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C++ Header | 31 lines | 18 code | 4 blank | 9 comment | 0 complexity | 29a82d71669149c5f1d0f8880cdfbbd8 MD5 | raw file
Possible License(s): GPL-3.0, GPL-2.0, MPL-2.0-no-copyleft-exception
 3* MODULE     : connect.hpp
 4* DESCRIPTION: Connection of extern packages to TeXmacs
 5* COPYRIGHT  : (C) 1999  Joris van der Hoeven
 7* This software falls under the GNU general public license version 3 or later.
 8* It comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY WHATSOEVER. For details, see the file LICENSE
 9* in the root directory or <>.
12#ifndef CONNECT_H
13#define CONNECT_H
14#include "tm_link.hpp"
16bool   connection_declared (string name);
17tree   connection_info (string name, string session);
18tree   connection_handlers (string name);
19string connection_start (string name, string session, bool again= false);
20void   connection_write (string name, string session, string s);
21void   connection_write (string name, string session, tree t);
22tree   connection_read (string name, string session, string channel= "output");
23void   connection_interrupt (string name, string session);
24void   connection_stop (string name, string session);
25void   connection_stop_all ();
26int    connection_status (string name, string session);
27tree   connection_eval (string name, string session, string s);
28tree   connection_eval (string name, string session, tree t);
29tree   connection_cmd (string name, string session, string s);
31#endif // defined CONNECT_H