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 3<h2 class="caps"><span>Introduction</span></h2>
 5<p>Welcome to Python Mentors - currently the site for the Python-Core
 6mentorship project. The Python Core Mentorship Program is predicated on
 7the idea that Python-Core, and Python as a whole would be served by
 8further lowering the barrier to entry of contribution to Python core
 9(<a href="" target="_blank">original proposal</a>)
11<p>The mission of the Python Core Mentor Program is to provide an open
12and welcoming place to connect students, programmers – and
13<strong>anyone</strong> interested in contributing to the Python Core
14development. This project is based on the idea that the best way to
15welcome new people into any project is a venue which connects them to
16a variety of mentors who can assist in guiding them through the
17contribution process, including discussions on lists such as python-dev,
18and python-ideas, the bug tracker, mercurial questions, code reviews, etc.</p>
19<p>Additionally, mentors assist in something incredibly critical to
20maintain contributor interest: getting patches through the process and actually
21<b>committed</b>. We all know – not everyone who is mentor will have all the
22answers, so mentors also act as conduits to others who will have the
24<p>The most important point to make is that <i>everyone is welcome</i> and no
25one, no matter who they are, is turned away. Keep to the code of conduct, and
26help those around you</p>
28<h2 class="caps"><span>Resources</span></h2>
30    <li>
31        <a href="" target="_blank">The mailing list</a>
32        (signup there).
33    </li>
34    <li>
35        <a href="" target="_blank">The list archives</a>
36        <i>(The current archive is only available to the list members.)</i>
37    </li>
38    <li>
39        <a href=""  target="_blank">The Python
40        Developers guide</a> should be your first stop - we will be adding to it
41        based on feedback from the mentorship list
42    </li>
43    <li>
44        The Python <a href="" target="_blank">bug tracker</a> -
45        you're going to want to bookmark it.
46    </li>
47    <li>
48        The <a href=""target="_blank">Python-dev
49        mailing list</a>
50    </li>
51    <li>
52        The <a href=""target="_blank">Python-ideas
53        mailing list</a>
54    </li>
58<h2 class="caps"><span>Code of Conduct</span></h2>
60<p>The following code of conduct is not meant as a means for punishment, action
61or censorship for the mailing list or project. Instead, it is meant to set the
62tone and expectations and comfort level for mentors and those wishing to be
63mentored on the list.</p>
66    <li>We ask everyone to be welcoming, friendly, and patient.</li>
67    <li>Flame wars and insults are unacceptable in any fashion, by any party.</li>
68    <li>Anything can be asked, and "RTFM" is not an acceptable answer.</li>
69    <li>Neither is "it's in the archives, go read them".</li>
70    <li>List archives are available only to subscribers, but subscription is open to everyone.</li>
71    <li>Since the archives are "closed" - cross posting to public mailing lists is discouraged.</li>
72    <li>Statements made by <a href="" target="_blank">core developers</a>
73    can be quoted outside of the list.</li>
74    <li>Statements made by others can not be quoted outside the list without explicit permission.
75        <ul class="no-margin">
76            <li>Anonymised paraphrased statements "someone asked about..." are ok - direct quotes with
77            or without names are not appropriate.</li>
78        </ul>
79    </li>
80    <li>We endorse the <a href="" target="_blank">PSF's Diversity statement</a>.</li>
81    <li>The list administrators reserve the right to revoke the subscription of
82    members (including mentors) that persistently fail to abide by this Code of
83    Conduct.
84        <ul class="no-margin">
85            <li>All mentors are signed up as administrators.</li>
86        </ul>
87    </li>
90<p class="notice">Python Mentors will hopefully one day expand beyond core mentorship - our goal
91is to be able to assist, guide or just link-to other Python-related mentorship
92programs out there in the community. If you have an existing mentorship program
93and want to be noticed, <a href="">email us</a>.</p>
95<p class="success">Source code to this site available
96<a href="" target="_blank">as
97mercurial repository</a></p>