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 164-bit Windows on AMD64/Intel EM64T is somewhat supported in the 7.0
 2and later release.  A collector can be built with Microsoft Visual C++ 2005.
 3The resulting test programs have been known to work at least once.
 4More testing would clearly be helpful.
 6NT_X64_STATIC_THREADS_MAKEFILE has been used in
 7this environment.  Copy this file to MAKEFILE, and then type "nmake"
 8in a Visual C++ command line window to build the static library
 9and the usual test programs.  To verify that the colllector is
10at least somewhat functional, run gctest.exe.  This should create
11gctest.exe.log after a few seconds.
13This process is completely analogous to NT_STATIC_THREADS_MAKEFILE
14for the 32-bit version.
16A similar procedure using NT_X64_THREADS_MAKEFILE should be usable to
17build the dynamic library.  Test_cpp.exe did not seem to run correctly this
18way.  It seems that we're getting the wrong instances of operator new/delete
19in some cases.  The C tests seemed OK.
21Note that currently a few warnings are still generated by default,
22and a number of others have been explicitly turned off in the makefile.