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 2  This controls the disk consumption of Hudson by managing how long you'd like to keep
 3  records of the builds (such as console output, build artifacts, and so on.)
 4  Hudson offers two criteria:
 6  <ol>
 7    <li>
 8      Driven by age. You can have Hudson delete a record if it reaches a certain age
 9      (for example, 7 days old.)
10    <li>
11      Driven by number. You can have Hudson make sure that it only maintains up to
12      N build records. If a new build is started, the oldest record will
13      be simply removed.
14  </ol>
16  Hudson also allows you to mark an individual build as 'Keep this log forever', to
17  exclude certain important builds from being discarded automatically.
18  The last stable and last successful build are always kept as well.
19  <p>
20  It's possible to use Project cascading feature for this property. Please review <a href="">
21  this document</a>.