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 4During a teleconference, a group of Cappuccino developers sat down and discussed the state of testing in the Cappuccino community. There was a consensus that the testing culture in the community was weak and a big part of this was the amount of pain that was involved with testing Cappuccino applications.
 6OJTest sets out to create a cohesive, painless suite of frameworks and tools that support testing in Cappuccino. As it currently stands, the fragmentation of testing tools is very high and, through anecdotal evidence, it seems that discovery is difficult. Cappuccino is a very small, very active community and we think that we can work together to create a very cool testing environment.
 8Specifically, the goals of OJTest are
10* Create a cohesive, integrated solution with Cappuccino that "just works"
11* Reduce the pain of writing tests for Cappuccino.
12* Create an ecosystem for testing. This can include things such as test environment tools (e.g. autotest), reporting tools (e.g. code coverage), behavior driven development tools (e.g. ojspec), etc.
13* Allow for adaptability and integration of other community solutions in order to foster innovation
15These goals are broad in scope and they are the long term, continuously improving type of goals. In the short term, we need to identify high pain points in the testing environment for Cappuccino and resolve those. The biggest turn off for testing is the difficulty of it.