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 1DuckDuckHack Developer Overview
 3## What is this?
 5[DuckDuckGo]( is a general purpose search engine. We've created a platform called [DuckDuckHack]( that enables developers to write open source plugins on top of the search engine (like [add-ons for Firefox]( DuckDuckGo plugins react to search queries and provide [useful]( [instant]( [answers]( above traditional links.
 7![instant answer example](
 9If you want to get involved in making DuckDuckGo a better search engine, you've come to the right place! 
11* If **you are a developer**, this guide serves as a master jumping-off point for the DuckDuckHack platform.
12* If **you are not a developer, but would like to become one** to help with DuckDuckHack, we recommend the [JavaScript course at Codecademy]( That will help you to get started with the Spice plugin type (explained below).
13* If **you have no intention of becoming a developer**, there is still a lot you can do at our [ideas companion site]( where you can suggest and comment on plugin ideas such as identifying the best sites and data sources to draw from. Similarly, you can submit [issues about current plugins]( Both of these activities are very valuable and will help direct community efforts.
15The DuckDuckHack platform is constantly changing as community contributors add new features. As a result, some plugin types have better interfaces than others. We will be improving the platform based on [your feedback](
16Our long-term goal is to be able to distribute all DuckDuckHack (and internal) instant answers via the [DuckDuckGo Instant Answers API]( 
17Currently [fathead]( and [goodie](#goodies-overview) plugin types 
18automatically flow through. We are working on exposing the other plugin types, which are more complicated to distribute
19and can have licensing restrictions.
21* To learn about new plugins, follow [@duckduckhack](
22* For ongoing discussion, join the [DuckDuckHack list](
24## Index
26* [For non-coders](documentation/
27* [Why should I make plugins?](documentation/
28* [Getting Started](documentation/
29  * [Determining Plugin Type](documentation/
30  * [Guidelines](documentation/
31* [Goodies Walkthrough](documentation/
32* [Spice Walkthrough](documentation/
33* [Fathead Overview](
34* [Longtail Overview](
35* [General](documentation/
36  * [Basic Tutorial](documentation/
37  * [Triggers](documentation/
38  * [Submitting Plugins](documentation/
39* [Testing](documentation/
40  * [Testing Triggers](documentation/
41      * [Installing DuckPAN](documentation/
42  * [Plugin Test Files](documentation/
43  * [Testing Spice HTML](documentation/
44* [Spice](documentation/
45  * [Spice Handle Functions (spice backend)](documentation/
46  * [Frontend Spice development](documentation/
47  * [Advanced Spice Backend](
48* [Location API](documentation/
49* [FAQ](documentation/