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 6	<title>Python and the Finder</title>
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12<h1>Running Python scripts from the Finder</h1>
13		<table>
14		<tr>
15			<td>
16				<img src="python.gif" width="128" height="128" align="top" alt="">
17			</td>
18			<td>
19				<p>The application PythonLauncher will start a Python interpreter
20				when you drop a Python source file onto it, any file with a <tt>.py</tt>
21				or <tt>.pyw</tt> extension. If you set PythonLauncher as the default
22				application to open a file
23(<a href="help:search=Changing%20the%20application%20that%20opens%20a%20file bookID=Mac%20Help">
24tell me more</a>) this also works when you double click a Python script.</p>
26				<p>PythonLauncher has preferences per filetype for selecting
27				the interpreter to use, and how to launch it: in a Terminal window
28				or not, etc. Holding the Option key while launching your script will
29				bring up a window that allows changing these settings for a single
30				run. </p>
31			</td>
32		</tr>
33		</table>
34		<hr>