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 1This directory contains only a subset of the Distutils, specifically
 2the Python modules in the 'distutils' and 'distutils.command'
 3packages.  This is all you need to distribute and install Python
 4modules using the Distutils.  There is also a separately packaged
 5standalone version of the Distutils available for people who want to
 6upgrade the Distutils without upgrading Python, available from the
 7Distutils web page:
11The standalone version includes all of the code in this directory,
12plus documentation, test scripts, examples, etc.
14The Distutils documentation is divided into two documents, "Installing
15Python Modules", which explains how to install Python packages, and
16"Distributing Python Modules", which explains how to write
17files.  Both documents are part of the standard Python documentation
18set, and are available from .
20        Greg Ward (
22$Id: README 29650 2002-11-13 13:26:59Z akuchling $