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 1test14 README
 6Demonstrate the use of ignoreColumnNames and displayColumnNames in MagicPlan.  There are diffs in 
 7column3 and column4. The plan uses ignorefColumnNames to exclude column3 and column4 from diffing,
 8ensuring that only row diffs are found (there are no column diffs in column2).  By default, only key columns
 9are used for display in the diff report, but the plan specifies that column1 and column3 should be used 
10in the display of rows within the diff report.
15- lhs & rhs are FILE tables
16- lhs vs. rhs has both row and column diffs
17- plan file supplies lhs table  and rhs table file paths
18- plan file supplies file path for Sink
19- lhs and rhs tables have identical structure
20- MagicPlan reverse engineers TableModels from the column headers in the data file
21- MagicPlan excludes column3 and column4 from diffing; only column2 is diffed
22- MagicPlan forces non-default display columns in output: column1 & column3
23- MagicPlan uses Equals Diff across the board
24- MagicPlan defaults to looking for ROW and COLUMN type Diffs
25- MagicPlan sets max diffs to Long.MAX
29- 3 row diffs