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 1test33 README
 6Compare SpreadSheet tables using a MagicPlan. Sheet name is not specified, so 
 7that the first sheet is used by default. No key is specified in the plan, so 
 8ROW_NUM will be used. Demonstrates how ROW_DIFFs are reported when using ROW_NUM
 9as the key. Demonstrates use of header row (hasHeader -> true). 
10Exercises several different data types. This test is same as test31, except that
11it is specified using a MagicPlan instead of the PassthroughPlan used in test31.
15- lhs & rhs are SpreadSheet FILE tables
16- MagicPlan supplies lhs and rhs spreadsheet file paths
17- MagicPlan supplies file path for Sink
18- lhs and rhs tables have identical structure
19- No key is specified in the MagicPlan, so ROW_NUM should be used
20- MagicPlan specifies that a header row is present, so will identify diffs
21using column names from header, instead of default Excel column name (A,B,C....).
25- 1 ROW_DIFF, becuase ROW_NUM is used for alignment and only ROW_NUM=7 is
26different between the two side
27- 32 COLUMN_DIFFs. All columns must be different in the rows where one side is blank
28and the other side isn't (ROW_NUM= 2,3,6 = 3 rows * 8 columns = 24 ROW_DIFFs). 
29All columns explicitly set to different values in ROW_NUM = 5 in order to exercise each column.