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 1@rem Common file shared between external.bat and external-amd64.bat.  Responsible for

 2@rem fetching external components into the root\.. buildbot directories.

 4cd ..
 5@rem XXX: If you need to force the buildbots to start from a fresh environment, uncomment

 6@rem the following, check it in, then check it out, comment it out, then check it back in.

 7@rem if exist bzip2-1.0.5 rd /s/q bzip2-1.0.5

 8@rem if exist tcltk rd /s/q tcltk

 9@rem if exist tcltk64 rd /s/q tcltk64

10@rem if exist tcl8.4.12 rd /s/q tcl8.4.12

11@rem if exist tcl8.4.16 rd /s/q tcl8.4.16

12@rem if exist tcl- rd /s/q tcl-

13@rem if exist tk8.4.12 rd /s/q tk8.4.12

14@rem if exist tk8.4.16 rd /s/q tk8.4.16

15@rem if exist tk- rd /s/q tk-

16@rem if exist db-4.4.20 rd /s/q db-4.4.20

17@rem if exist db- rd /s/q db-

18@rem if exist openssl-0.9.8g rd /s/q openssl-0.9.8g

19@rem if exist sqlite-3.5.9 rd /s/q sqlite-3.5.9    

21@rem bzip

22if not exist bzip2-1.0.5 (
23   rd /s/q bzip2-1.0.3
24  svn export
27@rem Berkeley DB

28if exist db-4.4.20 rd /s/q db-4.4.20
29if not exist db- svn export
31@rem OpenSSL

32if not exist openssl-0.9.8g svn export
34@rem tcl/tk

35if not exist tcl- (
36   rd /s/q tcltk tcltk64
37   svn export
39if not exist tk- svn export
41@rem sqlite3

42if not exist sqlite-3.5.9 (
43  rd /s/q sqlite-source-3.3.4
44  svn export