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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.0
  1. add-wiki=Add Wiki
  2. all-files-are-saved=All files are saved.
  3. an-error-occurred-while-formatting-the-wiki-page=An error occurred while formatting the wiki page.
  4. another-user-made-changes-that-are-pending-publication=Another user made changes that are pending publication. You will not be able to rename the page until those changes are saved.
  5. are-you-sure-you-want-to-remove-the-attachments-for-this-wiki-node=Are you sure you want to remove the attachments for this wiki node?
  6. attachment-found-in-wiki-page-x=Attachment Found in Wiki Page {0}
  7. child-pages-x=Child Pages ({0})
  8. comment-found-in-wiki-page-x=Comment Found in Wiki Page {0}
  9. convert-wiki-pages-from-classic-wiki-to-creole-format=Convert Wiki pages from Classic Wiki to Creole format.
  10. edit-wikis=Edit Wikis
  11. edit-wikis-for-group=Edit Wikis for Group:
  12. hidden-nodes=Hidden Nodes
  13. import-wiki-images-help=Submit a ZIP file of the images to import. You can zip the images folder of MediaWiki directly (sometimes it's called "upload"). If you do so, it's recommended to remove the directories called "archive", "temp" and "thumbs" to reduce the ZIP size since they will be ignored.
  14. import-wiki-pages-help=Submit an XML file exported by MediaWiki through the "Special:Export" page (see "Special pages" in the toolbox menu).
  15. import-wiki-strict-mode-help=Remove every unrecognizable MediaWiki markup from the imported page.
  16. import-wiki-users-help=Submit a CSV file with the email addresses of the users to match with those in the portal. The file should have two columns: the user name and the email address. This file can be obtained using SQL directly from MediaWiki's database.
  17. javax.portlet.description.com_liferay_wiki_web_portlet_WikiAdminPortlet=Wiki is a social collaborative encyclopedia that lets users come together and share knowledge in an area. Administrators can add and edit wiki pages, change permissions, and set advanced options.
  18. javax.portlet.long-title.com_liferay_wiki_web_portlet_WikiAdminPortlet=Wiki
  19. javax.portlet.title.com_liferay_wiki_web_portlet_WikiAdminPortlet=Wiki
  20. javax.portlet.title.com_liferay_wiki_web_portlet_WikiDisplayPortlet=Wiki Display
  21. javax.portlet.title.com_liferay_wiki_web_portlet_WikiPortlet=Wiki
  22. last-post-x-ago=Last post {0} ago.
  23. manage-wikis=Manage Wikis
  24. Nodes
  25. Node
  26. Page
  27. Display Templates
  28. new-wiki-node=New Wiki Node
  29. new-wiki-page=New Wiki Page
  30. pending-pages=Pending Pages
  31. please-enter-a-nonnumeric-name=Please enter a non-numeric name.
  32. receive-a-notification-when-someone-adds-a-new-wiki-page-in-a-wiki-you-are-subscribed-to=Adds a new wiki page in a wiki you are subscribed to.
  33. receive-a-notification-when-someone-updates-a-wiki-page-you-are-subscribed-to=Updates a wiki page you are subscribed to.
  34. remove-the-attachments-for-this-wiki-node=Remove the attachments for this wiki node.
  35. show-wiki-borders=Show Wiki Borders
  36. the-company-id-associated-with-the-wiki=The company ID associated with the wiki
  37. the-company-mx-associated-with-the-wiki=The company MX associated with the wiki
  38. the-company-name-associated-with-the-wiki=The company name associated with the wiki
  39. the-site-name-associated-with-the-wiki=The site name associated with the wiki
  40. the-wiki-could-not-be-found=The wiki could not be found.
  41. there-are-no-wiki-attachments=There are no wiki attachments.
  42. there-are-no-wikis=There are no wikis.
  43. this-wiki-node-does-not-have-file-attachments-in-the-recycle-bin=This wiki node does not have file attachments in the Recycle Bin.
  44. total-pages=Total Pages
  45. update-wiki=Update Wiki
  46. view-wiki=View Wiki
  47. visible-nodes=Visible Nodes
  48. visible-wikis=Visible Wikis
  49. wiki-navigation=Wiki Navigation
  50. wiki-node=Wiki Node
  51. wiki-node-local-service=Wiki Node Local Service
  52. wiki-node-local-service-help=Provides the local service for accessing, adding, deleting, importing, subscription handling of, trash handling of, and updating wiki nodes.
  53. wiki-node-service=Wiki Node Service
  54. wiki-node-service-help=Provides the remote service for accessing, adding, deleting, importing, subscription handling of, trash handling of, and updating wiki nodes. Its methods include permission checks.
  55. wiki-nodes=Wiki Nodes
  56. wiki-page=Wiki Page
  57. wiki-page-content=Wiki Page Content
  58. wiki-page-content-help=Represents the HTML content of the current page.
  59. wiki-page-help=Represents the wiki page that will be displayed through this template.
  60. wiki-page-local-service=Wiki Page Local Service
  61. wiki-page-local-service-help=Provides the local service for accessing, adding, deleting, moving, subscription handling of, trash handling of, updating, and validating wiki pages.
  62. wiki-page-service=Wiki Page Service
  63. wiki-page-service-help=Provides the remote service for accessing, adding, deleting, moving, subscription handling of, trash handling of, and updating wiki pages and wiki page attachments. Its methods include permission checks.
  64. wiki-pages=Wiki Pages
  65. wiki-portlet-instance-configuration-name=Widgets Display
  66. wiki-services=Wiki Services
  67. wikis=Wikis
  68. wikis-permissions=Wikis Permissions
  69. you-are-not-subscribed-to-this-wiki=You are not subscribed to this wiki.
  70. you-are-subscribed-to-this-wiki=You are subscribed to this wiki.