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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.0
  1. ds-delayed-keepInstances=Keep Component Instances
  2. ds-delayed-keepInstances-help=Configure whether or not to keep instances of delayed components once they are not referred to any more. The Declarative Services specifications suggests that instances of delayed components are disposed of if they are not used any longer. Setting this flag causes the components to not be disposed of, and thus prevents them from being constantly recreated if often used. Examples of such components may be EventHandler services. The default is to dispose of unused components.
  3. ds-factory-enabled=Extended Factory Components
  4. ds-factory-enabled-help=Configure whether or not to enable the support for creating Factory Component instances based on factory configuration. This is an Apache Felix SCR specific extension, explicitly not supported by the Declarative Services specification. Reliance on this feature prevent the component from being used with other Declarative Services implementations. The default value is false to disable this feature.
  5. ds-global-extender=Global Extender
  6. ds-global-extender-help=Configure whether to extend all bundles, which are visible or not to this bundle, to this bundle.
  7. ds-lock-timeout-milliseconds=Lock Timeout Milliseconds
  8. ds-lock-timeout-milliseconds-help=Configure how long a lock is held before releasing due to suspected deadlock.
  9. ds-loglevel=SCR Log Level
  10. ds-loglevel-help=Configure the log level to limit the amount of logging information sent to the OSGi LogService. Supported values are DEBUG, INFO, WARN, and ERROR. This property is not used if a R7 LogService implementation is available as the log level can be configured through that service. The default value is ERROR.
  11. ds-stop-timeout-milliseconds=Stop Timeout Milliseconds
  12. ds-stop-timeout-milliseconds-help=Configure how long to wait for a bundle to stop before continuing due to suspected deadlock.
  13. felix-fileinstall-bundles-new-start=Start New Bundles
  14. felix-fileinstall-bundles-startActivationPolicy=Use the Bundle Activation Policy When Starting
  15. felix-fileinstall-bundles-startTransient=Start Bundles Transiently
  16. felix-fileinstall-dir=Poll Directory
  17. felix-fileinstall-filter=File Name Filter
  18. felix-fileinstall-log-level=Log Level
  19. felix-fileinstall-noInitialDelay=No Initial Delay
  20. felix-fileinstall-poll=Poll interval
  21. felix-fileinstall-start-level=Bundles Start Level
  22. felix-fileinstall-tmpdir=Temp Directory
  23. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-AsyncToSyncThreadRatio=Async/Sync Thread Pool Ratio
  24. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-AsyncToSyncThreadRatio-help=Configure the ratio of asynchronous to synchronous threads in the internal thread pool. Ratio must be positive and may be adjusted to represent the distribution of post to send operations. Applications with a higher number of post operations should have a higher ratio.
  25. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-IgnoreTimeout=Ignore Timeouts
  26. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-IgnoreTimeout-help=Configure event handlers to be called without a timeout. If a timeout is configured by default, then all event handlers are called using the timeout. For performance optimization, it is possible to configure event handlers where the timeout handling is not used. This reduces the thread usage from the thread pools as the timeout handling requires an additional thread to call the event handler. However, the application should work without this configuration property. It is a pure optimization. The value is a list of strings. If a string ends with a dot, all handlers in exactly this package are ignored. If the string ends with a star, all handlers in this package and all subpackages are ignored. If the string neither ends with a dot nor with a star, this is assumed to define an exact class name.
  27. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-IgnoreTopic=Ignore Topics
  28. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-IgnoreTopic-help=Configure topics which are ignored by the event admin implementation for performance optimization. In this case, a event is not delivered to registered event handlers. The value is a list of strings (separated by comma). If a single value ends with a dot, all topics in exactly this package are ignored. If a single value ends with a star, all topics in this package and all sub packages are ignored. If a single value neither ends with a dot nor with a start, this is assumed to define an exact topic. A single star can be used to disable delivery completely.
  29. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-RequireTopic=Require Topic
  30. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-RequireTopic-help=Configure whether event handlers are required to be registered with a topic. This is enabled by default. The specification says that event handlers must register with a list of topics they are interested in. Disabling this setting will enable that handlers without a topic are receiving all events (i.e., they are treated the same as with a topic=*).
  31. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-ThreadPoolSize=Thread Pool Size
  32. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-ThreadPoolSize-help=Configure the size of the thread pool used for event delivery. The default value is 20. Increase in case of a large amount of events. A value of less then 2 triggers the default value. If the pool is exhausted, event delivery is blocked until a thread becomes available from the pool. Each event is delivered in a thread from the pool unless the ignore timeouts is configured for the receiving event handler.
  33. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-Timeout=Timeout
  34. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-Timeout-help=Configure the blacklist timeout in milliseconds. The default value is 5000. Increase or decrease at own discretion. A value of less than 100 turns timeouts off. Any other value is the time in milliseconds granted to each event handler before it gets blacklisted.
  35. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-ocd-help=Configure for the Apache Felix Event Admin implementation. This configuration overwrites configuration defined in framework properties of the same names.
  36. org-apache-felix-eventadmin-ocd-name=Apache Felix Event Admin Implementation
  37. org-apache-felix-fileinstall-ocd-name=Apache Felix File Install
  38. org-apache-felix-scr-ScrService-ocd-help=Configure the Apache Felix Declarative Services implementation. This configuration overwrites configuration defined in framework properties of the same names.
  39. org-apache-felix-scr-ScrService-ocd-name=Apache Felix Declarative Service Implementation