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 2    Accepts a file submission from a browser as a build parameter. The uploaded
 3    file will be placed at the specified location in the workspace, which your
 4    build can then access and use.
 5    <p>This is useful for many situations, such as:<ol>
 6    <li>Letting people run tests on the artifacts they built.</li>
 7    <li>Automating the upload/release/deployment process by allowing the user to
 8    place the file.</li>
 9    <li>Perform data processing by uploading a dataset.</li>
10    </ol>
11    <p>It is possible to not submit any file. If it's case and if no file is
12    already present at the specified location in the workspace, then nothing
13    happens. If there's already a file present in the workspace, then this file
14    will be kept as-is.</p>