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 1Guido van Rossum, as well as being the creator of the Python language, is the
 2original creator of IDLE.  Other contributors prior to Version 0.8 include
 3Mark Hammond, Jeremy Hylton, Tim Peters, and Moshe Zadka.
 5IDLE's recent development was carried out in the SF IDLEfork project. The
 6objective was to develop a version of IDLE which had an execution environment
 7which could be initialized prior to each run of user code.
 9The IDLEfork project was initiated by David Scherer, with some help from Peter
10Schneider-Kamp and Nicholas Riley.  David wrote the first version of the RPC
11code and designed a fast turn-around environment for VPython.  Guido developed
12the RPC code and Remote Debugger currently integrated in IDLE.  Bruce Sherwood
13contributed considerable time testing and suggesting improvements.
15Besides David and Guido, the main developers who were active on IDLEfork
16are Stephen M. Gava, who implemented the configuration GUI, the new
17configuration system, and the About dialog, and Kurt B. Kaiser, who completed
18the integration of the RPC and remote debugger, implemented the threaded
19subprocess, and made a number of usability enhancements.
21Other contributors include Raymond Hettinger, Tony Lownds (Mac integration),
22Neal Norwitz (code check and clean-up), Ronald Oussoren (Mac integration),
23Noam Raphael (Code Context, Call Tips, many other patches), and Chui Tey (RPC
24integration, debugger integration and persistent breakpoints).
26Scott David Daniels, Tal Einat, Hernan Foffani, Christos Georgiou,
27Jim Jewett, Martin v. Löwis, Jason Orendorff, Guilherme Polo, Josh Robb,
28Nigel Rowe, Bruce Sherwood, and Jeff Shute have submitted useful patches.
29Thanks, guys!
31For additional details refer to NEWS.txt and Changelog.
33Please contact the IDLE maintainer ( to have yourself included
34here if you are one of those we missed!