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 3$lang['db_invalid_connection_str'] = 'Unable to determine the database settings based on the connection string you submitted.';
 4$lang['db_unable_to_connect'] = 'Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.';
 5$lang['db_unable_to_select'] = 'Unable to select the specified database: %s';
 6$lang['db_unable_to_create'] = 'Unable to create the specified database: %s';
 7$lang['db_invalid_query'] = 'The query you submitted is not valid.';
 8$lang['db_must_set_table'] = 'You must set the database table to be used with your query.';
 9$lang['db_must_set_database'] = 'You must set the database name in your database config file.';
10$lang['db_must_use_set'] = 'You must use the "set" method to update an entry.';
11$lang['db_must_use_where'] = 'Updates are not allowed unless they contain a "where" clause.';
12$lang['db_del_must_use_where'] = 'Deletes are not allowed unless they contain a "where" or "like" clause.';
13$lang['db_field_param_missing'] = 'To fetch fields requires the name of the table as a parameter.';
14$lang['db_unsupported_function'] = 'This feature is not available for the database you are using.';
15$lang['db_transaction_failure'] = 'Transaction failure: Rollback performed.';
16$lang['db_unable_to_drop'] = 'Unable to drop the specified database.';
17$lang['db_unsuported_feature'] = 'Unsupported feature of the database platform you are using.';
18$lang['db_unsuported_compression'] = 'The file compression format you chose is not supported by your server.';
19$lang['db_filepath_error'] = 'Unable to write data to the file path you have submitted.';
20$lang['db_invalid_cache_path'] = 'The cache path you submitted is not valid or writable.';
21$lang['db_table_name_required'] = 'A table name is required for that operation.';
22$lang['db_column_name_required'] = 'A column name is required for that operation.';
23$lang['db_column_definition_required'] = 'A column definition is required for that operation.';
24$lang['db_unable_to_set_charset'] = 'Unable to set client connection character set: %s';
25$lang['db_error_heading'] = 'A Database Error Occurred';
27/* End of file db_lang.php */
28/* Location: ./system/language/english/db_lang.php */