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 6	<title>Python Package Manager</title>
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12<h1>Installing additional Python Packages</h1>
13		<table>
14		<tr>
15			<td>
16				<img src="PackageManager.gif" width="128" height="128" align="top" alt="">
17			</td>
18			<td>
19				<p>The Python Package Manager helps you installing additional
20				packages that enhance Python. It determines the exact MacOS version
21				and Python version you have and uses that information to download
22				a database that has packages that are test and tried on that
23				combination. In other words: if something is in your Package Manager
24				window but does not work you are free to blame the database maintainer.</p>
26				<p>PackageManager then checks which of the packages you have installed
27				and which ones not. This should also work when you have installed packages
28				outside of PackageManager.
29				You can select packages and install them, and PackageManager will work 
30				out the requirements and install these too.</p>
32				<p>Often PackageManager will list a package in two flavors: binary
33				and source. Binary should always work, source will only work if
34				you have installed the Apple Developer Tools. PackageManager will warn
35				you about this, and also about other external dependencies.</p>
37				<p>PackageManager is available as a separate application and also
38				as a function of the IDE, through the <tt>File-&gt;Package Manager</tt> menu
39				entry. </p>
41				<h2>Troubleshooting</h2>
43				<p>If package manager fails to open the database first check that you are
44				connected to the internet. If you are connected then the problem
45				could be that there is no database (yet?) for your version of Mac OS X.
46				You may be able to find an alternative
47				database that works for your system at
48				<a href=""></a>.
49				In the standalone Package Manager you can then open such an alternative database
50				with the <tt>File-&gt;Open URL...</tt> command, but you should realize that
51				you are now on untested ground.</p>
53				<p>Another potential problem source is that you are behind a firewall. This version
54				of PackageManager uses the Unix method of setting a firewall: you need to set the
55				environment variable <tt>http_proxy</tt> to <tt>"http://<i>proxyhost</i>:<i>port</i>"</tt>.
56				See <a href="">Apple Technical
57				Q&amp;A QA1067</a> for instructions.</p>
59			</td>
60		</tr>
61		</table>
62		<hr>