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 3$lang['imglib_source_image_required'] = "You must specify a source image in your preferences.";
 4$lang['imglib_gd_required'] = "The GD image library is required for this feature.";
 5$lang['imglib_gd_required_for_props'] = "Your server must support the GD image library in order to determine the image properties.";
 6$lang['imglib_unsupported_imagecreate'] = "Your server does not support the GD function required to process this type of image.";
 7$lang['imglib_gif_not_supported'] = "GIF images are often not supported due to licensing restrictions.  You may have to use JPG or PNG images instead.";
 8$lang['imglib_jpg_not_supported'] = "JPG images are not supported.";
 9$lang['imglib_png_not_supported'] = "PNG images are not supported.";
10$lang['imglib_jpg_or_png_required'] = "The image resize protocol specified in your preferences only works with JPEG or PNG image types.";
11$lang['imglib_copy_error'] = "An error was encountered while attempting to replace the file.  Please make sure your file directory is writable.";
12$lang['imglib_rotate_unsupported'] = "Image rotation does not appear to be supported by your server.";
13$lang['imglib_libpath_invalid'] = "The path to your image library is not correct.  Please set the correct path in your image preferences.";
14$lang['imglib_image_process_failed'] = "Image processing failed.  Please verify that your server supports the chosen protocol and that the path to your image library is correct.";
15$lang['imglib_rotation_angle_required'] = "An angle of rotation is required to rotate the image.";
16$lang['imglib_writing_failed_gif'] = "GIF image.";
17$lang['imglib_invalid_path'] = "The path to the image is not correct.";
18$lang['imglib_copy_failed'] = "The image copy routine failed.";
19$lang['imglib_missing_font'] = "Unable to find a font to use.";
20$lang['imglib_save_failed'] = "Unable to save the image.  Please make sure the image and file directory are writable.";
23/* End of file imglib_lang.php */
24/* Location: ./system/language/english/imglib_lang.php */