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  1LIST "SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0"
  2LIST "partner-jet-setup.txt - 20090729 Magnus Damm"
  3LIST "set up enough of the kfr2r09 hardware to boot the kernel"
  5LIST "zImage (RAM boot)"
  6LIST "This script can be used to boot the kernel from RAM via JTAG:"
  7LIST "> < partner-jet-setup.txt"
  8LIST "> RD zImage, 0xa8800000"
  9LIST "> G=0xa8800000"
 11LIST "romImage (Flash boot)"
 12LIST "Use the following command to burn the zImage to flash via JTAG:"
 13LIST "> RD romImage, 0"
 15LIST "--------------------------------"
 17LIST "disable watchdog"
 18EW 0xa4520004, 0xa507
 20LIST "invalidate instruction cache"
 21ED 0xff00001c, 0x00000800
 23LIST "invalidate TLBs"
 24ED 0xff000010, 0x00000004
 26LIST "select mode for cs5 + cs6"
 27ED 0xff800020, 0xa5a50001
 28ED 0xfec10000, 0x0000001b
 30LIST "setup clocks"
 31LIST "The PLL and FLL values are updated here for the optimal"
 32LIST "RF frequency and improved reception sensitivity."
 33ED 0xa4150004, 0x00000050
 34ED 0xa4150000, 0x91053508
 35WAIT 1
 36ED 0xa4150050, 0x00000340
 37ED 0xa4150024, 0x00005000
 39LIST "setup pins"
 40EB 0xa4050120, 0x00
 41EB 0xa4050122, 0x00
 42EB 0xa4050124, 0x00
 43EB 0xa4050126, 0x00
 44EB 0xa4050128, 0xA0
 45EB 0xa405012A, 0x10
 46EB 0xa405012C, 0x00
 47EB 0xa405012E, 0x00
 48EB 0xa4050130, 0x00
 49EB 0xa4050132, 0x00
 50EB 0xa4050134, 0x01
 51EB 0xa4050136, 0x40
 52EB 0xa4050138, 0x00
 53EB 0xa405013A, 0x00
 54EB 0xa405013C, 0x00
 55EB 0xa405013E, 0x20
 56EB 0xa4050160, 0x00
 57EB 0xa4050162, 0x40
 58EB 0xa4050164, 0x03
 59EB 0xa4050166, 0x00
 60EB 0xa4050168, 0x00
 61EB 0xa405016A, 0x00
 62EB 0xa405016C, 0x00
 64EW 0xa405014E, 0x5660
 65EW 0xa4050150, 0x0145
 66EW 0xa4050152, 0x1550
 67EW 0xa4050154, 0x0200
 68EW 0xa4050156, 0x0040
 70EW 0xa4050158, 0x0000
 71EW 0xa405015a, 0x0000
 72EW 0xa405015c, 0x0000
 73EW 0xa405015e, 0x0000
 75EW 0xa4050180, 0x0000
 76EW 0xa4050182, 0x8002
 77EW 0xa4050184, 0x0000
 79EW 0xa405018a, 0x9991
 80EW 0xa405018c, 0x8011
 81EW 0xa405018e, 0x9550
 83EW 0xa4050100, 0x0000
 84EW 0xa4050102, 0x5540
 85EW 0xa4050104, 0x0000
 86EW 0xa4050106, 0x0000
 87EW 0xa4050108, 0x4550
 88EW 0xa405010a, 0x0130
 89EW 0xa405010c, 0x0555
 90EW 0xa405010e, 0x0000
 91EW 0xa4050110, 0x0000
 92EW 0xa4050112, 0xAAA8
 93EW 0xa4050114, 0x8305
 94EW 0xa4050116, 0x10F0
 95EW 0xa4050118, 0x0F50
 96EW 0xa405011a, 0x0000
 97EW 0xa405011c, 0x0000
 98EW 0xa405011e, 0x0555
 99EW 0xa4050140, 0x0000
100EW 0xa4050142, 0x5141
101EW 0xa4050144, 0x5005
102EW 0xa4050146, 0xAAA9
103EW 0xa4050148, 0xFAA9
104EW 0xa405014a, 0x3000
105EW 0xa405014c, 0x0000
107LIST "setup sdram"
108ED 0xFD000108, 0x40000301
109ED 0xFD000020, 0x011B0002
110ED 0xFD000030, 0x03060E02
111ED 0xFD000034, 0x01020102
112ED 0xFD000038, 0x01090406
113ED 0xFD000008, 0x00000004
114ED 0xFD000040, 0x00000001
115ED 0xFD000040, 0x00000000
116ED 0xFD000018, 0x00000001
118WAIT 1
120ED 0xFD000014, 0x00000002
121ED 0xFD000060, 0x00000032
122ED 0xFD000060, 0x00020000
123ED 0xFD000014, 0x00000004
124ED 0xFD000014, 0x00000004
125ED 0xFD000010, 0x00000001
126ED 0xFD000044, 0x000004AF
127ED 0xFD000048, 0x20CF0037
129LIST "read 16 bytes from sdram"
130DD 0xa8000000, 0xa8000000, 1
131DD 0xa8000004, 0xa8000004, 1
132DD 0xa8000008, 0xa8000008, 1
133DD 0xa800000c, 0xa800000c, 1
135ED 0xFD000014, 0x00000002
136ED 0xFD000014, 0x00000004
137ED 0xFD000108, 0x40000300
138ED 0xFD000040, 0x00010000
140LIST "write to internal ram"
141ED 0xfd8007fc, 0
143LIST "setup cache"
144ED 0xff00001c, 0x0000090b