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 3$lang['required'] 			= "The %s field is required.";
 4$lang['isset']				= "The %s field must have a value.";
 5$lang['valid_email']		= "The %s field must contain a valid email address.";
 6$lang['valid_emails'] 		= "The %s field must contain all valid email addresses.";
 7$lang['valid_url'] 			= "The %s field must contain a valid URL.";
 8$lang['valid_ip'] 			= "The %s field must contain a valid IP.";
 9$lang['min_length']			= "The %s field must be at least %s characters in length.";
10$lang['max_length']			= "The %s field can not exceed %s characters in length.";
11$lang['exact_length']		= "The %s field must be exactly %s characters in length.";
12$lang['alpha']				= "The %s field may only contain alphabetical characters.";
13$lang['alpha_numeric']		= "The %s field may only contain alpha-numeric characters.";
14$lang['alpha_dash']			= "The %s field may only contain alpha-numeric characters, underscores, and dashes.";
15$lang['numeric']			= "The %s field must contain only numbers.";
16$lang['is_numeric']			= "The %s field must contain only numeric characters.";
17$lang['integer']			= "The %s field must contain an integer.";
18$lang['matches']			= "The %s field does not match the %s field.";
19$lang['is_natural']			= "The %s field must contain only positive numbers.";
20$lang['is_natural_no_zero']	= "The %s field must contain a number greater than zero.";
23/* End of file form_validation_lang.php */
24/* Location: ./system/language/english/form_validation_lang.php */