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  2                ChangeLog file for zlib
  4Changes in 1.2.3 (18 July 2005)
  5- Apply security vulnerability fixes to contrib/infback9 as well
  6- Clean up some text files (carriage returns, trailing space)
  7- Update testzlib, vstudio, masmx64, and masmx86 in contrib [Vollant]
  9Changes in (11 July 2005)
 10- Add inflatePrime() function for starting inflation at bit boundary
 11- Avoid some Visual C warnings in deflate.c
 12- Avoid more silly Visual C warnings in inflate.c and inftrees.c for 64-bit
 13  compile
 14- Fix some spelling errors in comments [Betts]
 15- Correct inflateInit2() error return documentation in zlib.h
 16- Added zran.c example of compressed data random access to examples
 17  directory, shows use of inflatePrime()
 18- Fix cast for assignments to strm->state in inflate.c and infback.c
 19- Fix zlibCompileFlags() in zutil.c to use 1L for long shifts [Oberhumer]
 20- Move declarations of gf2 functions to right place in crc32.c [Oberhumer]
 21- Add cast in trees.c t avoid a warning [Oberhumer]
 22- Avoid some warnings in fitblk.c, gun.c, gzjoin.c in examples [Oberhumer]
 23- Update [Zinser]
 24- Initialize state->write in inflateReset() since copied in inflate_fast()
 25- Be more strict on incomplete code sets in inflate_table() and increase
 26  ENOUGH and MAXD -- this repairs a possible security vulnerability for
 27  invalid inflate input.  Thanks to Tavis Ormandy and Markus Oberhumer for
 28  discovering the vulnerability and providing test cases.
 29- Add ia64 support to configure for HP-UX [Smith]
 30- Add error return to gzread() for format or i/o error [Levin]
 31- Use malloc.h for OS/2 [Necasek]
 33Changes in (27 May 2005)
 34- Replace 1U constants in inflate.c and inftrees.c for 64-bit compile
 35- Typecast fread() return values in gzio.c [Vollant]
 36- Remove trailing space in minigzip.c outmode (VC++ can't deal with it)
 37- Fix crc check bug in gzread() after gzungetc() [Heiner]
 38- Add the deflateTune() function to adjust internal compression parameters
 39- Add a fast gzip decompressor, gun.c, to examples (use of inflateBack)
 40- Remove an incorrect assertion in examples/zpipe.c
 41- Add C++ wrapper in infback9.h [Donais]
 42- Fix bug in inflateCopy() when decoding fixed codes
 43- Note in zlib.h how much deflateSetDictionary() actually uses
 44- Remove USE_DICT_HEAD in deflate.c (would mess up inflate if used)
 45- Add _WIN32_WCE to define WIN32 in [Spencer]
 46- Don't include stderr.h or errno.h for _WIN32_WCE in zutil.h [Spencer]
 47- Add gzdirect() function to indicate transparent reads
 48- Update contrib/minizip [Vollant]
 49- Fix compilation of deflate.c when both ASMV and FASTEST [Oberhumer]
 50- Add casts in crc32.c to avoid warnings [Oberhumer]
 51- Add contrib/masmx64 [Vollant]
 52- Update contrib/asm586, asm686, masmx86, testzlib, vstudio [Vollant]
 54Changes in (30 December 2004)
 55- Replace structure assignments in deflate.c and inflate.c with zmemcpy to
 56  avoid implicit memcpy calls (portability for no-library compilation)
 57- Increase sprintf() buffer size in gzdopen() to allow for large numbers
 58- Add INFLATE_STRICT to check distances against zlib header
 59- Improve WinCE errno handling and comments [Chang]
 60- Remove comment about no gzip header processing in FAQ
 61- Add Z_FIXED strategy option to deflateInit2() to force fixed trees
 62- Add updated [Coghlan], update README
 63- Create a new "examples" directory, move gzappend.c there, add zpipe.c,
 64  fitblk.c, gzlog.[ch], gzjoin.c, and zlib_how.html.
 65- Add FAQ entry and comments in deflate.c on uninitialized memory access
 66- Add Solaris 9 make options in configure [Gilbert]
 67- Allow strerror() usage in gzio.c for STDC
 68- Fix DecompressBuf in contrib/delphi/ZLib.pas [ManChesTer]
 69- Update contrib/masmx86/inffas32.asm and gvmat32.asm [Vollant]
 70- Use z_off_t for adler32_combine() and crc32_combine() lengths
 71- Make adler32() much faster for small len
 72- Use OS_CODE in deflate() default gzip header
 74Changes in (31 October 2004)
 75- Allow inflateSetDictionary() call for raw inflate
 76- Fix inflate header crc check bug for file names and comments
 77- Add deflateSetHeader() and gz_header structure for custom gzip headers
 78- Add inflateGetheader() to retrieve gzip headers
 79- Add crc32_combine() and adler32_combine() functions
 80- Add alloc_func, free_func, in_func, out_func to Z_PREFIX list
 81- Use zstreamp consistently in zlib.h (inflate_back functions)
 82- Remove GUNZIP condition from definition of inflate_mode in inflate.h
 83  and in contrib/inflate86/inffast.S [Truta, Anderson]
 84- Add support for AMD64 in contrib/inflate86/inffas86.c [Anderson]
 85- Update projects/README.projects and projects/visualc6 [Truta]
 86- Update win32/DLL_FAQ.txt [Truta]
 87- Avoid warning under NO_GZCOMPRESS in gzio.c; fix typo [Truta]
 88- Deprecate Z_ASCII; use Z_TEXT instead [Truta]
 89- Use a new algorithm for setting strm->data_type in trees.c [Truta]
 90- Do not define an exit() prototype in zutil.c unless DEBUG defined
 91- Remove prototype of exit() from zutil.c, example.c, minigzip.c [Truta]
 92- Add comment in zlib.h for Z_NO_FLUSH parameter to deflate()
 93- Fix Darwin build version identification [Peterson]
 95Changes in 1.2.2 (3 October 2004)
 96- Update zlib.h comments on gzip in-memory processing
 97- Set adler to 1 in inflateReset() to support Java test suite [Walles]
 98- Add contrib/dotzlib [Ravn]
 99- Update win32/DLL_FAQ.txt [Truta]
100- Update contrib/minizip [Vollant]
101- Move contrib/visual-basic.txt to old/ [Truta]
102- Fix assembler builds in projects/visualc6/ [Truta]
104Changes in (9 September 2004)
105- Update INDEX file
106- Fix trees.c to update strm->data_type (no one ever noticed!)
107- Fix bug in error case in inflate.c, infback.c, and infback9.c [Brown]
108- Add "volatile" to crc table flag declaration (for DYNAMIC_CRC_TABLE)
109- Add limited multitasking protection to DYNAMIC_CRC_TABLE
110- Add NO_vsnprintf for VMS in zutil.h [Mozilla]
111- Don't declare strerror() under VMS [Mozilla]
112- Add comment to DYNAMIC_CRC_TABLE to use get_crc_table() to initialize
113- Update contrib/ada [Anisimkov]
114- Update contrib/minizip [Vollant]
115- Fix configure to not hardcode directories for Darwin [Peterson]
116- Fix gzio.c to not return error on empty files [Brown]
117- Fix indentation; update version in contrib/delphi/ZLib.pas and
118  contrib/pascal/zlibpas.pas [Truta]
119- Update mkasm.bat in contrib/masmx86 [Truta]
120- Update contrib/untgz [Truta]
121- Add projects/README.projects [Truta]
122- Add project for MS Visual C++ 6.0 in projects/visualc6 [Cadieux, Truta]
123- Update win32/DLL_FAQ.txt [Truta]
124- Update list of Z_PREFIX symbols in zconf.h [Randers-Pehrson, Truta]
125- Remove an unnecessary assignment to curr in inftrees.c [Truta]
126- Add OS/2 to exe builds in configure [Poltorak]
127- Remove err dummy parameter in zlib.h [Kientzle]
129Changes in (9 January 2004)
130- Update email address in README
131- Several FAQ updates
132- Fix a big fat bug in inftrees.c that prevented decoding valid
133  dynamic blocks with only literals and no distance codes --
134  Thanks to "Hot Emu" for the bug report and sample file
135- Add a note to puff.c on no distance codes case.
137Changes in 1.2.1 (17 November 2003)
138- Remove a tab in contrib/gzappend/gzappend.c
139- Update some interfaces in contrib for new zlib functions
140- Update zlib version number in some contrib entries
141- Add Windows CE definition for ptrdiff_t in zutil.h [Mai, Truta]
142- Support shared libraries on Hurd and KFreeBSD [Brown]
143- Fix error in NO_DIVIDE option of adler32.c
145Changes in (4 November 2003)
146- Update version in contrib/delphi/ZLib.pas and contrib/pascal/zlibpas.pas
147- Add experimental NO_DIVIDE #define in adler32.c
148    - Possibly faster on some processors (let me know if it is)
149- Correct Z_BLOCK to not return on first inflate call if no wrap
150- Fix strm->data_type on inflate() return to correctly indicate EOB
151- Add deflatePrime() function for appending in the middle of a byte
152- Add contrib/gzappend for an example of appending to a stream
153- Update win32/DLL_FAQ.txt [Truta]
154- Delete Turbo C comment in README [Truta]
155- Improve some indentation in zconf.h [Truta]
156- Fix infinite loop on bad input in configure script [Church]
157- Fix gzeof() for concatenated gzip files [Johnson]
158- Add example to contrib/visual-basic.txt [Michael B.]
159- Add -p to mkdir's in [vda]
160- Fix configure to properly detect presence or lack of printf functions
161- Add AS400 support [Monnerat]
162- Add a little Cygwin support [Wilson]
164Changes in (21 September 2003)
165- Correct some debug formats in contrib/infback9
166- Cast a type in a debug statement in trees.c
167- Change search and replace delimiter in configure from % to # [Beebe]
168- Update contrib/untgz to 0.2 with various fixes [Truta]
169- Add build support for Amiga [Nikl]
170- Remove some directories in old that have been updated to 1.2
171- Add dylib building for Mac OS X in configure and
172- Remove old distribution stuff from Makefile
173- Update README to point to DLL_FAQ.txt, and add comment on Mac OS X
174- Update links in README
176Changes in (13 September 2003)
177- Minor FAQ updates
178- Update contrib/minizip to 1.00 [Vollant]
179- Remove test of gz functions in example.c when GZ_COMPRESS defined [Truta]
180- Update POSTINC comment for 68060 [Nikl]
181- Add contrib/infback9 with deflate64 decoding (unsupported)
182- For MVS define NO_vsnprintf and undefine FAR [van Burik]
183- Add pragma for fdopen on MVS [van Burik]
185Changes in (8 September 2003)
186- Add OF to inflateBackEnd() declaration in zlib.h
187- Remember start when using gzdopen in the middle of a file
188- Use internal off_t counters in gz* functions to properly handle seeks
189- Perform more rigorous check for distance-too-far in inffast.c
190- Add Z_BLOCK flush option to return from inflate at block boundary
191- Set strm->data_type on return from inflate
192    - Indicate bits unused, if at block boundary, and if in last block
193- Replace size_t with ptrdiff_t in crc32.c, and check for correct size
194- Add condition so old NO_DEFLATE define still works for compatibility
195- FAQ update regarding the Windows DLL [Truta]
196- INDEX update: add qnx entry, remove aix entry [Truta]
197- Install zlib.3 into mandir [Wilson]
198- Move contrib/zlib_dll_FAQ.txt to win32/DLL_FAQ.txt; update [Truta]
199- Adapt the zlib interface to the new DLL convention guidelines [Truta]
200- Introduce ZLIB_WINAPI macro to allow the export of functions using
201  the WINAPI calling convention, for Visual Basic [Vollant, Truta]
202- Update msdos and win32 scripts and makefiles [Truta]
203- Export symbols by name, not by ordinal, in win32/zlib.def [Truta]
204- Add contrib/ada [Anisimkov]
205- Move asm files from contrib/vstudio/vc70_32 to contrib/asm386 [Truta]
206- Rename contrib/asm386 to contrib/masmx86 [Truta, Vollant]
207- Add contrib/masm686 [Truta]
208- Fix offsets in contrib/inflate86 and contrib/masmx86/inffas32.asm
209  [Truta, Vollant]
210- Update contrib/delphi; rename to contrib/pascal; add example [Truta]
211- Remove contrib/delphi2; add a new contrib/delphi [Truta]
212- Avoid inclusion of the nonstandard <memory.h> in contrib/iostream,
213  and fix some method prototypes [Truta]
214- Fix the ZCR_SEED2 constant to avoid warnings in contrib/minizip
215  [Truta]
216- Avoid the use of backslash (\) in contrib/minizip [Vollant]
217- Fix file time handling in contrib/untgz; update makefiles [Truta]
218- Update contrib/vstudio/vc70_32 to comply with the new DLL guidelines
219  [Vollant]
220- Remove contrib/vstudio/vc15_16 [Vollant]
221- Rename contrib/vstudio/vc70_32 to contrib/vstudio/vc7 [Truta]
222- Update README.contrib [Truta]
223- Invert the assignment order of match_head and s->prev[...] in
224  INSERT_STRING [Truta]
225- Compare TOO_FAR with 32767 instead of 32768, to avoid 16-bit warnings
226  [Truta]
227- Compare function pointers with 0, not with NULL or Z_NULL [Truta]
228- Fix prototype of syncsearch in inflate.c [Truta]
229- Introduce ASMINF macro to be enabled when using an ASM implementation
230  of inflate_fast [Truta]
231- Change NO_DEFLATE to NO_GZCOMPRESS [Truta]
232- Modify test_gzio in example.c to take a single file name as a
233  parameter [Truta]
234- Exit the example.c program if gzopen fails [Truta]
235- Add type casts around strlen in example.c [Truta]
236- Remove casting to sizeof in minigzip.c; give a proper type
237  to the variable compared with SUFFIX_LEN [Truta]
238- Update definitions of STDC and STDC99 in zconf.h [Truta]
239- Synchronize zconf.h with the new Windows DLL interface [Truta]
240- Use SYS16BIT instead of __32BIT__ to distinguish between
241  16- and 32-bit platforms [Truta]
242- Use far memory allocators in small 16-bit memory models for
243  Turbo C [Truta]
244- Add info about the use of ASMV, ASMINF and ZLIB_WINAPI in
245  zlibCompileFlags [Truta]
246- Cygwin has vsnprintf [Wilson]
247- In Windows16, OS_CODE is 0, as in MSDOS [Truta]
248- In Cygwin, OS_CODE is 3 (Unix), not 11 (Windows32) [Wilson]
250Changes in (10 August 2003)
251- Minor FAQ updates
252- Be more strict when checking inflateInit2's windowBits parameter
253- Change NO_GUNZIP compile option to NO_GZIP to cover deflate as well
254- Add gzip wrapper option to deflateInit2 using windowBits
255- Add updated QNX rule in configure and qnx directory [Bonnefoy]
256- Make inflate distance-too-far checks more rigorous
257- Clean up FAR usage in inflate
258- Add casting to sizeof() in gzio.c and minigzip.c
260Changes in (19 July 2003)
261- Fix silly error in gzungetc() implementation [Vollant]
262- Update contrib/minizip and contrib/vstudio [Vollant]
263- Fix printf format in example.c
264- Correct cdecl support in [Anisimkov]
265- Minor FAQ updates
267Changes in (13 July 2003)
268- Add ZLIB_VERNUM in zlib.h for numerical preprocessor comparisons
269- Attempt to avoid warnings in crc32.c for pointer-int conversion
270- Add AIX to configure, remove aix directory [Bakker]
271- Add some casts to minigzip.c
272- Improve checking after insecure sprintf() or vsprintf() calls
273- Remove #elif's from crc32.c
274- Change leave label to inf_leave in inflate.c and infback.c to avoid
275  library conflicts
276- Remove inflate gzip decoding by default--only enable gzip decoding by
277  special request for stricter backward compatibility
278- Add zlibCompileFlags() function to return compilation information
279- More typecasting in deflate.c to avoid warnings
280- Remove leading underscore from _Capital #defines [Truta]
281- Fix configure to link shared library when testing
282- Add some Windows CE target adjustments [Mai]
283- Remove #define ZLIB_DLL in zconf.h [Vollant]
284- Add zlib.3 [Rodgers]
285- Update RFC URL in deflate.c and algorithm.txt [Mai]
286- Add zlib_dll_FAQ.txt to contrib [Truta]
287- Add UL to some constants [Truta]
288- Update minizip and vstudio [Vollant]
289- Remove vestigial NEED_DUMMY_RETURN from
290- Expand use of NO_DUMMY_DECL to avoid all dummy structures
291- Added iostream3 to contrib [Schwardt]
292- Replace rewind() with fseek() for WinCE [Truta]
293- Improve setting of zlib format compression level flags
294    - Report 0 for huffman and rle strategies and for level == 0 or 1
295    - Report 2 only for level == 6
296- Only deal with 64K limit when necessary at compile time [Truta]
297- Allow TOO_FAR check to be turned off at compile time [Truta]
298- Add gzclearerr() function [Souza]
299- Add gzungetc() function
301Changes in (17 March 2003)
302- Add Z_RLE strategy for run-length encoding [Truta]
303    - When Z_RLE requested, restrict matches to distance one
304    - Update zlib.h, minigzip.c, gzopen(), gzdopen() for Z_RLE
305- Correct FASTEST compilation to allow level == 0
306- Clean up what gets compiled for FASTEST
307- Incorporate changes to [Vollant]
308    - Refine detection of Turbo C need for dummy returns
309    - Refine ZLIB_DLL compilation
310    - Include additional header file on VMS for off_t typedef
311- Try to use _vsnprintf where it supplants vsprintf [Vollant]
312- Add some casts in inffast.c
313- Enchance comments in zlib.h on what happens if gzprintf() tries to
314  write more than 4095 bytes before compression
315- Remove unused state from inflateBackEnd()
316- Remove exit(0) from minigzip.c, example.c
317- Get rid of all those darn tabs
318- Add "check" target to that does the same thing as "test"
319- Add "mostlyclean" and "maintainer-clean" targets to
320- Update contrib/inflate86 [Anderson]
321- Update contrib/testzlib, contrib/vstudio, contrib/minizip [Vollant]
322- Add msdos and win32 directories with makefiles [Truta]
323- More additions and improvements to the FAQ
325Changes in 1.2.0 (9 March 2003)
326- New and improved inflate code
327    - About 20% faster
328    - Does not allocate 32K window unless and until needed
329    - Automatically detects and decompresses gzip streams
330    - Raw inflate no longer needs an extra dummy byte at end
331    - Added inflateBack functions using a callback interface--even faster
332      than inflate, useful for file utilities (gzip, zip)
333    - Added inflateCopy() function to record state for random access on
334      externally generated deflate streams (e.g. in gzip files)
335    - More readable code (I hope)
336- New and improved crc32()
337    - About 50% faster, thanks to suggestions from Rodney Brown
338- Add deflateBound() and compressBound() functions
339- Fix memory leak in deflateInit2()
340- Permit setting dictionary for raw deflate (for parallel deflate)
341- Fix const declaration for gzwrite()
342- Check for some malloc() failures in gzio.c
343- Fix bug in gzopen() on single-byte file 0x1f
344- Fix bug in gzread() on concatenated file with 0x1f at end of buffer
345  and next buffer doesn't start with 0x8b
346- Fix uncompress() to return Z_DATA_ERROR on truncated input
347- Free memory at end of example.c
348- Remove MAX #define in trees.c (conflicted with some libraries)
349- Fix static const's in deflate.c, gzio.c, and zutil.[ch]
350- Declare malloc() and free() in gzio.c if STDC not defined
351- Use malloc() instead of calloc() in zutil.c if int big enough
352- Define STDC for AIX
353- Add aix/ with approach for compiling shared library on AIX
354- Add HP-UX support for shared libraries in configure
355- Add OpenUNIX support for shared libraries in configure
356- Use $cc instead of gcc to build shared library
357- Make prefix directory if needed when installing
358- Correct Macintosh avoidance of typedef Byte in zconf.h
359- Correct Turbo C memory allocation when under Linux
360- Use libz.a instead of -lz in Makefile (assure use of compiled library)
361- Update configure to check for snprintf or vsnprintf functions and their
362  return value, warn during make if using an insecure function
363- Fix configure problem with compile-time knowledge of HAVE_UNISTD_H that
364  is lost when library is used--resolution is to build new zconf.h
365- Documentation improvements (in zlib.h):
366    - Document raw deflate and inflate
367    - Update RFCs URL
368    - Point out that zlib and gzip formats are different
369    - Note that Z_BUF_ERROR is not fatal
370    - Document string limit for gzprintf() and possible buffer overflow
371    - Note requirement on avail_out when flushing
372    - Note permitted values of flush parameter of inflate()
373- Add some FAQs (and even answers) to the FAQ
374- Add contrib/inflate86/ for x86 faster inflate
375- Add contrib/blast/ for PKWare Data Compression Library decompression
376- Add contrib/puff/ simple inflate for deflate format description
378Changes in 1.1.4 (11 March 2002)
379- ZFREE was repeated on same allocation on some error conditions.
380  This creates a security problem described in
382- Returned incorrect error (Z_MEM_ERROR) on some invalid data
383- Avoid accesses before window for invalid distances with inflate window
384  less than 32K.
385- force windowBits > 8 to avoid a bug in the encoder for a window size
386  of 256 bytes. (A complete fix will be available in 1.1.5).
388Changes in 1.1.3 (9 July 1998)
389- fix "an inflate input buffer bug that shows up on rare but persistent
390  occasions" (Mark)
391- fix gzread and gztell for concatenated .gz files (Didier Le Botlan)
392- fix gzseek(..., SEEK_SET) in write mode
393- fix crc check after a gzeek (Frank Faubert)
394- fix miniunzip when the last entry in a zip file is itself a zip file
395  (J Lillge)
396- add contrib/asm586 and contrib/asm686 (Brian Raiter)
397  See
398- add support for Delphi 3 in contrib/delphi (Bob Dellaca)
399- add support for C++Builder 3 and Delphi 3 in contrib/delphi2 (Davide Moretti)
400- do not exit prematurely in untgz if 0 at start of block (Magnus Holmgren)
401- use macro EXTERN instead of extern to support DLL for BeOS (Sander Stoks)
402- added a FAQ file
404- Support gzdopen on Mac with Metrowerks (Jason Linhart)
405- Do not redefine Byte on Mac (Brad Pettit & Jason Linhart)
406- define SEEK_END too if SEEK_SET is not defined (Albert Chin-A-Young)
407- avoid some warnings with Borland C (Tom Tanner)
408- fix a problem in contrib/minizip/zip.c for 16-bit MSDOS (Gilles Vollant)
409- emulate utime() for WIN32 in contrib/untgz  (Gilles Vollant)
410- allow several arguments to configure (Tim Mooney, Frodo Looijaard)
411- use libdir and includedir in (Tim Mooney)
412- support shared libraries on OSF1 V4 (Tim Mooney)
413- remove so_locations in "make clean"  (Tim Mooney)
414- fix maketree.c compilation error (Glenn, Mark)
415- Python interface to zlib now in Python 1.5 (Jeremy Hylton)
416- new Makefile.riscos (Rich Walker)
417- initialize static descriptors in trees.c for embedded targets (Nick Smith)
418- use "foo-gz" in example.c for RISCOS and VMS (Nick Smith)
419- add the OS/2 files in too (Andrew Zabolotny)
420- fix fdopen and halloc macros for Microsoft C 6.0 (Tom Lane)
421- fix maketree.c to allow clean compilation of inffixed.h (Mark)
422- fix parameter check in deflateCopy (Gunther Nikl)
423- cleanup trees.c, use compressed_len only in debug mode (Christian Spieler)
424- Many portability patches by Christian Spieler:
425  . zutil.c, zutil.h: added "const" for zmem*
426  . fixed some typos
427  . msdos/Makefile.*: removed zutil.h from some dependency lists
428  . msdos/Makefile.msc: remove "default rtl link library" info from obj files
429  . msdos/Makefile.*: use model-dependent name for the built zlib library
430  . msdos/Makefile.emx, nt/Makefile.emx, nt/Makefile.gcc:
431     new makefiles, for emx (DOS/OS2), emx&rsxnt and mingw32 (Windows 9x / NT)
432- use define instead of typedef for Bytef also for MSC small/medium (Tom Lane)
433- replace __far with _far for better portability (Christian Spieler, Tom Lane)
434- fix test for errno.h in configure (Tim Newsham)
436Changes in 1.1.2 (19 March 98)
437- added contrib/minzip, mini zip and unzip based on zlib (Gilles Vollant)
438  See
439- preinitialize the inflate tables for fixed codes, to make the code
440  completely thread safe (Mark)
441- some simplifications and slight speed-up to the inflate code (Mark)
442- fix gzeof on non-compressed files (Allan Schrum)
443- add -std1 option in configure for OSF1 to fix gzprintf (Martin Mokrejs)
444- use default value of 4K for Z_BUFSIZE for 16-bit MSDOS (Tim Wegner + Glenn)
445- added os2/Makefile.def and os2/zlib.def (Andrew Zabolotny)
446- add shared lib support for UNIX_SV4.2MP (MATSUURA Takanori)
447- do not wrap extern "C" around system includes (Tom Lane)
448- mention zlib binding for TCL in README (Andreas Kupries)
449- added amiga/Makefile.pup for Amiga powerUP SAS/C PPC (Andreas Kleinert)
450- allow "make install prefix=..." even after configure (Glenn Randers-Pehrson)
451- allow "configure --prefix $HOME" (Tim Mooney)
452- remove warnings in example.c and gzio.c (Glenn Randers-Pehrson)
453- move to amiga/
455Changes in 1.1.1 (27 Feb 98)
456- fix macros _tr_tally_* in deflate.h for debug mode  (Glenn Randers-Pehrson)
457- remove block truncation heuristic which had very marginal effect for zlib
458  (smaller lit_bufsize than in gzip 1.2.4) and degraded a little the
459  compression ratio on some files. This also allows inlining _tr_tally for
460  matches in deflate_slow.
461- added msdos/Makefile.w32 for WIN32 Microsoft Visual C++ (Bob Frazier)
463Changes in 1.1.0 (24 Feb 98)
464- do not return STREAM_END prematurely in inflate (John Bowler)
465- revert to the zlib 1.0.8 inflate to avoid the gcc 2.8.0 bug (Jeremy Buhler)
466- compile with -DFASTEST to get compression code optimized for speed only
467- in minigzip, try mmap'ing the input file first (Miguel Albrecht)
468- increase size of I/O buffers in minigzip.c and gzio.c (not a big gain
469  on Sun but significant on HP)
471- add a pointer to experimental unzip library in README (Gilles Vollant)
472- initialize variable gcc in configure (Chris Herborth)
474Changes in 1.0.9 (17 Feb 1998)
475- added gzputs and gzgets functions
476- do not clear eof flag in gzseek (Mark Diekhans)
477- fix gzseek for files in transparent mode (Mark Diekhans)
478- do not assume that vsprintf returns the number of bytes written (Jens Krinke)
479- replace EXPORT with ZEXPORT to avoid conflict with other programs
480- added compress2 in zconf.h, zlib.def, zlib.dnt
481- new asm code from Gilles Vollant in contrib/asm386
482- simplify the inflate code (Mark):
483 . Replace ZALLOC's in huft_build() with single ZALLOC in inflate_blocks_new()
484 . ZALLOC the length list in inflate_trees_fixed() instead of using stack
485 . ZALLOC the value area for huft_build() instead of using stack
486 . Simplify Z_FINISH check in inflate()
488- Avoid gcc 2.8.0 comparison bug a little differently than zlib 1.0.8
489- in inftrees.c, avoid cc -O bug on HP (Farshid Elahi)
490- in zconf.h move the ZLIB_DLL stuff earlier to avoid problems with
491  the declaration of FAR (Gilles VOllant)
492- install* with mode 755 (executable) instead of 644 (Marc Lehmann)
493- read_buf buf parameter of type Bytef* instead of charf*
494- zmemcpy parameters are of type Bytef*, not charf* (Joseph Strout)
495- do not redeclare unlink in minigzip.c for WIN32 (John Bowler)
496- fix check for presence of directories in "make install" (Ian Willis)
498Changes in 1.0.8 (27 Jan 1998)
499- fixed offsets in contrib/asm386/gvmat32.asm (Gilles Vollant)
500- fix gzgetc and gzputc for big endian systems (Markus Oberhumer)
501- added compress2() to allow setting the compression level
502- include sys/types.h to get off_t on some systems (Marc Lehmann & QingLong)
503- use constant arrays for the static trees in trees.c instead of computing
504  them at run time (thanks to Ken Raeburn for this suggestion). To create
505  trees.h, compile with GEN_TREES_H and run "make test".
506- check return code of example in "make test" and display result
507- pass minigzip command line options to file_compress
508- simplifying code of inflateSync to avoid gcc 2.8 bug
510- support CC="gcc -Wall" in configure -s (QingLong)
511- avoid a flush caused by ftell in gzopen for write mode (Ken Raeburn)
512- fix test for shared library support to avoid compiler warnings
513- zlib.lib -> zlib.dll in msdos/zlib.rc (Gilles Vollant)
514- check for TARGET_OS_MAC in addition to MACOS (Brad Pettit)
515- do not use fdopen for Metrowerks on Mac (Brad Pettit))
516- add checks for gzputc and gzputc in example.c
517- avoid warnings in gzio.c and deflate.c (Andreas Kleinert)
518- use const for the CRC table (Ken Raeburn)
519- fixed "make uninstall" for shared libraries
520- use Tracev instead of Trace in infblock.c
521- in example.c use correct compressed length for test_sync
522- suppress +vnocompatwarnings in configure for HPUX (not always supported)
524Changes in 1.0.7 (20 Jan 1998)
525- fix gzseek which was broken in write mode
526- return error for gzseek to negative absolute position
527- fix configure for Linux (Chun-Chung Chen)
528- increase stack space for MSC (Tim Wegner)
529- get_crc_table and inflateSyncPoint are EXPORTed (Gilles Vollant)
530- define EXPORTVA for gzprintf (Gilles Vollant)
531- added man page zlib.3 (Rick Rodgers)
532- for contrib/untgz, fix makedir() and improve Makefile
534- check gzseek in write mode in example.c
535- allocate extra buffer for seeks only if gzseek is actually called
536- avoid signed/unsigned comparisons (Tim Wegner, Gilles Vollant)
537- add inflateSyncPoint in zconf.h
538- fix list of exported functions in nt/zlib.dnt and mdsos/zlib.def
540Changes in 1.0.6 (19 Jan 1998)
541- add functions gzprintf, gzputc, gzgetc, gztell, gzeof, gzseek, gzrewind and
542  gzsetparams (thanks to Roland Giersig and Kevin Ruland for some of this code)
543- Fix a deflate bug occurring only with compression level 0 (thanks to
544  Andy Buckler for finding this one).
545- In minigzip, pass transparently also the first byte for .Z files.
546- return Z_BUF_ERROR instead of Z_OK if output buffer full in uncompress()
547- check Z_FINISH in inflate (thanks to Marc Schluper)
548- Implement deflateCopy (thanks to Adam Costello)
549- make static libraries by default in configure, add --shared option.
550- move MSDOS or Windows specific files to directory msdos
551- suppress the notion of partial flush to simplify the interface
552  (but the symbol Z_PARTIAL_FLUSH is kept for compatibility with 1.0.4)
553- suppress history buffer provided by application to simplify the interface
554  (this feature was not implemented anyway in 1.0.4)
555- next_in and avail_in must be initialized before calling inflateInit or
556  inflateInit2
557- add EXPORT in all exported functions (for Windows DLL)
558- added Makefile.nt (thanks to Stephen Williams)
559- added the unsupported "contrib" directory:
560   contrib/asm386/ by Gilles Vollant <>
561        386 asm code replacing longest_match().
562   contrib/iostream/ by Kevin Ruland <>
563        A C++ I/O streams interface to the zlib gz* functions
564   contrib/iostream2/  by Tyge Lřvset <>
565        Another C++ I/O streams interface
566   contrib/untgz/  by "Pedro A. Aranda Guti\irrez" <>
567        A very simple tar.gz file extractor using zlib
568   contrib/visual-basic.txt by Carlos Rios <>
569        How to use compress(), uncompress() and the gz* functions from VB.
570- pass params -f (filtered data), -h (huffman only), -1 to -9 (compression
571  level) in minigzip (thanks to Tom Lane)
573- use const for rommable constants in deflate
574- added test for gzseek and gztell in example.c
575- add undocumented function inflateSyncPoint() (hack for Paul Mackerras)
576- add undocumented function zError to convert error code to string
577  (for Tim Smithers)
578- Allow compilation of gzio with -DNO_DEFLATE to avoid the compression code.
579- Use default memcpy for Symantec MSDOS compiler.
580- Add EXPORT keyword for check_func (needed for Windows DLL)
581- add current directory to LD_LIBRARY_PATH for "make test"
582- create also a link for
583- added support for FUJITSU UXP/DS (thanks to Toshiaki Nomura)
584- use $(SHAREDLIB) instead of in (for HPUX)
585- added -soname for Linux in configure (Chun-Chung Chen,
586- assign numbers to the exported functions in zlib.def (for Windows DLL)
587- add advice in zlib.h for best usage of deflateSetDictionary
588- work around compiler bug on Atari (cast Z_NULL in call of s->checkfn)
589- allow compilation with ANSI keywords only enabled for TurboC in large model
590- avoid "versionString"[0] (Borland bug)
591- add NEED_DUMMY_RETURN for Borland
592- use variable z_verbose for tracing in debug mode (L. Peter Deutsch).
593- allow compilation with CC
594- defined STDC for OS/2 (David Charlap)
595- limit external names to 8 chars for MVS (Thomas Lund)
596- in minigzip.c, use static buffers only for 16-bit systems
597- fix suffix check for "minigzip -d foo.gz"
598- do not return an error for the 2nd of two consecutive gzflush() (Felix Lee)
599- use _fdopen instead of fdopen for MSC >= 6.0 (Thomas Fanslau)
600- added makelcc.bat for lcc-win32 (Tom St Denis)
601- in Makefile.dj2, use copy and del instead of install and rm (Frank Donahoe)
602- Avoid expanded $Id$. Use "rcs -kb" or "cvs admin -kb" to avoid Id expansion.
603- check for unistd.h in configure (for off_t)
604- remove useless check parameter in inflate_blocks_free
605- avoid useless assignment of s->check to itself in inflate_blocks_new
606- do not flush twice in gzclose (thanks to Ken Raeburn)
607- rename FOPEN as F_OPEN to avoid clash with /usr/include/sys/file.h
608- use NO_ERRNO_H instead of enumeration of operating systems with errno.h
609- work around buggy fclose on pipes for HP/UX
610- support zlib DLL with BORLAND C++ 5.0 (thanks to Glenn Randers-Pehrson)
611- fix configure if CC is already equal to gcc
613Changes in 1.0.5 (3 Jan 98)
614- Fix inflate to terminate gracefully when fed corrupted or invalid data
615- Use const for rommable constants in inflate
616- Eliminate memory leaks on error conditions in inflate
617- Removed some vestigial code in inflate
618- Update web address in README
620Changes in 1.0.4 (24 Jul 96)
621- In very rare conditions, deflate(s, Z_FINISH) could fail to produce an EOF
622  bit, so the decompressor could decompress all the correct data but went
623  on to attempt decompressing extra garbage data. This affected minigzip too.
624- zlibVersion and gzerror return const char* (needed for DLL)
625- port to RISCOS (no fdopen, no multiple dots, no unlink, no fileno)
626- use z_error only for DEBUG (avoid problem with DLLs)
628Changes in 1.0.3 (2 Jul 96)
629- use z_streamp instead of z_stream *, which is now a far pointer in MSDOS
630  small and medium models; this makes the library incompatible with previous
631  versions for these models. (No effect in large model or on other systems.)
632- return OK instead of BUF_ERROR if previous deflate call returned with
633  avail_out as zero but there is nothing to do
634- added memcmp for non STDC compilers
635- define NO_DUMMY_DECL for more Mac compilers (.h files merged incorrectly)
636- define __32BIT__ if __386__ or i386 is defined (pb. with Watcom and SCO)
637- better check for 16-bit mode MSC (avoids problem with Symantec)
639Changes in 1.0.2 (23 May 96)
640- added Windows DLL support
641- added a function zlibVersion (for the DLL support)
642- fixed declarations using Bytef in infutil.c (pb with MSDOS medium model)
643- Bytef is define's instead of typedef'd only for Borland C
644- avoid reading uninitialized memory in example.c
645- mention in README that the zlib format is now RFC1950
646- updated Makefile.dj2
647- added algorithm.doc
649Changes in 1.0.1 (20 May 96) [1.0 skipped to avoid confusion]
650- fix array overlay in deflate.c which sometimes caused bad compressed data
651- fix inflate bug with empty stored block
652- fix MSDOS medium model which was broken in 0.99
653- fix deflateParams() which could generated bad compressed data.
654- Bytef is define'd instead of typedef'ed (work around Borland bug)
655- added an INDEX file
656- new makefiles for DJGPP (Makefile.dj2), 32-bit Borland (Makefile.b32),
657  Watcom (Makefile.wat), Amiga SAS/C (
658- speed up adler32 for modern machines without auto-increment
659- added -ansi for IRIX in configure
660- static_init_done in trees.c is an int
661- define unlink as delete for VMS
662- fix configure for QNX
663- add configure branch for SCO and HPUX
664- avoid many warnings (unused variables, dead assignments, etc...)
665- no fdopen for BeOS
666- fix the Watcom fix for 32 bit mode (define FAR as empty)
667- removed redefinition of Byte for MKWERKS
668- work around an MWKERKS bug (incorrect merge of all .h files)
670Changes in 0.99 (27 Jan 96)
671- allow preset dictionary shared between compressor and decompressor
672- allow compression level 0 (no compression)
673- add deflateParams in zlib.h: allow dynamic change of compression level
674  and compression strategy.
675- test large buffers and deflateParams in example.c
676- add optional "configure" to build zlib as a shared library
677- suppress Makefile.qnx, use configure instead
678- fixed deflate for 64-bit systems (detected on Cray)
679- fixed inflate_blocks for 64-bit systems (detected on Alpha)
680- declare Z_DEFLATED in zlib.h (possible parameter for deflateInit2)
681- always return Z_BUF_ERROR when deflate() has nothing to do
682- deflateInit and inflateInit are now macros to allow version checking
683- prefix all global functions and types with z_ with -DZ_PREFIX
684- make falloc completely reentrant (inftrees.c)
685- fixed very unlikely race condition in ct_static_init
686- free in reverse order of allocation to help memory manager
687- use zlib-1.0/* instead of zlib/* inside the tar.gz
688- make zlib warning-free with "gcc -O3 -Wall -Wwrite-strings -Wpointer-arith
689  -Wconversion -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes"
690- allow gzread on concatenated .gz files
691- deflateEnd now returns Z_DATA_ERROR if it was premature
692- deflate is finally (?) fully deterministic (no matches beyond end of input)
693- Document Z_SYNC_FLUSH
694- add uninstall in Makefile
695- Check for __cpluplus in zlib.h
696- Better test in ct_align for partial flush
697- avoid harmless warnings for Borland C++
698- initialize hash_head in deflate.c
699- avoid warning on fdopen (gzio.c) for HP cc -Aa
700- include stdlib.h for STDC compilers
701- include errno.h for Cray
702- ignore error if ranlib doesn't exist
703- call ranlib twice for NeXTSTEP
704- use exec_prefix instead of prefix for libz.a
705- renamed ct_* as _tr_* to avoid conflict with applications
706- clear z->msg in inflateInit2 before any error return
707- initialize opaque in example.c, gzio.c, deflate.c and inflate.c
708- fixed typo in zconf.h (_GNUC__ => __GNUC__)
709- check for WIN32 in zconf.h and zutil.c (avoid farmalloc in 32-bit mode)
710- fix typo in (f$trnlnm -> f$getsyi)
711- in fcalloc, normalize pointer if size > 65520 bytes
712- don't use special fcalloc for 32 bit Borland C++
713- use STDC instead of __GO32__ to avoid redeclaring exit, calloc, etc...
714- use Z_BINARY instead of BINARY
715- document that gzclose after gzdopen will close the file
716- allow "a" as mode in gzopen.
717- fix error checking in gzread
718- allow skipping .gz extra-field on pipes
719- added reference to Perl interface in README
720- put the crc table in FAR data (I dislike more and more the medium model :)
721- added get_crc_table
722- added a dimension to all arrays (Borland C can't count).
723- workaround Borland C bug in declaration of inflate_codes_new & inflate_fast
724- guard against multiple inclusion of *.h (for precompiled header on Mac)
725- Watcom C pretends to be Microsoft C small model even in 32 bit mode.
726- don't use unsized arrays to avoid silly warnings by Visual C++:
727     warning C4746: 'inflate_mask' : unsized array treated as  '__far'
728     (what's wrong with far data in far model?).
729- define enum out of inflate_blocks_state to allow compilation with C++
731Changes in 0.95 (16 Aug 95)
732- fix MSDOS small and medium model (now easier to adapt to any compiler)
733- inlined send_bits
734- fix the final (:-) bug for deflate with flush (output was correct but
735  not completely flushed in rare occasions).
736- default window size is same for compression and decompression
737  (it's now sufficient to set MAX_WBITS in zconf.h).
738- voidp -> voidpf and voidnp -> voidp (for consistency with other
739  typedefs and because voidnp was not near in large model).
741Changes in 0.94 (13 Aug 95)
742- support MSDOS medium model
743- fix deflate with flush (could sometimes generate bad output)
744- fix deflateReset (zlib header was incorrectly suppressed)
745- added support for VMS
746- allow a compression level in gzopen()
747- gzflush now calls fflush
748- For deflate with flush, flush even if no more input is provided.
749- rename libgz.a as libz.a
750- avoid complex expression in infcodes.c triggering Turbo C bug
751- work around a problem with gcc on Alpha (in INSERT_STRING)
752- don't use inline functions (problem with some gcc versions)
753- allow renaming of Byte, uInt, etc... with #define.
754- avoid warning about (unused) pointer before start of array in deflate.c
755- avoid various warnings in gzio.c, example.c, infblock.c, adler32.c, zutil.c
756- avoid reserved word 'new' in trees.c
758Changes in 0.93 (25 June 95)
759- temporarily disable inline functions
760- make deflate deterministic
761- give enough lookahead for PARTIAL_FLUSH
762- Set binary mode for stdin/stdout in minigzip.c for OS/2
763- don't even use signed char in inflate (not portable enough)
764- fix inflate memory leak for segmented architectures
766Changes in 0.92 (3 May 95)
767- don't assume that char is signed (problem on SGI)
768- Clear bit buffer when starting a stored block
769- no memcpy on Pyramid
770- suppressed inftest.c
771- optimized fill_window, put longest_match inline for gcc
772- optimized inflate on stored blocks.
773- untabify all sources to simplify patches
775Changes in 0.91 (2 May 95)
776- Default MEM_LEVEL is 8 (not 9 for Unix) as documented in zlib.h
777- Document the memory requirements in zconf.h
778- added "make install"
779- fix sync search logic in inflateSync
780- deflate(Z_FULL_FLUSH) now works even if output buffer too short
781- after inflateSync, don't scare people with just "lo world"
782- added support for DJGPP
784Changes in 0.9 (1 May 95)
785- don't assume that zalloc clears the allocated memory (the TurboC bug
786  was Mark's bug after all :)
787- let again gzread copy uncompressed data unchanged (was working in 0.71)
788- deflate(Z_FULL_FLUSH), inflateReset and inflateSync are now fully implemented
789- added a test of inflateSync in example.c
790- moved MAX_WBITS to zconf.h because users might want to change that.
791- document explicitly that zalloc(64K) on MSDOS must return a normalized
792  pointer (zero offset)
793- added Makefiles for Microsoft C, Turbo C, Borland C++
794- faster crc32()
796Changes in 0.8 (29 April 95)
797- added fast inflate (inffast.c)
798- deflate(Z_FINISH) now returns Z_STREAM_END when done. Warning: this
799  is incompatible with previous versions of zlib which returned Z_OK.
800- work around a TurboC compiler bug (bad code for b << 0, see infutil.h)
801  (actually that was not a compiler bug, see 0.81 above)
802- gzread no longer reads one extra byte in certain cases
803- In gzio destroy(), don't reference a freed structure
804- avoid many warnings for MSDOS
805- avoid the ERROR symbol which is used by MS Windows
807Changes in 0.71 (14 April 95)
808- Fixed more MSDOS compilation problems :( There is still a bug with
809  TurboC large model.
811Changes in 0.7 (14 April 95)
812- Added full inflate support.
813- Simplified the crc32() interface. The pre- and post-conditioning
814  (one's complement) is now done inside crc32(). WARNING: this is
815  incompatible with previous versions; see zlib.h for the new usage.
817Changes in 0.61 (12 April 95)
818- workaround for a bug in TurboC. example and minigzip now work on MSDOS.
820Changes in 0.6 (11 April 95)
821- added minigzip.c
822- added gzdopen to reopen a file descriptor as gzFile
823- added transparent reading of non-gziped files in gzread.
824- fixed bug in gzread (don't read crc as data)
825- fixed bug in destroy (gzio.c) (don't return Z_STREAM_END for gzclose).
826- don't allocate big arrays in the stack (for MSDOS)
827- fix some MSDOS compilation problems
829Changes in 0.5:
830- do real compression in deflate.c. Z_PARTIAL_FLUSH is supported but
831  not yet Z_FULL_FLUSH.
832- support decompression but only in a single step (forced Z_FINISH)
833- added opaque object for zalloc and zfree.
834- added deflateReset and inflateReset
835- added a variable zlib_version for consistency checking.
836- renamed the 'filter' parameter of deflateInit2 as 'strategy'.
837  Added Z_FILTERED and Z_HUFFMAN_ONLY constants.
839Changes in 0.4:
840- avoid "zip" everywhere, use zlib instead of ziplib.
841- suppress Z_BLOCK_FLUSH, interpret Z_PARTIAL_FLUSH as block flush
842  if compression method == 8.
843- added adler32 and crc32
844- renamed deflateOptions as deflateInit2, call one or the other but not both
845- added the method parameter for deflateInit2.
846- added inflateInit2
847- simplied considerably deflateInit and inflateInit by not supporting
848  user-provided history buffer. This is supported only in deflateInit2
849  and inflateInit2.
851Changes in 0.3:
852- prefix all macro names with Z_
853- use Z_FINISH instead of deflateEnd to finish compression.
854- added Z_HUFFMAN_ONLY
855- added gzerror()