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 1This directory contains a collection of executable Python scripts that
 2are useful while building, extending or managing Python.  Some (e.g.,
 3dutree or lll) are also generally useful UNIX tools.
 5See also the Demo/scripts directory!
 6		Print lines/words/chars stats of files by extension		Print product of a file's size and age		Search for multi-argument .append() calls		Check presence and validity of ".pyc" files		Convert old class syntax to new		Fix reduntant Python __future__ statements		A helper for analyzing PYTHONDUMPREFS output.		Copy one file's atime and mtime to another			Change CRLF line endings to LF (Windows to Unix)		Print a list of files that are under CVS		Dump a database file to a pickle			Print file diffs in context, unified, or ndiff formats		Format du(1) output as a tree sorted by size		Create Emacs TAGS file for Python modules		A grep-like tool that looks for division operators.		Recursively find symbolic links to a given path prefix		Find source files which need an encoding declaration		Massive identifier substitution on C source files		Tool to fix division operators.		Add some cpp magic to a C include file		Fix the copyright notice in source files		Fix Python scripts' first line (if #!)		FTP mirror script		Open a webbrowser with Google.		Transform gprof(1) output into useful HTML.			Translate #define's into Python assignments		Main program to run script under control of hotshot
34idle			Main program to start IDLE		Remove #if(n)def groups from C sources			Change LF line endings to CRLF (Unix to Windows)		Make a copy of a tree with links to original files			Find and list symbolic links in current directory		Consolidate CVS/RCS logs read from stdin		parse error messages from mailer daemons (Sjoerd&Jack)		Print MD5 checksums of argument files.		Fix old method syntax def f(self, (a1, ..., aN)):		Turn a symbolic link into a real file or directory		Intelligent diff between text files (Tim Peters)		Create a template for PC/python_nt.def (Marc Lemburg)		Print object graph from nm output on a library	Utility for parsing HTML entity definitions		Change #!/usr/local/bin/python into something else		Print dependencies between Python modules		Load a pickle generated by to a database		Indent Python code, giving block-closing comments		Create vi tags file for Python modules
53pydoc			Python documentation browser.		Find Python source files		Basic regular expression demonstration facility		Change .py files to use 4-space indents.		Reverse grep through a file (useful for big logfiles)		Install all scripts listed here.			Sort a list of files by suffix		Sets svn:eol-style on all files in directory.             Validate Python LaTeX formatting (Raymond Hettinger)		Convert GNU texinfo files into HTML		Synchronize source trees (very ideosyncratic)		Replace tabs with spaces in argument files		Find a program in $PATH			Wrapper for rcsdiff and ci