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  3- Adds :option:`--cover-xml` and :option:`--cover-xml-file` (#311).
  4  Patch by Timothée Peignier.
  5- Adds support for :option:`--cover-branches` (related to #370).
  6  Patch by Timothée Peignier.
  7- Fixed Unicode issue on Python 3.1 with coverage (#442)
 11- Fixed regression where the .coverage file was not saved (#439).
 12  Patch by Timothée Peignier.
 16- Fixed missing nose.sphinx module in source distribution (#436).
 20- Revised multiprocessing implementation so that it works for test generators
 21  (#399). Thanks to Rosen Diankov for the patch.
 22- More fixes to multiprocessing implemented by Buck Golemon and Gary Donovan
 23  (also part of #399).
 24- Lots of improvements to the attrib plugin by Bobby Impollonia (#412, #411,
 25  #324 and #381)
 26- Code coverage plugin now uses native HTML generation when coverage 3 is
 27  installed (#264). Thanks to Timothée Peignier for the patch.
 28- Xunit plugin now shows test run time in fractions of a second (#317)
 29- @attr (from nose.plugins.attrib) can now be used as a class decorator (#292)
 30- Fixes Xunit plugin to handle non-UTF8 characters (#395)
 31- Fixes Xunit plugin for reporting generator tests (#369)
 32- Fixed problems with SkipTest in Python 3.2 (#389)
 33- Fixed bug in doctest plugin under python 3. Thanks to Thomas Kluyver
 34  for the patch. (#391)
 35- Fixes mishandling of custom exceptions during failures (#405)
 36- Fixed subtle bug in :option:`--first-package-wins` that made it
 37  unpredictable (#293)
 38- Fixes case where teardown_class() was called more than once (#408). Thanks
 39  to Heng Liu for the patch.
 40- Fixes coverage module names -- 'cal' used to also match calendar which was a
 41  bug (#433)
 42- Fixes capture plugin when exception message contains non-ascii chars (#402)
 43- Fixed bug in tests for twisted tools. Thanks to Thomas Kluyver
 44  for the patch.
 45- Makes :option:`--plugins` more succinct when there are no options (#235)
 49- Made nose compatible with python 3. **Huge** thanks to Alex "foogod"
 50  Stewart!
 54- Made nose compatible with Python 2.7.
 58- Fixed default plugin manager's use of plugin overriding. Thanks to
 59  rob.daylife for the bug report and patch. (#323).
 63- Changed plugin loading so that external plugins loaded via extension
 64  points can override builtin plugins with the same name.
 65- Updated multiprocess plugin and nose's packaging to allow multiprocess
 66  plugin to work on Windows (#265).
 67- Fixed bug in xunit plugin's interaction with suites and errors in
 68  module-level setup. Thanks to Mark McCague for the bug report (#279).
 69- Fixed bug in nose.loader.TestLoader that allowed Test classes that raise
 70  exceptions in __init__ to crash the test run (#269).
 71- Fixed bugs in nose's test suite that caused spurious failures on Windows.
 72- Fixed bug in twisted tools: delayed calls were not shut down on
 73  reactor stop. Thanks to abbeyj for the patch (#278).
 74- Fixed bug where root log handlers were not cleared. For example, this was
 75  emitting unwanted messages when testing Google App Engine websites.
 76- Fixed bug in test names output by xunit plugin. Thanks to Philip
 77  Jenvey for the bug report and patch (#280).
 78- Fixed bug in profile plugin that caused stats to fail to print under Python
 79  2.5 and later. Thanks to djs at n-cube dot org for the bug report (#285).
 80- Improved logcapture filtering, with default setting to filter out log
 81  messages from nose itself. Thanks to gfxmonk for the patch (#277).
 82- The xunit plugin now tags skipped tests with a <skipped> testcase tag, and
 83  prevents the XML from containing invalid control characters.
 84- Updated nose to be compatible with python 2.7 (#305).
 85- Updated loading of usage document to allow nose to run from within
 86  an egg archive (#288).
 87- Fixed IronPython checks to make nose compatible with more versions
 88  of IronPython. Thanks to Kevin Mitchell for the patch (#316).
 92- Fixed bug in xunit plugin xml escaping. Thanks to Nat Williams for the bug
 93  report (#266).
 94- Fixed bug in xunit plugin that could cause test run to crash after certain
 95  types of errors or actions by other plugins.
 96- Fixed bug in testid plugin that could cause test run to crash after certain
 97  types of errors or actions by other plugins.
 98- Fixed bug in collect only plugin that caused it to fail when collecting from
 99  test generators.
100- Fixed some broken html in docs.
104- **All new documentation!** nose's documentation is now generated by
105  Sphinx. And thanks to Pam Zerbinos, it is much better organized and easier
106  to use and read.
107- Two new core commandline options can help with testing namespace
108  packages. :option:`--first-package-wins` is useful when you want to test one
109  part of a namespace package that uses another part; in previous versions of
110  nose, the other part of the namespace package would be evicted from
111  sys.modules when the 2nd loaded. :option:`--traverse-namespace` is useful if
112  you want nose to discover tests across entries in a package's
113  __path__. (This was formerly the default behavior).
114- To make it easier to use custom plugins without needing setuptools,
115  :func:`nose.core.main` and :func:`` now support an
116  :doc:`addplugins <doc_tests/test_addplugins/test_addplugins>` keyword
117  argument that takes a list of additional plugins to make available. **Note**
118  that adding a plugin to this list **does not** activate or enable the
119  plugin, only makes it available to be enabled via command-line or
120  config file settings.
121- Thanks to Kevin Mitchell, nose is now more compatible with
122  IronPython. IronPython is still not fully supported, but it should work. If
123  you'd like to improve nose's support for IronPython further, please join the
124  nose developer's list and volunteer to become the IronPython maintainer for
125  nose!
126- Added multiprocess plugin that allows tests to be run in parallel
127  across multiple processes.
128- Added logcapture plugin that captures logging messages and prints them with
129  failing tests. Thanks to Max Ischenko for the implementation.
130- Added optional HTML coverage reports to coverage plugin. Thanks to Augie
131  Fackler for the patch.
132- Added plugin that enables collection of tests in all modules. Thanks to
133  Peter Fein for the patch (#137).
134- Added --failed option to testid plugin. When this option is in effect, if
135  any tests failed in the previous test run (so long as testid was active for
136  that test run) only the failed tests will run.
137- Made it possible to 'yield test' in addition to 'yield test,' from test
138  generators. Thanks to Chad Whitacre for the patch (#230).
139- Fixed bug that caused traceback inspector to fail when source code file
140  could not be found. Thanks to Philip Jenvey for the bug report and patch
141  (#236).
142- Fixed some issues limiting compatibility with IronPython. Thanks to Kevin
143  Mitchell for the patch.
144- Added support for module and test case fixtures in doctest files (#60).
145- Added --traverse-namespace commandline option that restores old default
146  behavior of following all package __path__ entries when loading tests from
147  packages. Thanks to Philip Jenvey for the patch (#167).
148- Added --first-package-wins commandline option to better support testing
149  parts of namespace packages. Thanks to Jason Coombs for the bug report
150  (#197).
151- Added versioned nosetests scripts (#123).
152- Fixed bug that would cause context teardown to fail to run in some
153  cases. Thanks to John Shaw for the bug report and patch (#234).
154- Enabled doctest plugin to use variable other than "_" as the default result
155  variable. Thanks to Matt Good for the patch (#163).
156- Fixed bug that would cause unicode output to crash output capture. Thanks to
157  schickb for the bug report (#227).
158- Added setUp and tearDown as valid names for module-level fixtures. Thanks to
159  AgilityNerd for the patch (#211).
160- Fixed bug in list of valid names for package-level fixtures. Thanks to
161  Philip Jenvey for the patch (#237).
162- Updated man page generation using hacked up manpage writer from
163  docutils sandbox. Thanks for the
164  original module.
168- nose is now compatible with python 2.6.
172- Fixed bug in nosetests setup command that caused an exception to be raised
173  if run with options. Thanks to Philip Jenvey for the bug report (#191).
174- Raised score of coverage plugin to 200, so that it will execute before
175  default-score plugins, and so be able to catch more import-time code. Thanks
176  to Ned Batchelder for the bug report and patch (#190).
180- nose now runs under jython (jython svn trunk only at this time). Thanks to
181  Philip Jenvey, Pam Zerbinos and the other pycon sprinters (#160).
182- Fixed bugs in loader, default plugin manager, and other modules that
183  caused plugin exceptions to be swallowed (#152, #155). Thanks to John J
184  Lee for the bug report and patch.
185- Added script, used to test a non-installed distribution of
186  nose (#49). Thanks to Antoine Pitrou and John J Lee for the bug report and
187  patches.
188- Fixed bug in nose.importer that caused errors with namespace
189  packages. Thanks to Philip Jenvey for the bug report and patch (#164).
190- Fixed bug in that prevented use of multiple
191  @with_setup decorators. Thanks to tlesher for the bug report (#151).
192- Fixed bugs in handling of context fixtures for tests imported into a
193  package. Thanks to Gary Bernhardt for the bug report (#145).
194- Fixed bugs in handling of config files and config file options for plugins
195  excluded by a RestrictedPluginManager. Thanks to John J Lee and Philip
196  Jenvey for the bug reports and patches (#158, #166).
197- Updated ErrorClass exception reporting to be shorter and more clear. Thanks
198  to John J Lee for the patch (#142).
199- Allowed plugins to load tests from modules starting with '_'. Thanks to John
200  J Lee for the patch (#82).
201- Updated documentation about building as rpm (#127).
202- Updated config to make including executable files the default on
203  IronPython as well as on Windows. Thanks to sanxiyn for the bug
204  report and patch (#183).
205- Fixed a python 2.3 incompatibility in errorclass_failure.rst
206  (#173). Thanks to Philip Jenvey for the bug report and patch.
207- Classes with metaclasses can now be collected as tests (#153).
208- Made sure the document tree in the selector plugin test is accurate
209  and tested (#144). Thanks to John J Lee for the bug report and
210  patch.
211- Fixed stack level used when dropping into pdb in a doctest
212  (#154). Thanks to John J Lee for the bug report and patch.
213- Fixed bug in ErrorClassPlugin that made some missing keyword
214  argument errors obscure (#159). Thanks to Philip Jenvey for the bug
215  report and patch.
219- Fixed bug in capture plugin that caused it to record captured output
220  on the test in the wrong attribute (#113).
221- Fixed bug in result proxy that caused tests to fail if they accessed
222  certain result attibutes directly (#114). Thanks to Neilen Marais
223  for the bug report.
224- Fixed bug in capture plugin that caused other error formatters
225  changes to be lost if no output was captured (#124). Thanks to
226  someone at for the bug report.
227- Fixed several bugs in the nosetests setup command that made some
228  options unusable and the command itself unusable when no options
229  were set (#125, #126, #128). Thanks to Alain Poirier for the bug
230  reports.
231- Fixed bug in handling of string errors (#130). Thanks to schl... at
232 for the bug report.
233- Fixed bug in coverage plugin option handling that prevented
234  --cover-package=mod1,mod2 from working (#117). Thanks to Allen
235  Bierbaum for the patch.
236- Fixed bug in profiler plugin that prevented output from being
237  produced when output capture was enabled on python 2.5
238  (#129). Thanks to James Casbon for the patch.
239- Fixed bug in adapting 0.9 plugins to 0.10 (#119 part one). Thanks to
240  John J Lee for the bug report and tests.
241- Fixed bug in handling of argv in config and plugin test utilities
242  (#119 part two). Thanks to John J Lee for the bug report and patch.
243- Fixed bug where Failure cases due to invalid test name
244  specifications were passed to plugins makeTest (#120). Thanks to
245  John J Lee for the bug report and patch.
246- Fixed bugs in doc css that mangled display in small windows. Thanks
247  to Ben Hoyt for the bug report and Michal Kwiatkowski for the fix.
248- Made it possible to pass a list or comma-separated string as
249  defaultTest to main(). Thanks to Allen Bierbaum for the suggestion
250  and patch.
251- Fixed a bug in nose.selector and nose.util.getpackage that caused
252  directories with names that are not legal python identifiers to be
253  collected as packages (#143). Thanks to John J Lee for the bug
254  report.
258- Fixed bug that broke plugins with names containing underscores or
259  hyphens. Thanks to John J Lee for the bug report and patch (Issue
260  #81).
261- Fixed typo in nose.__all__. Thanks to John J Lee for the bug report.
262- Fixed handling of test descriptions that are multiline
263  docstrings. Thanks to James Casbon for the patch (Issue #50).
264- Improved documentation of doctest plugin to make it clear that
265  entities may have doctests, or themselves be tests, but not
266  both. Thanks to John J Lee for the bug report and patch (Issue #84).
267- Made __file__ available in non-python-module doctests.
268- Fixed bug that made it impossible for plugins to exclude package
269  directories from test discovery (Issue #89). Thanks to John J Lee
270  for the bug report and patch.
271- Fixed bug that swallowed TypeError and AttributeError exceptions
272  raised in some plugin calls (Issue #95). Thanks to John J Lee for
273  the bug report.
274- Fixed inconsistencies in many interfaces and docs. Thanks to John J
275  Lee for many bug reports.
276- Fixed bugs in rpm generation (Issue #96). Thanks to Mike Verdone for
277  the bug report and for the fix.
278- Fixed inconsisent use of os.environ in plugin testing
279  utilities. Thanks to John J Lee for the bug report and patch (Issue
280  #97).
281- Fixed bug in test_address that prevented use of in
282  doctests (Issue #100). Thanks to John J Lee for the bug report.
283- Fixed bug in error class plugin that caused string exceptions to be
284  masked (#Issue 101). Thanks to depaula for the bug report.
285- Fixed bugs in tests and the profiler plugin when running under
286  Windows (Issue #103). Thanks to Sidnei Da Silva for the bug report.
287- Fixed bugs in plugin calls that caused exception swallowing (Issue
288  #107). Thanks to John L Lee for the bug report and patch.
289- Added more plugin example doctests. Thanks to Kumar McMillan and
290  John L Lee for patches and lots of help.
291- Changed default location of id file for TestId plugin from ~/.noseids to
292  .noseids in the configured working directory.
296- Added support for a description attribute on tests in function and
297  method test cases.  Most useful for generators: set the description
298  attribute on the yielded function.
299- Fixed incorrect signature of addSuccess() method in
300  IPluginInterface. Thanks to nosexunit for the bug report. (Issue
301  #68).
302- Fixed isclass() function in nose.util so that it will not raise an
303  exception when examining instances that have no accessible __bases__
304  attribute. (Issue #65).
305- Fixed passing of tests to result; the test itself and not the
306  wrapper was being passed, resulting in test description plugin hooks
307  not being called. (Issue #71).
308- Fixed bugs in FailureDetail and Capture plugins, and plugin manager
309  and proxy uses of chainable plugin calls. Thanks to Ian Bicking for
310  the bug report (Issue #72).
311- Improved documentation.
315- Changed entry point name to nose.plugins.0.10 -- dashes and other
316  non-word characters besides . are not allowed in entry point names.
317  (Issue #67)
318- Fixed loading of plugins from that entry point.
319- Fixed backwards-compatibility issue in nose.util (is_generator was
320  renamed isgenerator). (Issue #64)
321- Fixed bug in --logging-config option. Thanks to anton_kr... at yahoo
322  com for the bug report. (Issue #62)
323- Fixed bug in handling of --where argument: first --where was not
324  passed to loader as workingDir. Thanks to nosexunit for the bug
325  report. (Issue #63).
329- Rewrote test loader to be more drop-in compatible with
330  unittest.TestLoader and to support a more user-friendly command
331  line.
332- Rewrote test runner and result classes to reduce duplication of effort.
333- Revised configuration system to be less convoluted.
334- Added as universal wrapper for all
335  testcases. Plugins always see instances of this class.
336- Added a management layer to the plugin system, allowing for easy use
337  of different plugin loading schemes. The default manager loads
338  builtin plugins, 0.10 plugins under the setuptools entrypoint
339  nose.plugins.0-10 and provides limited support for legacy plugins
340  loaded under the entrypoint nose.plugins.
341- Added plugin hooks in all phases of discovery, running and description.
342- Converted several formely core features to plugins: output capture,
343  assert introspection, pdb, and skipped and deprecated test support.
344- Added id plugin that allows for easier specification of tests on the
345  command line.
346- Added ErrorClassPlugin base class to allow for easier authoring of
347  plugins that handle errors, like the builtin skipped and deprecated
348  test plugins.
349- Added support for loading doctests from non-module files for all
350  supported python versions.
351- Added score property to plugins to allow plugins to execute in a
352  defined order (higher score execute first).
353- Expanded nose's own test suite to include a variety of functional tests.
354- Fixed many bugs.
358- Added support for user configuration files. Thanks to Antoine Pitrou for the
359  patch.
360- Fixed bug that caused profiler plugin to leak 0-byte temp files. Thanks to
361  Antoine Pitrou for the patch.
362- Made usage of temp files in profiler plugin more sensible. Thanks to Michael
363  Sclenker for the bug report.
364- Fixed bug that stopped loading of twisted TestCase tests. Thanks to Kumar
365  McMillan for the bug report.
366- Corrected man page location. Thanks to luke macken for the bug report and
367  patch.
368- Added with_setup to Thanks to Allen Bierbaum for the bug
369  report.
370- Altered plugin loading so that builtin plugins can be loaded without
371  setuptools. Thanks to Allen Bierbaum for the suggestion.
372- Fixed a bug in the doctests plugin that caused an error when multiple
373  exclude arguments were specified. Thanks to mbeachy for the bug report and
374  patch.
378- Added nosetests setuptools command. Now you can run python
379  nosetests and have access to all nose features and plugins. Thanks to James
380  Casbon for the patch.
381- Added make_decorator function to Used to construct decorator
382  functions that are well-behaved and preserve as much of the original
383  function's metadata as possible. Thanks to Antoine Pitrou for the patch.
384- Added nose.twistedtools, contributed by Antoine Pitrou. This module adds
385  @deferred decorator that makes it simple to write deferred tests, with or
386  without timeouts.
387- Added monkeypatch to doctests that keeps doctest from stepping on coverage
388  when the two plugins are used together. Thanks to David Avraamides for the
389  bug report.
390- Added isolation plugin. Use this plugin to automatically restore sys.modules
391  after each test module or package. Thanks to Michal Kwiatkowski for the
392  feature request.
393- Fixed bug where -vvvv turned off verbose logging instead of making it even
394  more verbose. Thanks to Ian Bicking for the bug report.
395- Fixed bug where assert inspection would fail when the trailing """ of a
396  docstring was one of the inspected lines. Thanks to cito at online dot de
397  for the bug report.
398- Updated attrib plugin to allow selection of test methods by attributes of
399  the test case class. Thanks to Jason Hildebrand for the patch.
400- Improved compatibility with python 2.2. Thanks to Chad Whitacre for the
401  patch.
402- Fixed bug in handling of options from setup.cfg. Thanks to Kumar McMillan for
403  the patch.
404- Fixed bug in generator methods, where a generator method using an inline
405  funciton would result in an AttributeError. Thanks to Antoine Pitrou for the
406  bug report.
407- Updated coverage plugin to ignore lines tagged with #pragma: no cover,
408  matching the behavior of on the command line. Thanks to Bill
409  Zingler for the bug report.
410- Added a man page for nosetests. Thanks to Gustavo Noronha Silva for the
411  request and providing an example.
415- New function nose.runmodule() finds and runs tests only in a
416  single module, which defaults to __main__ (like unittest.main() or
417  doctest.runmodule()). Thanks Greg Wilson for the suggestion.
418- Multiple -w (--where) arguments can now be used in one command line,
419  to find and run tests in multiple locations. Thanks Titus Brown for
420  the suggestion.
421- Multiple --include and --exclude arguments are now accepted in one command
422  line. Thanks Michal Kwiatkowski for the feature request.
423- Coverage will now include modules not imported by any test when
424  using the new --cover-inclusive switch. Thanks James Casbon for the
425  patch.
426- module:TestClass test selections now properly select all tests in the test
427  class.
428- startTest and stopTest are now called in plugins at the beginning and end of
429  test suites, including test modules, as well as individual tests. Thanks
430  Michal Kwiatkowski for the suggestion.
431- Fix bug in test selection when run as ``python test``: 'test' was
432  passing through and being used as the test name selection. Thanks Kumar
433  McMillan for the bug report.
434- Fix bug in handling of -x/--stop option where the test run would stop on
435  skipped or deprecated tests. Thanks Kumar McMillan for the bug report.
436- Fix bug in loading tests from projects with layouts that place modules in
437  /lib or /src dirs and tests in a parallel /tests dir.
438- Fix bug in python version detection. Thanks Kevin Dangoor for the bug report
439  and fix.
440- Fix log message in selector that could raise IndexError. Thanks Kumar
441  McMillan for the bug report and patch.
442- Fix bug in handling doctest extension arguments specified in environment and
443  on command line. Thanks Ian Bicking for the bug report.
444- Fix bug in running fixtures (setup/teardown) that are not functions, and
445  report a better error message when a fixture is not callable. Thanks Ian
446  Bicking for the bug report.
450- More unit tests and better test coverage. Numerous bugfixes deriving from
451  same.
452- Make --exe option do what it says, and turn it on by default on
453  Windows. Add --noexe option so windows users can turn if off.Thanks
454  richard at artsalliancemedia dot com for the bug reports.
455- Handle a working directory that happens to be in the middle of a package
456  more gracefully. Thanks Max Ischenko for the bug report and test case.
457- Fix bugs in test name comparison when a test module is specified whose name
458  overlaps that of a non-test module. Thanks Max Ischenko for the bug report
459  and test case.
460- Fix warning spam when a non-existent test file is requested on the command
461  line. Thanks Max Ischenko for the bug report.
465- Allow --debug to set any logger to DEBUG. Thanks to casbon at gmail dot com
466  for the patch.
467- Fix doctest help, which was missing notes about the environment variables
468  that it accepts. Thanks to Kumar McMillan for the patch.
469- Restore sys.stdout after run() in nose.core. Thanks to Titus Brown for the
470  bug report.
471- Correct handling of trailing comma in attrib plugin args. Thanks Titus Brown
472  for the patch.
476- Fix bug in handling of OR conditions in attrib plugin. Thanks to Titus
477  Brown for the bug report.
478- Fix bug in nose.importer that would cause an attribute error when a local
479  module shadowed a builtin, or other object in sys.modules, without a
480  __file__ attribute. Thanks to casbon at gmail dot com for the bug report.
481- Fix bug in decorators that would cause decorated tests to appear
482  with incorrect names in result output.
486- In TestLoader, use inspect's isfunction() and ismethod() to filter functions
487  and methods, instead of callable(). Thanks to Kumar McMillan for reporting
488  the bug.
489- Fix doctest plugin: return an empty iterable when no tests are found in a
490  directory instead of None. Thanks to Kumar McMillan for the bug report and
491  patch.
492- Ignore executable python modules, unless run with --exe file. This is a
493  partial defense against nose causing trouble by loading python modules that
494  are not import-safe. The full defense: don't write modules that aren't
495  import safe!
496- Catch and warn about errors on plugin load instead of dying.
497- Renamed builtin profile module from nose.plugins.profile to
498 to avoid shadowing stdlib module.
502- Add support for plugins, with hooks for selecting, loading and reporting on
503  tests. Doctest and coverage are now plugins.
504- Add builtin plugins for profiling with hotshot, selecting tests by
505  attribute (contributed by Mika Eloranta), and warning of missed tests
506  specified on command line.
507- Change command line test selection syntax to match unittest. Thanks to Titus
508  Brown for the suggestion.
509- Option to drop into pdb on error or failure.
510- Option to stop running on first error or failure. Thanks to Kevin Dangoor
511  for the suggestion.
512- Support for doctests in files other than python modules (python 2.4 only)
513- Reimplement base test selection as single self-contained class.
514- Reimplement test loading as unittest-compatible TestLoader class.
515- Remove all monkeypatching.
516- Reimplement output capture and assert introspection support in
517  unittest-compatible Result class.
518- Better support for multiline constructions in assert introspection.
519- More context output with assert introspections.
520- Refactor setuptools test command support to use proxied result, which
521  enables output capture and assert introspection support without
522  monkeypatching. Thanks to Philip J. Eby for the suggestion and skeleton
523  implementation.
524- Add support for generators in test classes. Thanks to Jay Parlar for the
525  suggestion and patch.
526- Add package with some helpful test-composition functions and
527  decorators, including @raises, contributed by Scot Doyle.
528- Reimplement nose.main (TestProgram) to have unittest-compatible signature.
529- All-new import path handling. You can even turn it off! (If you don't,
530  nose will ensure that all directories from which it imports anything are on
531  sys.path before the import.)
532- Logging package used for verbose logging.
533- Support for skipped and deprecated tests.
534- Configuration is no longer global.
538- Add support for py.test-style test generators. Thanks to Jay Parlar for
539  the suggestion.
540- Fix bug in doctest discovery. Thanks to Richard Cooper for the bug report.
541- Fix bug in output capture being appended to later exceptions. Thanks to
542  Titus Brown for the patch that uncovered the bug.
543- Fix bug(?) in Exception patch that caused masked hasattr/__getattr__ loops
544  to either become actual infinite loops, or at least take so long to finally
545  error out that they might as well be infinite.
546- Add -m option to restrict test running to only tests in a particular package
547  or module. Like the -f option, -m does not restrict test *loading*, only
548  test *execution*.
549- When loading and running a test module, ensure that the module's path is in
550  sys.path for the duration of the run, not just while importing the module.
551- Add id() method to all callable test classes, for greater unittest
552  compatibility.
556- Fix bug with coverage output when sys.modules contains entries without
557  __file__ attributes
558- Added -p (--cover-packages) switch that may be used to restrict coverage
559  report to modules in the indicated package(s)
563- Output capture and verbose assertion errors now work when run like
564  'python test', as advertised.
565- Code coverage improvements: now coverage will be output for all modules
566  imported by any means that were not in sys.modules at the start of the test
567  run. By default, test modules will be excluded from the coverage report, but
568  you can include them with the -t (--cover-tests) option.
572- Fix bugs in handling of setup/teardown fixtures that could cause TypeError
573  exceptions in fixtures to be silently ignored, or multiple fixtures of the
574  same type to run. Thanks to Titus Brown for the bug report.
578- Add -V (--version) switch to nosetests
579- Fix bug where sys.path would not be set up correctly when running some
580  tests, producing spurious import errors (Thanks to Titus Brown and Mike
581  Thomson for the bug reports)
582- For test classses not derived from unittest.TestCase, output (module.Class)
583  "doc string" as test description, when method doc string is available
584  (Thanks to David Keeney for the suggestion, even if this isn't quite what he
585  meant)
589- Revise import to bypass sys.path and manipulate sys.modules more
590  intelligently, ensuring that the test module we think we are loading is the
591  module we actually load, and that modules loaded by other imports are not
592  reloaded without cause
593- Allow test directories inside of packages. Formerly directories matching
594  testMatch but lacking an would cause an ImportError when located
595  inside of packages
596- Fix bugs in different handling of -f switch in combination with -w and -o
600- Fix bug in main() that resulted in incorrect exit status for nosetests
601  script when tests fail
602- Add missing test files to
603- Miscellaneous pylint cleanups
607- Add doctest support
608- Add optional code coverage support, using Ned Batchelder's;
609  activate with --coverage switch or NOSE_COVERAGE environment variable
610- More informative error message on import error
611- Fix bug where module setup could be called twice and teardown skipped
612  for certain setup method names.
613- main() returns success value, does not exit. run_exit() added to support
614  old behavior; nosetests script now calls nose.run_exit()
618- Fix bus error on exit
619- Discover tests inside of non-TestCase classes that match testMatch
620- Reorganize selftest: now selftest tests the output of a full nose run
621- Add contributed by Kumar McMillan
625- Refactor and correct bugs in discovery and test loading
626- Reorganize and expand documentation
627- Add -f (run this test file only) switch
631- Bugfix release: test files in root of working directory were not being
632  stripped of file extension before import.
636- Change license to LGPL
637- Major rework of output capture and assert introspection
638- Improve test discovery: now finds tests in packages
639- Replace -n switch ('no cwd') with -w switch ('look here')
643- New nosetests script
644- Allow specification of names on command line that are loadable but not
645  directly loadable as modules (eg nosetests -o path/to/
646- Add optional py.test-like assert introspection. Thanks to Kevin Dangoor
647  for the suggestion.
648- Improvements to selftest
652- Increased compatibility with python 2.3 (and maybe earlier)
653- Increased compatibility with tests written for py.test: now calls
654  module.setup_module(module) if module.setup_module() fails