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 2    When you are using Hudson for various automations, it's sometimes convenient
 3    to be able to "parameterize" a build, by requiring a set of user inputs to
 4    be made available to the build process. For example, you might be setting up
 5    an on-demand test job, where the user can submit a zip file of the binaries to be tested.
 7    <p>
 8    This section configures what parameters your build takes. Parameters are distinguished
 9    by their names, and so you can have multiple parameters provided that they have different names.
11    <p>
12    See <a  href="">the Wiki topic</a>
13    for more discussions about this feature.
14    <p>
15    It's possible to use Project cascading feature for this property. Please review <a href="">
16    this document</a>.