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 3$lang['ftp_no_connection']			= "Unable to locate a valid connection ID.  Please make sure you are connected before peforming any file routines.";
 4$lang['ftp_unable_to_connect']		= "Unable to connect to your FTP server using the supplied hostname.";
 5$lang['ftp_unable_to_login']		= "Unable to login to your FTP server.  Please check your username and password.";
 6$lang['ftp_unable_to_makdir']		= "Unable to create the directory you have specified.";
 7$lang['ftp_unable_to_changedir']	= "Unable to change directories.";
 8$lang['ftp_unable_to_chmod']		= "Unable to set file permissions.  Please check your path.  Note: This feature is only available in PHP 5 or higher.";
 9$lang['ftp_unable_to_upload']		= "Unable to upload the specified file.  Please check your path.";
10$lang['ftp_no_source_file']			= "Unable to locate the source file.  Please check your path.";
11$lang['ftp_unable_to_rename']		= "Unable to rename the file.";
12$lang['ftp_unable_to_delete']		= "Unable to delete the file.";
13$lang['ftp_unable_to_move']			= "Unable to move the file.  Please make sure the destination directory exists.";
16/* End of file ftp_lang.php */
17/* Location: ./system/language/english/ftp_lang.php */