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Possible License(s): GPL-2.0
 1This version of par2cmdline has been compiled and tested on the following 
 2compilers and operating systems:
 4  MS Visual Studio.NET  on  Windows XP
 5  gcc 3.2               on  CygWin 1.3.22
 6  gcc 3.2.2             on  Red Hat Linux 9.0
 8If you wish to compile par2cmdline under a different environent, then you 
 9should start by trying to compile with the supplied Makefile.
11If you get compile errors, then the most likely place you will need to make
12changes will be in par2cmdline.h, diskfile.h, and diskfile.cpp.
14See the file ROADMAP for details of what each of the source files is used for.
16If you succesfully port par2cmdline, it would be appreciated if you could post
17the details on the parchive web site at