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 11.Bug fix and optimization.
 22.Widgets improvements:
 3  o entry supports tips.
 4  o label supports alignment.
 5  o listview supports marquee.
 6  o progressbar support text information.
 73.VNC supported.
 84.Screen rotate.
 95.Gettext supported.
106.Opengles supported.
117.Unicode linebreak.
128.Gui autotest tool.
139.IPC supported(fbus).
1410.Config service(fconf).
1511.Filebrowser and filechooser.
1612.New applications(shell/filebrowser).
1713.More hardware supported.
18  o st7781.
19  o zoran TVBOX.
20  o qi-hardware ben.
21  o mini4020
2214.PSP supported.