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  1. Hello, and welcome to your new Silver Lining layout.
  2. Note that new packages will be installed in lib/python (*not*
  3. lib/python2.6). Only the "basic" packages (pip, setuptools) will be
  4. in lib/python2.6. The idea is that you can put lib/python directly in
  5. version control, as a static record of exactly what you have
  6. installed.
  7. Other packages that you don't install from a release should go in
  8. src/, and installed via develop. There will be a record in
  9. lib/python/easy-install.pth of these files.
  10. There are some absolute paths that get put into the environment, but
  11. Silver Lining makes these paths relative before uploading (since it
  12. will be uploaded into a different location).