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 2-- testall.decTest -- run all general decimal arithmetic testcases    --
 3-- Copyright (c) IBM Corporation, 1981, 2008.  All rights reserved.   --
 5-- Please see the document "General Decimal Arithmetic Testcases"     --
 6-- at for the description of      --
 7-- these testcases.                                                   --
 8--                                                                    --
 9-- These testcases are experimental ('beta' versions), and they       --
10-- may contain errors.  They are offered on an as-is basis.  In       --
11-- particular, achieving the same results as the tests here is not    --
12-- a guarantee that an implementation complies with any Standard      --
13-- or specification.  The tests are not exhaustive.                   --
14--                                                                    --
15-- Please send comments, suggestions, and corrections to the author:  --
16--   Mike Cowlishaw, IBM Fellow                                       --
17--   IBM UK, PO Box 31, Birmingham Road, Warwick CV34 5JL, UK         --
18--                                                   --
20version: 2.58
22-- core tests (using Extended: 1) --------------------------------------
23dectest: base
25dectest: abs
26dectest: add
27dectest: and
28dectest: clamp
29dectest: class
30dectest: compare
31dectest: comparesig
32dectest: comparetotal
33dectest: comparetotmag
34dectest: copy
35dectest: copyabs
36dectest: copynegate
37dectest: copysign
38dectest: divide
39dectest: divideint
40dectest: exp
41dectest: fma
42dectest: inexact
43dectest: invert
44dectest: ln
45dectest: logb
46dectest: log10
47dectest: max
48dectest: maxmag
49dectest: min
50dectest: minmag
51dectest: minus
52dectest: multiply
53dectest: nextminus
54dectest: nextplus
55dectest: nexttoward
56dectest: or
57dectest: plus
58dectest: power
59dectest: powersqrt
60dectest: quantize
61dectest: randoms
62dectest: reduce               -- [was called normalize]
63dectest: remainder
64dectest: remaindernear
65dectest: rescale              -- [obsolete]
66dectest: rotate
67dectest: rounding
68dectest: samequantum
69dectest: scaleb
70dectest: shift
71dectest: squareroot
72dectest: subtract
73dectest: tointegral
74dectest: tointegralx
75dectest: trim
76dectest: xor
78-- The next are for the Strawman 4d concrete representations and
79-- tests at those sizes [including dsEncode, ddEncode, and dqEncode,
80-- which replace decimal32, decimal64, and decimal128]
81dectest: decSingle
82dectest: decDouble
83dectest: decQuad
85-- General 31->33-digit boundary tests
86dectest: randombound32