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 1This is an attempt to acknowledge early contributions to the garbage
 2collector.  Later contributions should instead be mentioned in
 7  Early versions of this collector were developed as a part of research
 8projects supported in part by the National Science Foundation
 9and the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency.
11The garbage collector originated as part of the run-time system for
12the Russell programming language implementation. The first version of the
13garbage collector was written primarily by Al Demers.  It was then refined
14and mostly rewritten, primarily by Hans-J. Boehm, at Cornell U., 
15the University of Washington, Rice University (where it was first used for
16C and assembly code), Xerox PARC, SGI, and HP Labs.  However, significant
17contributions have also been made by many others.
19Some other contributors:  
21More recent contributors are mentioned in the modification history in
22README.changes.  My apologies for any omissions.
24The SPARC specific code was originally contributed by Mark Weiser.
25The Encore Multimax modifications were supplied by
26Kevin Kenny (  The adaptation to the IBM PC/RT is largely
27due to Vernon Lee, on machines made available to Rice by IBM.
28Much of the HP specific code and a number of good suggestions for improving the
29generic code are due to Walter Underwood.
30Robert Brazile ( originally supplied the ULTRIX code.
31Al Dosser ( and Regis Cridlig (
32subsequently provided updates and information on variation between ULTRIX
33systems.  Parag Patel ( supplied the A/UX code.
34Jesper Peterson(, Michel Schinz, and
35Martin Tauchmann ( supplied the Amiga port.
36Thomas Funke ( and
37Brian D.Carlstrom ( supplied the NeXT ports.
38Douglas Steel ( provided ICL DRS6000 code.
39Bill Janssen ( supplied the SunOS dynamic loader
40specific code. Manuel Serrano ( supplied linux and
41Sony News specific code.  Al Dosser provided Alpha/OSF/1 code.  He and
42Dave Detlefs( also provided several generic bug fixes.
43Alistair G. Crooks( supplied the NetBSD and 386BSD ports.
44Jeffrey Hsu ( provided the FreeBSD port.
45Brent Benson ( ported the collector to
46a Motorola 88K processor running CX/UX (Harris NightHawk).
47Ari Huttunen ( generalized the OS/2 port to
48nonIBM development environments (a nontrivial task).
49Patrick Beard ( provided the initial MacOS port.
50David Chase, then at Olivetti Research, suggested several improvements.
51Scott Schwartz ( supplied some of the
52code to save and print call stacks for leak detection on a SPARC.
53Jesse Hull and John Ellis supplied the C++ interface code.
54Zhong Shao performed much of the experimentation that led to the
55current typed allocation facility.  (His dynamic type inference code hasn't
56made it into the released version of the collector, yet.)