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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.1, Apache-2.0
  1. modcluster=The configuration of the modcluster subsystem.
  2. modcluster.add=Operation adding the modcluster subsystem.
  3. modcluster.remove=Operation removing the modcluster subsystem.
  4. modcluster.configuration=The common modcluster configuration.
  5. modcluster.proxy-host=Hostname of the proxy (Apache httpd)
  6. modcluster.proxy-port=Port where the proxy (Apache httpd) is receiving the MCMP
  7. modcluster.proxy-list=List of proxies the node is connected to. Format (hostname:port) separated with comas.
  8. a INFO to httpd and display the result.
  9. modcluster.proxies-info=Result of the INFO command.
  10. a DUMP to httpd and display the result.
  11. modcluster.proxies-configuration=Result of the DUMP command.
  12. modcluster.list-proxies=Read the list of httpd connected to the node.
  13. modcluster.add-proxy=Add the proxy to the list of httpd connected to the node.
  14. modcluster.remove-proxy=Remove the proxy to the list of httpd connected to the node.
  15. modcluster.refresh=Refresh the node sending a new CONFIG message to Apache httpd.
  16. modcluster.reset=Reset the node connection to Apache httpd.
  17. modcluster.virtualhost=Name of the virtual-host containing the context.
  18. modcluster.context=Context (like /myapp for example).
  19. modcluster.waittime=Max amount of time modcluster will for the STOP operation. In seconds. Default 10s
  20. modcluster.enable-context=Tell Apache httpd that the context is ready receive requests.
  21. modcluster.stop-context=Tell Apache httpd that the context can't process requests.
  22. modcluster.disable-context=Tell Apache httpd that the context can't process new requests.
  23. modcluster.enable=Tell Apache httpd that all contexts of the node are ready receive requests.
  24. modcluster.stop=Tell Apache httpd that all contexts of the node can't process requests.
  25. modcluster.disable=Tell Apache httpd that all contexts of the node can't process new requests.
  26. modcluster.configuration.advertise-socket=Name of Socket binding to use for the Advertise socket.
  27. modcluster.configuration.proxy-list=List of proxies, Format (hostname:port) separated with comas.
  28. modcluster.configuration.proxy-url=Base URL for MCMP requests.
  29. modcluster.configuration.advertise=Use Advertise logic or not.
  30. modcluster.configuration.advertise-security-key=String containing the security key for the Advertise logic.
  31. modcluster.configuration.excluded-contexts=List of contexts mod_cluster should ignore, Format String separated with comas.
  32. contexts even if disabled in mod_cluster_manger (httpd).
  33. modcluster.configuration.stop-context-timeout=Max time to wait for context to process pending requests.
  34. modcluster.configuration.socket-timeout=Timeout to wait for httpd to answer a MCMP message.
  35. modcluster.configuration.sticky-session=Use sticky sessions for requests.
  36. modcluster.configuration.sticky-session-remove=Remove session information on failover.
  37. modcluster.configuration.sticky-session-force=Don't failover a request with session information.
  38. modcluster.configuration.ssl=The SSL configuration to client MCMP logic.
  39. modcluster.configuration.ssl-add=Add SSL default configuration to client MCMP logic.
  40. modcluster.configuration.ssl-remove=Remove the SSL configuration from client MCMP logic.
  41. modcluster.configuration.ssl.key-alias=The key alias.
  42. modcluster.configuration.ssl.password=Password.
  43. modcluster.configuration.ssl.certificate-key-file=Key file for the certificate.
  44. modcluster.configuration.ssl.cipher-suite=The allowed cipher suite.
  45. modcluster.configuration.ssl.protocol=The SSL protocols that are enabled.
  46. authority.
  47. authority revocation list.
  48. modcluster.configuration.worker-timeout=Timeout to wait in httpd for an available worker to process the requests.
  49. modcluster.configuration.max-attempts=Max attempts to process an idempotent request.
  50. modcluster.configuration.flush-packets=Enables/disables packet flushing in httpd.
  51. modcluster.configuration.flush-wait=Time to wait before flushing packets in httpd.
  52. (in seconds) in which to wait for a pong answer to a ping.
  53. modcluster.configuration.smax=Soft maximum idle connection count in httpd
  54. modcluster.configuration.ttl=Time to live (in seconds) for idle connections above smax
  55. modcluster.configuration.node-timeout=Timeout (in seconds) for proxy connections to a node.
  56. modcluster.configuration.balancer=The balancer name.
  57. modcluster.configuration.domain=loadBalancingGroup name.
  58. modcluster.configuration.metric.type=Type of the metric
  59. modcluster.configuration.metric.class=Class name of the custom metric.
  60. modcluster.configuration.metric.weight=Weight of the metric.
  61. modcluster.configuration.metric.capacity=Capacity of the metric.
  62. for the metric.
  63. modcluster.configuration.add-metric=Add new metric to the load balancer provider.
  64. modcluster.configuration.remove-metric=Remove a metric from the load balancer provider.
  65. modcluster.configuration.add-custom-metric=Add new custom metric to the load balancer provider.
  66. modcluster.configuration.remove-custom-metric=Remove a custom metric from the load balancer provider.