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 1This folder contains several sample Orbit applications, from trivial
 2to quite sophisticated:
 4hello       The traditional "Hello World"
 5songs       A simple song list formatted with Cosmo
 6todo        An AJAX todo list, using both straight Orbit (
 7            and Orbit Pages (todo.op)
 8pages       Simple Orbit Pages examples
 9blog        A simple blog with comments
10toycms      A simple CMS with posts, categories, moderated comments,
11            and an admin interface
13It also has a Orbit pages launcher that can be used to
14launch .op files without having this extension configured in
15your web server. For example, if you put in your document
16root and go to http://server/ will look
17for a file foo/bar.op in your document root and process it using
18Orbit Pages.