards-compability
 18* Added Arabic (AR), Portuguese (PTPT), Persian (FA), Finnish (FI) and Bulgarian (BR) localization
 19* Updated Swedish (SE) localization (some missing html iso characters)
 20* Fixed $.validator.addMethod to properly handle empty string vs. undefined for the message argument
 21* Fixed two accidental global variables
 22* Enhanced min/max/rangeWords (in additional-methods.js) to strip html before counting; good when counting words in a richtext editor
 23* Added localized methods for DE, NL and PT, removing the dateDE and numberDE methods (use messages_de.js and methods_de.js with date and number methods instead)
 24* Fixed remote form submit synchronization, kudos to Matas Petrikas
 25* Improved interactive select validation, now validating also on click (via option or select, inconsistent across browsers); doesn't work in Safari, which doesn't trigger a click event at all on select elements; fixes
 26* Updated to latest form plugin (2.36), fixing
 27* Bind to blur event for equalTo target to revalidate when that target changes, fixes
 28* Simplified select validation, delegating to jQuery's val() method to get the select value; should fix
 29* Fixed default message for digits (
 30* Fixed issue with cached remote message ( and
 31* Fixed a missing semicolon in additional-methods.js (
 32* Added automatic detection of substitution parameters in messages, removing the need to provide format functions (
 33* Fixed an issue with :filled/:blank somewhat caused by Sizzle (
 34* Added an integer method to additional-methods.js (
 35* Fixed errorsFor method where the for-attribute contains characters that need escaping to be valid inside a selector (
 39* Fix for
 40* Fixed trailing comma in messages_cs.js
 44* Fixed remote method bug (
 48* Fixed a bug related to the wrapper-option, where all ancestor-elements that matched the wrapper-option where selected (
 49* Updated multipart demo to use latest jQuery UI accordion
 50* Added dateNL and time methods to additionalMethods.js
 51* Added Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, tw) and Kazakhstan (KK) localization
 52* Moved jQuery.format (fomerly String.format) to jQuery.validator.format, jQuery.format is deprecated and will be removed in 1.6 (see for details)
 53* Cleaned up messages_pl.js and messages_ptbr.js (still defined messages for max/min/rangeValue, which were removed in 1.4)
 54* Fixed flawed boolean logic in valid-plugin-method for multiple elements; now all elements need to be valid for a boolean-true result (
 55* Enhancement $.validator.addMethod: An undefined third message-argument won't overwrite an existing message (
 56* Enhancement to submitHandler option: When used, click events on submit buttons are captured and the submitting button is inserted into the form before calling submitHandler, and removed afterwards; keeps submit buttons intact (
 57* Added option validClass, default "valid", which adds that class to all valid elements, after validation (
 58* Added creditcardtypes method to additionalMethods.js, including tests (via
 59* Improved remote method to allow serverside message as a string, or true for valid, or false for invalid using the clientside defined message (
 60* Improved accept method to also accept a Drupal-style comma-seperated list of values (
 64* Fixed messages in additional-methods.js for maxWords, minWords, and rangeWords to include call to $.format 
 65* Fixed value passed to methods to exclude carriage return (\r), same as jQuery's val() does
 66* Added slovak (sk) localization
 67* Added demo for intergration with jQuery UI tabs
 68* Added selects-grouping example to tabs demo (see second tab, birthdate field)
 72* Updated marketo demo to use invalidHandler option instead of binding invalid-form event
 73* Added TinyMCE integration example
 74* Added ukrainian (ua) localization
 75* Fixed length validation to work with trimmed value (regression from 1.5 where general trimming before validation was removed)
 76* Various small fixes for compability with both 1.2.6 and 1.3
 80* Improved basic demo, validating confirm-password field after password changed
 81* Fixed basic validation to pass the untrimmed input value as the first parameter to validation methods, changed required accordingly; breaks existing custom method that rely on the trimming
 82* Added norwegian (no), italian (it), hungarian (hu) and romanian (ro) localization
 83* Fixed #3195: Two flaws in swedish localization
 84* Fixed #3503: Extended rules("add") to accept messages propery: use to specify add custom messages to an element via rules("add", { messages: { required: "Required! " } }); 
 85* Fixed #3356: Regression from #2908 when using meta-option
 86* Fixed #3370: Added ignoreTitle option, set to skip reading messages from the title attribute, helps to avoid issues with Google Toolbar; default is false for compability
 87* Fixed #3516: Trigger invalid-form event even when remote validation is involved
 88* Added invalidHandler option as a shortcut to bind("invalid-form", function() {})
 89* Fixed Safari issue for loading indicator in ajaxSubmit-integration-demo (append to body first, then hide)
 90* Added test for creditcard validation and improved default message
 91* Enhanced remote validation, accepting options to passthrough to $.ajax as paramter (either url string or options, including url property plus everything else that $.ajax supports)
 95* Fixed #2931, validate elements in document order and ignore type=image inputs
 96* Fixed usage of $ and jQuery variables, now fully comptible with all variations of noConflict usage
 97* Implemented #2908, enabling custom messages via metadata ala class="{required:true,messages:{required:'required field'}}", added demo/custom-messages-metadata-demo.html
 98* Removed deprecated methods minValue (min), maxValue (max), rangeValue (rangevalue), minLength (minlength), maxLength (maxlength), rangeLength (rangelength)
 99* Fixed #2215 regression: Call unhighlight only for current elements, not everything
100* Implemented #2989, enabling image button to cancel validation
101* Fixed issue where IE incorrectly validates against maxlength=0
102* Added czech (cs) localization
103* Reset validator.submitted on validator.resetForm(), enabling a full reset when necessary
104* Fixed #3035, skipping all falsy attributes when reading rules (0, undefined, empty string), removed part of the maxlength workaround (for 0)
105* Added dutch (nl) localization (#3201)
109* Fixed invalid-form event, now only triggered when form is invalid
110* Added spanish (es), russian (ru), portuguese brazilian (ptbr), turkish (tr), and polish (pl) localization
111* Added removeAttrs plugin to facilate adding and removing multiple attributes
112* Added groups option to display a single message for multiple elements, via groups: { arbitraryGroupName: "fieldName1 fieldName2[, fieldNameN" }
113* Enhanced rules() for adding and removing (static) rules: rules("add", "method1[, methodN]"/{method1:param[, method_n:param]}) and rules("remove"[, "method1[, method_n]") 
114* Enhanced rules-option, accepts space-seperated string-list of methods, eg. {birthdate: "required date"}  
115* Fixed checkbox group validation with inline rules: As long as the rules are specified on the first element, the group is now properly validated on click
116* Fixed #2473, ignoring all rules with an explicit parameter of boolean-false, eg. required:false is the same as not specifying required at all (it was handled as required:true so far)
117* Fixed #2424, with a modified patch from #2473: Methods returning a dependency-mismatch don't stop other rules from being evaluated anymore; still, success isn't applied for optional fields
118* Fixed url and email validation to not use trimmed values
119* Fixed creditcard validation to accept only digits and dashes ("asdf" is not a valid creditcard number)
120* Allow both button and input elements for cancel buttons (via class="cancel")
121* Fixed #2215: Fixed message display to call unhighlight as part of showing and hiding messages, no more visual side-effects while checking an element and extracted validator.checkForm to validate a form without UI sideeffects
122* Rewrote custom selectors (:blank, :filled, :unchecked) with functions for compability with AIR
127* Bundled delegeate plugin with validate plugin - its always required anyway
128* Improved remote validation to include parts from the ajaxQueue plugin for proper synchronization (no additional plugin necessary)
129* Fixed stopRequest to prevent pendingRequest < 0
130* Added jQuery.validator.autoCreateRanges property, defaults to false, enable to convert min/max to range and minlength/maxlength to rangelength; this basically fixes the issue introduced by automatically creating ranges in 1.2
131* Fixed optional-methods to not highlight anything at all if the field is blank, that is, don't trigger success
132* Allow false/null for highlight/unhighlight options instead of forcing a do-nothing-callback even when nothing needs to be highlighted
133* Fixed validate() call with no elements selected, returning undefined instead of throwing an error
134* Improved demo, replacing metadata with classes/attributes for specifying rules
135* Fixed error when no custom message is used for remote validation
136* Modified email and url validation to require domain label and top label
137* Fixed url and email validation to require TLD (actually to require domain label); 1.2 version (TLD is optional) is moved to additionals as url2 and email2
138* Fixed dynamic-totals demo in IE6/7 and improved templating, using textarea to store multiline template and string interpolation
139* Added login form example with "Email password" link that makes the password field optional
140* Enhanced dynamic-totals demo with an example of a single message for two fields
145* Added AJAX-captcha validation example (based on
146* Added remember-the-milk-demo (thanks RTM team for the permission!)
147* Added marketo-demo (thanks Glen Lipka!)
148* Added support for ajax-validation, see method "remote"; serverside returns JSON, true for valid elements, false or a String for invalid, String is used as message
149* Added highlight and unhighlight options, by default toggles errorClass on element, allows custom highlighting
150* Added valid() plugin method for easy programmatic checking of forms and fields without the need to use the validator API
151* Added rules() plguin method to read and write rules for an element (currently read only)
152* Replaced regex for email method, thanks to the contribution by Scott Gonzalez, see
153* Restructured event architecture to rely solely on delegation, both improving performance, and ease-of-use for the developer (requires jquery.delegate.js)
154* Moved documentation from inline to - including interactive examples for all methods
155* Removed validator.refresh(), validation is now completey dynamic
156* Renamed minValue to min, maxValue to max and rangeValue to range, deprecating the previous names (to be removed in 1.3)
157* Renamed minLength to minlength, maxLength to maxlength and rangeLength to rangelength, deprecating the previous names (to be removed in 1.3)
158* Added feature to merge min + max into and range and minlength + maxlength into rangelength
159* Added support for dynamic rule parameters, allowing to specify a function as a parameter eg. for minlength, called when validating the element
160* Allow to specify null or an empty string as a message to display nothing (see marketo demo)
161* Rules overhaul: Now supports combination of rules-option, metadata, classes (new) and attributes (new), see rules() for details
166* Replaced regex for URL method, thanks to the contribution by Scott Gonzalez, see
167* Improved email method to better handle unicode characters
168* Fixed error container to hide when all elements are valid, not only on form submit
169* Fixed String.format to jQuery.format (moving into jQuery namespace)
170* Fixed accept method to accept both upper and lowercase extensions
171* Fixed validate() plugin method to create only one validator instance for a given form and always return that one instance (avoids binding events multiple times)
172* Changed debug-mode console log from "error" to "warn" level
177* Fixed invalid XHTML, preventing error label creation in IE since jQuery 1.1.4
178* Fixed and improved String.format: Global search & replace, better handling of array arguments
179* Fixed cancel-button handling to use validator-object for storing state instead of form element
180* Fixed name selectors to handle "complex" names, eg. containing brackets ("list[]")
181* Added button and disabled elements to exclude from validation
182* Moved element event handlers to refresh to be able to add handlers to new elements
183* Fixed email validation to allow long top level domains (eg. ".travel")
184* Moved showErrors() from valid() to form()
185* Added validator.size(): returns the number of current errors
186* Call submitHandler with validator as scope for easier access of it's methods, eg. to find error labels using errorsFor(Element)
187* Compatible with jQuery 1.1.x and 1.2.x
192* Added validation on blur, keyup and click (for checkboxes and radiobutton). Replaces event-option.
193* Fixed resetForm
194* Fixed custom-methods-demo
199* Improved number and numberDE methods to check for correct decimal numbers with delimiters
200* Only elements that have rules are checked (otherwise success-option is applied to all elements)
201* Added creditcard number method (thanks to Brian Klug)
202* Added ignore-option, eg. ignore: "[@type=hidden]", using that expression to exclude elements to validate. Default: none, though submit and reset buttons are always ignored
203* Heavily enhanced Functions-as-messages by providing a flexible String.format helper
204* Accept Functions as messages, providing runtime-custom-messages
205* Fixed exclusion of elements without rules from successList
206* Fixed custom-method-demo, replaced the alert with message displaying the number of errors
207* Fixed form-submit-prevention when using submitHandler
208* Completely removed dependency on element IDs, though they are still used (when present) to link error labels to inputs. Achieved by using
209  an array with {name, message, element} instead of an object with id:message pairs for the internal errorList.
210* Added support for specifying simple rules as simple strings, eg. "required" is equivalent to {required: true}
211* Added feature: Add errorClass to invalid field?s parent element, making it easy to style the label/field container or the label for the field.
212* Added feature: focusCleanup - If enabled, removes the errorClass from the invalid elements and hides all errors messages whenever the element is focused.
213* Added success option to show the a field was validated successfully
214* Fixed Opera select-issue (avoiding a attribute-collision)
215* Fixed problems with focussing hidden elements in IE
216* Added feature to skip validation for submit buttons with class "cancel"
217* Fixed potential issues with Google Toolbar by prefering plugin option messages over title attribute
218* submitHandler is only called when an actual submit event was handled, validator.form() returns false only for invalid forms
219* Invalid elements are now focused only on submit or via validator.focusInvalid(), avoiding all trouble with focus-on-blur
220* IE6 error container layout issue is solved
221* Customize error element via errorElement option
222* Added validator.refresh() to find new inputs in the form
223* Added accept validation method, checks file extensions
224* Improved dependecy feature by adding two custom expressions: ":blank" to select elements with an empty value and ?:filled? to select elements with a value, both excluding whitespace
225* Added a resetForm() method to the validator: Resets each form element (using the form plugin, if available), removes classes on invalid elements and hides all error messages
226* Fixed docs for validator.showErrors()
227* Fixed error label creation to always use html() instead of text(), allowing arbitrary HTML passed in as messages
228* Fixed error label creation to use specified error class
229* Added dependency feature: The requires method accepts both String (jQuery expressions) and Functions as the argument
230* Heavily improved customizing of error message display: Use normal messages and show/hide an additional container; Completely replace message display with own mechanism (while being able to delegate to the default handler; Customize placing of generated labels (instead of default below-element)
231* Fixed two major bugs in IE (error containers) and Opera (metadata)
232* Modified validation methods to accept empty fields as valid (exception: of course ?required? and also ?equalTo? methods)
233* Renamed "min" to "minLength", "max" to "maxLength", "length" to "rangeLength"
234* Added "minValue", "maxValue" and "rangeValue"
235* Streamlined API for support of different events. The default, submit, can be disabled. If any event is specified, that is applied to each element (instead of the entire form). Combining keyup-validation with submit-validation is now extremely easy to setup
236* Added support for one-message-per-rule when defining messages via plugin settings
237* Added support to wrap metadata in some parent element. Useful when metadata is used for other plugins, too.
238* Refactored tests and demos: Less files, better demos
239* Improved documentation: More examples for methods, more reference texts explaining some basics