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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.1
 1fails:BigDecimal#mod_part_of_divmod returns self modulo other
 2fails:BigDecimal#mod_part_of_divmod returns a [Float value] when the argument is Float
 3fails:BigDecimal#mod_part_of_divmod returns NaN if NaN is involved
 4fails:BigDecimal#mod_part_of_divmod returns NaN if the dividend is Infinity
 5fails:BigDecimal#mod_part_of_divmod returns the dividend if the divisor is Infinity
 6fails:BigDecimal#mod_part_of_divmod raises ZeroDivisionError if other is zero
 7fails:BigDecimal#divmod array contains quotient and modulus as BigDecimal
 8fails:BigDecimal#divmod returns an array of two NaNs if NaN is involved
 9fails:BigDecimal#divmod raises ZeroDivisionError if the divisor is zero
10fails:BigDecimal#divmod returns an array of Infinity and NaN if the dividend is Infinity
11fails:BigDecimal#divmod returns an array of zero and the dividend if the divisor is Infinity