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 1Cloud Provider Support
 4This lists the cloud providers and the support available:
 6Rackspace Cloud
 9`Rackspace <>`_ is the
10first (and currently only) provider supported by Silver Lining.
12To use Silver Lining you must sign up for an account through their
13website.  You should sign up for "Cloud Servers" and "Cloud Files".
14There's no initial fee, and the cost for experimenting with Silver
15Lining will be less than a dollar as long as you don't forget to take
16down the servers you create to experiment.  You'll have to have a
17credit card, and Rackspace Cloud will call you to confirm your account
18before you can use it.
20Once you have logged in go to **Your Account > API Access** to view or
21create your API key.  Silver Lining needs to know your username and
22API key, which it will ask you for when you first start the command.
24Host It Yourself
27You don't *need* to use commands like ``silver create-node`` to make
28use of Silver Lining.  If you have a machine with a fresh install of
29Ubuntu Lucid then you can use ``silver setup-node`` to
30configure the machine and ``silver update`` to deploy applications.
31It's harder to test things without the ability to create and destroy
32servers on demand, but the basic infrastructure is not really
33dependent on that.
35**Don't use this on a server you want to keep!**  ``silver
36setup-node`` is not aggressive in modifying the server, but it doesn't
37particularly keep track of what it does, nor is there any reason it
38should.  Also if you have local modifications on the server, those
39modifications can be lost; all updates are done with the assumption
40that it's being given a bare Ubuntu installation to work with.
42Other Providers
45Silver Lining is built on `libcloud <>`_.  libcloud
46abstracts over the API of quite a few cloud providers.  Any of these
47providers should be a possible platform for Silver Lining; the basic
48abstractions already exist, it just needs some testing.  The only
49thing that's currently really Rackspace-specific is that on node
50creation some files are uploaded -- not a complete set, mostly just
51``/root/.ssh/authorized_keys2``.  This is built in to some other APIs
52(e.g., I believe EC2 node creation automatically sets up
53authorized_keys).  It would require a bit of abstraction as a result.
55The best way to try a new provider is to fork the Silver Lining
56repository, try it out, and make what patches are necessary --
57probably to the routine that creates ``~/.silverlining.conf``
58(:mod:`silverlining.createconf`), ``silver create-node``
59(:mod:`silverlining.commands.create_node`), and *maybe* ``silver
60setup-node`` (:mod:`silverlining.commands.setup_node`) -- though I
61expect setup-node will be fine.