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 1This directory show how to embed the Python interpreter in your own
 2application.  The file demo.c shows you all that is needed in your C
 5To build it, you may have to edit the Makefile:
 71) set blddir to the directory where you built Python, if it isn't in
 8the source directory (../..)
102) change the variables that together define the list of libraries
11(MODLIBS, LIBS, SYSLIBS) to link with, to match their definitions in
14An additional test program, loop.c, is used to experiment with memory
15leakage caused by repeated initialization and finalization of the
16interpreter.  It can be build by saying "make loop" and tested with
17"make looptest".  Command line usage is "./loop <python-command>",
18e.g. "./loop 'print 2+2'" should spit out an endless number of lines
19containing the number 4.