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 2    One of the searches Hudson does on LDAP is to locate the user record given the user name.
 4    <p>
 5    This field determines the query to be run to identify the user record. The query is
 6    almost always <tt>"uid={0}"</tt> as per defined in <a href="">RFC 2798</a>,
 7    so in most cases you should leave this field empty and let this default kick in.
 9    <p>
10    If your LDAP server doesn't have uid or doesn't use a meaningful uid value, try <tt>"mail={0}"</tt>,
11    which lets people login by their e-mail address.
13    <p>
14    If you do specify a different query, specify an LDAP query string with marker token "{0}",
15    which is to be replaced by the user name string entered by the user.